Make the extra trip to LEGOLAND when you vacation in Orlando

Make the extra trip to LEGOLAND when you vacation in Orlando

My boys absolutely LOVE playing with LEGO bricks. They are constantly creating and building. They were absolutely thrilled when they found out that they would be going to LEGOLAND during our trip to Orlando.


LEGOLAND Florida welcome sign

The hardest part was trying to figure out how to fit in as much as possible in a few hours because there is A LOT to see!

LEGOLAND Florida giraffe

We headed over to Miniland USA section first.

LEGOLAND Florida Miniland

There were several themes in Miniland. Memorable sites from Las Vegas, Washington DC, New York City and San Francisco were on display in a mini version.

LEGOLAND Florida Miniland DC

miniland LEGOLAND Florida Monuments

LEGOLAND Florida miniland New York


LEGOLAND Florida miniland NASA

LEGOLAND Florida Minilans space shuttle

miniland at LEGOLAND Florida

LEGOLAND Florida miniland Las Vegas

LEGOLAND Florida miniland overview

I think my boys loved the Star Wars area the most.

LEGOLAND Florida Darth Mall

LEGOLAND Florida Star Wars

LEGOLAND Florida Star Wars Miniland

LEGOLAND Florida Star Wars characters

I was really impressed with the variety at the park. There were areas for everyone to enjoy.  LEGO creativity was on display all over and guest could chose to create, enjoy rides or admire the work of the Model Builders. Cypress Gardens is also on the grounds of the park but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to check it out.


LEGOLAND Florida castle

There are a few thrill rides and several that are milder for younger kids.

LEGOLAND Florida visit

LEGOLAND Florida water ride

LEGOLAND Florida Egyptian

Kids can also get their drivers license at the Ford Driving School.


This Ford Explorer in front of the driving school was absolutely amazing!

Ford Explorer LEGOLAND Florida

LEGO Ford Explorer

The kids had a great time driving around. You can even purchase your license afterwards.


There are also areas where kids can create vehicles that they can race them afterwards.



The Safari Trek ride takes you on a ride to see LEGO creations that are so lifelike. It was amazing to see the detail.

elephant LEGOLAND Florida

LEGO lion LEGOLAND Florida

LEGO zebra LEGOLAND Florida

**Make sure you bring a few mini figure to trade with a LEGOLAND Employee. Ask them to trade and you can keep your new one or continue trading with employees throughout the day.

LEGO mini fig trading at LEGOLAND Florida

LEGOLAND is an incredible place where imagination has no limits. My kids could have easily stayed all day.  This is a theme park that you need to allow a lot of time for  if your kids are huge LEGO fans.

Einstein LEGOLAND Florida

You can find out more about LEGOLAND from their website. LEGOLAND also has a waterpark for an additional fee.


LEGOLAND Florida is located at One LEGOLAND Way, Winter Haven Florida 33884.


Disclosure: My trip was sponsored by Allegiant Travel and Visit Orlando. All opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “Make the extra trip to LEGOLAND when you vacation in Orlando”

  1. I still haven’t had a chance to check out Legoland yet with my family, thanks for sharing your pics, seeing the variety makes me want to plan our trip sooner than later!

  2. I would say to pace yourself. I had my kids try to check out each area. You need to try to move them along after a while if you want to try to see everything. We ran out of time and missed some of the areas in the park. It can be a hard balance when they are really enjoying playing in an area.

  3. We just booked a trip over Valentine’s day and our kids, although younger, are huge lego fans. Great tip on the mini figures and trading with employees. Any other insider tips for younger kids (age 4-6)? Thanks!

  4. My family and I loved visiting Legoland Florida, especially my two daughters. They really liked Miniland USA and The Island in the Sky ride. My kids and I can’t wait to explore the new Heartlake City Area, it looks like a lot of fun. I highly recommend staying in their new Hotel and spending 2 days at the main park and the other day at the Water Park.

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