Enjoy a Slice of Pizza as Big as Your Head at Goodfellas

Enjoy a Slice of Pizza as Big as Your Head at Goodfellas

When we have guests in from out of town, we typically take them to Goodfellas Pizzeria in the Mainstrasse Village in Covington,KY for a few reasons.

Goodfellas Pizzeria

1. You can order New York style pizza by the slice or by the whole, which makes everyone happy.

Our kids typically enjoy different types of pizza than we do. Pizza by the slice allows us to try something new without committing to a whole pie. Goodfellas Pizzeria

2. The pizza slices are as big as your head. Seriously, they are!

Go ahead a take a picture next to your slice, you know you want to.

outdoor seating Goodfellasjpg

(Check out how big those slices of sausage are)

Goodfellas Pizzeria

3. The breadsticks are enormous too! 

The breadsticks barely fit on your plate!


4. Throwing dough is an art form and a workout!

It’s a lot of fun to watch the employees in action.

Goodfellas Pizzeria

5. Pizza by the slice is a great option for an inexpensive lunch or dinner if you need something quick. 


Goodfellas Pizzeria

6. Their ice dispenser is just fun.

They also have great names for their specialty pies that are gangster movie references.

7. Their speakeasy called Wise guys upstairs makes great hand crafted cocktails.

*Wiseguys is only for 21 and up.

8. In the warmer months, you have outdoor seating options.

This is a great option if you have your kids with you because seating is limited inside the Covington location.

Goodfellas Pizzeria

9. The pizza is REALLY good!

My husband even says that Goodfellas has the best crust in the city!

Goodfellas Pizzeria

10. If you prefer not to cross the river, you can still check out Goodfellas located in the Over the Rhine District in Cincinnati at 1211 Main Street.

I absolutely love the architecture and design of this location. There is also an outdoor seating space too.

Goodfellas Pizzeria

If you near Lexington,KY there are a few locations to choose from.

110 North Mill Street
Lexington, KY 40507

333 South Limestone
Lexington, KY 40508

Goodfellas Distillery

1228 Manchester Street
Lexington, KY 40504


You can find out more about Goodfellas from their website.

Enjoy a slice of Pizza

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