Explore Ocean Springs With E-Bikes at The Roost

I love to explore the surrounding areas when I visit a destination. If you want to cover more ground in less time, an electric bike or “e-bike” is the most fun way to go.

My dad and I used the Buzz E-bikes at The Roost Boutique Hotel during our visit to Coastal Mississippi.

The boutique hotel is conveniently located close to downtown Ocean Springs, MS, and a short ride to the beach for the best of both worlds.

Explore Ocean Springs With E-Bikes at The Roost

This article is brought to you in partnership with Buzz E-Bikes. As a Buzz E-Bike Ambassador, I love sharing insider tips to help you make the most of your biking adventures.

Adventure Mom and dad at The Roost Boutique Hotel

If you haven’t visited Coastal Mississippi before you will definitely want to plan a visit to Ocean Springs. The Roost Boutique Hotel is a 5-minute bike ride from the heart of downtown Ocean Springs and minutes from the beach.

Buzz electric bikes at The Roost Boutique Hotel

Ride Buzz E-Bikes at The Roost Hotel

While riding a bike I can observe more of the details and hidden gems that I may have overlooked by traveling in a car.

electric bike ride on scenic ride

I also like that I have the freedom to go a farther distance in less time with an e-bike vs. a regular bike or walking.

If you’ve never ridden an electric bike before this can be a great introduction. I will warn you that once you’ve ridden an e-bike, you won’t want to return to a regular bike.

There are a few Buzz e-bikes available at the hotel for guests, contact the hotel directly to learn more on how to use them when you visit. 

Adventure mom on a Buzz Electric Bike

Buzz E-Bike

I rode the Green Gloss Buzz E-Bike. I have the Matte Charcoal Buzz E-bike at home so the features on this electric bike were very familiar to me. The expected battery life is around 40 miles.

Buzz electric bike by mosaic

There is a front basket where you can place bags and a water bottle.

The grade of the road and how often you use the extra power can also affect the battery life.

You can still get a great workout and have pedal-assisted power available to you whenever you choose to use it.

Buzz E-Bikes come equipped with battery locks on the bike with a key as a theft deterrent.

 man on Buzz Electric Tricycle

Buzz E-Trike

My dad rode the Buzz E-Tricycle or “E-Trike” during our biking adventure. He enjoyed the extra stability of the trike and especially loved the extra power for his ride. (Now he doesn’t want to go back to a regular bike.)

The extra power came in handy during our ride on the bridge pictured behind him.

The Buzz E-Trike also has a lock on the battery and can go up to 40 miles depending on payload, terrain, and riding conditions.

Buzz e-bike Ocean Springs MS

Explore The Live Oak Bike Route

The Live Oak Bike Route is a fun biking adventure if you want to experience “all the things” in the area.

Gulf Islands National Seashore at Davis Bayou trail

On the bike trail, you get a mix of downtown Ocean Springs and you can ride as far as the Davis Bayou Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore.

kayakers at Gulf Islands National Seashore at Davis Bayou

The Live Oak Bike Route extends 15.5 miles along the streets of Ocean Springs.

The Route starts at the old Train Depot in downtown Ocean
Springs leads to the Davis Bayou Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore and then returns to the Depot.

Be on the lookout for the green and white designated bike route signs located on the right side of the city streets.

Buzz e-bike to the beach

Bike to the Beach

There are several beaches in Ocean Springs, MS. The closest beach to The Roost is Front Beach.

electric bike ride to the beach

A lesser-known beach for tourists is the Ocean Springs East Beach that’s 2.3 miles from The Roost. We decided to visit both beaches…just because we could.

cooler in basket for the Buzz Electric Tricycle

We packed a cooler with drinks for our bike ride. There is plenty of space in the back basket to easily transport all of your gear for a fun beach day. The basket can fold flat when not in use or if you are hauling an oversized object.

biking in downtown Ocean Springs MS

Explore Downtown Ocean Springs

Downtown Ocean Springs is filled with fantastic restaurants, bars, and boutiques.

electric trike in front of a mural

Be on the lookout for several murals tucked on the sides of buildings downtown too.

pop brothers in Ocean Springs

If you are craving a sweet treat after pedaling all over town, Pop Brothers is a great stop.

artisan popsicle at Pop Brothers

Pop Brothers artisan popsicles come in a variety of flavors ranging from fruit pops, cream pops, and indulgent pops.

Buzz electric bike on the Biloxi Bay Bridge

Bridges Are a Breeze on a Buzz E-Bike

The 1.6 mile-long Biloxi Bay Bridge connects Biloxi and Ocean Springs via (US 90) over Biloxi Bay.

electric bikes on bridge

On a regular bike, my dad would have passed on biking the steep incline of the bridge.

electric trike on a bridge

My dad didn’t mind the steep grade of the bridge thanks to the extra electric power available to assist him as he pedaled with the E-trike.

The Roost Hotel in Ocean Springs

Shearwater Suite at The Roost Hotel

My dad and I stayed in The Shearwater Suite at The Roost. It’s a beautiful hotel with thoughtful design both inside and out.

The suite has a master bedroom with a king bed, a large bathroom, a living room with a sleeper sofa, and a fully equipped kitchen.

master bedroom for Shearwater Suite at The Roost boutique Hotel

The sleeper-sofa made it so that we both had our own bedroom areas to sleep in.

living room for Shearwater Suite at The Roost boutique Hotel

We arrived after dark during a rainstorm which is why my pictures look darker.

kitchen for Shearwater Suite at The Roost boutique Hotel

If you like to cook when you visit a destination you’ll find everything you need to get started in the kitchen area.

kitchen for Shearwater Suite at The Roost boutique Hotel

There is a full-size refrigerator, stove, and cookware available for you to use.

bathroom for Shearwater Suite at The Roost boutique Hotel

The bathroom was larger than I anticipated which was a nice surprise.

common space for the The Roost Hotel in Ocean Springs

The common space outside of the suite provides additional space to gather and relax.

The Roost Hotel in Ocean Springs

Where is the Roost Located?

The Roost is located at 604 Porter Avenue, Ocean Springs, MS
Phone: (228) 285-7989

Buzz Bicycle Electric Bike e1588208267246

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