5 Reasons to Consider an E-Bike for Your Next Bicycle

Have you been curious about electric bikes?

Electric bikes or “E-bikes” have continued to grow in popularity over the past 20 years.

After you experience riding an electric bike, you’ll understand why.

I’m sharing more about why you should consider an e-bike for your next bicycle purchase.

I’m a Huffy and Buzz Bicycle Ambassador which means that I share my love for biking and enjoy perks and behind the scenes access. This article contains affiliate links.

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I’ve always enjoyed riding bikes ever since I was a kid.

As a teenager pre-driving, bike rides were a way for me to decompress from the day for a bit.

As an adult I still love bike riding, only now it’s even better because now I ride an e-bike. 

guided e-bike tour in Georgia

1. E-Bikes Make Bike Riding Even More FUN!

The first time that I ever rode an e-bike was during a guided e-bike tour at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia with a friend.

My e-bike riding experience that day was a GAME-CHANGER.

I’ve always enjoyed riding a bike but that experience wrecked me in a good way.

Once you try an e-bike it’s hard to go back.

Electric Bike with a scenic view

2. Electric Bikes are Easy to Use

If you know how to ride a bike you basically know how to ride an electric bike.

The gear shifts are the same as a regular bike, the big difference is the ability to add additional power with the push of a button on your handlebar.

The batteries for the electric bikes can be removed from the bike and charged inside or charged on the bike. You can also secure and lock the battery on the bike. 

The battery life of an e-bike can vary depending on different riding conditions, payload, and terrain.

You can monitor your battery power usage on the bike while you are riding.

bike ride on an e-bike

3. You Can Choose Your Level of Pedal Assistance

During your bike ride, you have the freedom to use the extra power from your battery as often or as little as you like.

I’m still pedaling my bike when I’m using the assist which means that I can still get a great workout… with a little help when I want/need it.

My bike has several different levels of options when it comes to power which allows me to customize my ride experience according to my terrain or energy level. 

Our neighborhood has LOTS of hills and I’m either going down a hill or up a steep hill to even go around the block.

The steep hills in my neighborhood are a breeze… when I’m in the Turbo assist mode. 

If we visit a bike trail that has a flatter elevation I don’t use the pedal assist as often.

Bike Trail at Miami Whitewater

4. E-Bikes are even easier on your joints

Bike riding is a low-impact exercise and riding an e-bike is even easier. 

My husband spends a lot of time on his feet at work. Walking is typically the LAST thing that he would want to do with me when he gets home.

He does, however, enjoy biking…now that he has an e-bike. 

He played sports in high school and has had several surgeries on his legs which is why biking was previously really uncomfortable for him.

Now my husband initiates going for bike rides with me because his legs feel better after a ride because he can still use turbo on the hills. 

I love that biking is now an outdoor adventure that we share together regularly since we switched to e-bikes.

My dad, who is in his 70’s tried my husband’s electric bike and loved it.

He enjoyed the additional power and the ability the electric bike gave him to easily keep up with me.

E-bikes help reduce barriers to multi-generation rides and allow riders to continue riding as they age with ease. 

Buzz Electric Bicycle by Cincinnati

5. E-Bikes are a Great Option for Commuting

Electric Bikes provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to driving to work.

I’m also a big fan of the basket on my e-bike because I’m a “just in case” person. I can bring my water bottle, hoodie, and travel for MANY miles with ease.

If you don’t want to get super sweaty before or after work, the power available from an e-bike can help you commute with ease.

couple riding e bikes

Do you need a license to ride an e-bike? 

You will want to double-check with your state’s electric bike regulations because they are different in each state. 

In my state, Class 1 electric bikes pedal assistance motors with a max speed of less than 20 mph and a wattage of less than 750, do not require a license.

It’s also really important that you wear a bike helmet that fits you properly while riding an e-bike. 

Buzz Electric Bicycle 3

What’s the Difference Between Electric Bikes?

Here is an E-Bike Systems Overview to get you started.

There are 3 primary systems for electric bicycles

  • Hub Motor system – Common and low cost – Price range $800 -$2000
    • An electric motor in the rear wheel hub is connected to a battery mounted on the bike
    • The motor provides assistance or drives the rear wheel depending on rider input
    • Input/control from a handlebar-mounted controller
  • Self Contained hub motor – Not as common and higher cost- Price range -$1000 to $2000
    • Electric Motor and batteries are all housed in a wheel hub
    • The motor provides assistance by driving the front or rear wheel via torque level or preset speed
    • Input control from a handlebar-mounted controller or app

YouTube video

  • Mid Drive system – Common and higher cost- Price Range $1200 – $7000
    • The motor is contained in the crank housing where the battery is mounted on or in the frame
    • The motor has a torque sensor and assists in the pedaling effort which typically makes it more responsive to the rider’s pedaling
    • Input control from a handlebar-mounted controller or app
vehicle bike rack for electric bicycles

Don’t Forget the Bike Rack

If you want to take bike rides beyond your neighborhood I highly recommend getting a special bike rack for your e-bike.

Electric bikes typically weigh more than regular bikes due to the battery and sturdiness of the frame.

It’s important that you have a bike rack with an extra weight capacity designed to support an electric bike.

For example, my Buzz Bicycle weighs a little over 57.3 pounds.

My previous bike rack could not safely secure and hold the weight of both my bike and my husband’s on the rack.

Our new bike rack attaches to our trailer hitch and we can adjust areas of the rack specifically to each individual bike which is important because of varying battery placement. 

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5 Reasons to Consider an E-Bike for Your Next Bicycle
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  1. I like it that you point out using e-bikes means that we can choose the level of assistance we want with our ride. I am thinking of taking up cycling as a sport but I worry about riding up those steep hills around my neighborhood. Now that I know electric bikes can help me solve that problem, I can start shopping for the perfect bike.

  2. That’s a good point that you would need to get a helmet for an electric bike as well. I should consider getting one of those since I wouldn’t want to worry about any head injuries. I’ll make sure to get one of those if I get an electric bike.

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