Explore The Lume Indianapolis Featuring Monet And Friends Alive

If you loved stepping into Starry Night during the Van Gogh- The Immersive Experience at Newfields you’ve got another reason to return.

Monet and Friends Alive is the newest immersive experience coming to The Lume in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Monet and Friends Live at the Lume

I attended a media preview of Monet & Friends Alive. The exhibit opens to the public on July 3, 2022.

The second year’s content at The Lume was created by Australian-based Grande Experiences and is definitely road trip worthy!

projection Monet and friends alive at The Lume at Newfields

You may have noticed pop up immersive art experiences in cities all over the United States, but The Lume is the only permanent exhibit of its kind.

The unique permanent exhibit space inside Newfields takes up the museum’s entire fourth floor!

projection Monet and friends alive at Newfields

What to Expect at The Monet & Friends Live Exhibit

The digital art experience highlights several works by French impressionist Oscar-Claude Monet who was known as the father of Impressionism along with other noteworthy 19th century artists.

moment with Monet at The Lume

Masterpieces of the impressionists are brought to life in vivid detail on an enormous scale using 150 floor to ceiling high-definition projectors that make for a memorable experience.

projection Monet and friends alive at Newfields

Wander the Latest Multi-Sensory Digital Technology Experience

Guests will have a full sensory experience with beautiful classical music, dynamic displays of light and scent while they examine the world of Impressionism.

The exhibit focuses on 3 main movements of Impressionism: Metropolitan, A Day in the Life and En Plein Air (painting outside).

You can really appreciate the bold brushstrokes of Monet as the artwork comes alive in the three-dimensional masterpiece. Guests are transported to scenes of the french countryside, farm fields and sights of 19th century Paris.

pond of lilies Monet and friends alive

THE LUME Indianapolis is the largest continuous exhibition space in Newfields’ 139-year history with nearly 30,000 square feet of immersive galleries.

benches at Monet and friends alive

Throughout the exhibit there are benches available in case you want to sit and watch the projections that catch your eye. This is also good to know for guests who are concerned about standing for long periods of time.

koi fish projections Monet and friends alive

This type of immersive art experience is a great way to get kids and new audiences of all ages exposed to the arts.

Kids will especially LOVE the koi fish projections and butterfly projections on the floor that look real. I can definitely see that projection becoming a crowd favorite.

Nedra McDaniel standing near water lilies at The Lume Monet & Friends Live

If you plan on taking pictures of yourself in the exhibit I would suggest wearing a solid bright color to help you “pop” in the pictures.

pond of lilies Monet and friends alive at the Lume

The Monet and Friends Alive Content Plays on a Continuous Loop

If you miss some of the projected paintings while you explore the exhibit you can see them later when the loop replays.

projection Monet and friends alive at The Lume

Purchase Tickets in Advance and Plan Ahead- Tickets Are For a Timed Entry

Tickets for The Lume are for a timed entry. Once you are inside the exhibit you can take as long as you want to see everything without a time limit.

I would recommend booking your tickets in advanced once you know your desired date and time.

the Lumiere Cafe at the Lume

Grab a Snack or Drink at the Monet- Inspired Cafe

The Lumiere Cafe at the Lume has a great assortment of speciality snacks and drinks in a Monet-inspired cafe.

snacks at The Lumiere Cafe at the Lume
drinks and snacks at The Lumiere Cafe at the Lume
craft cocktails at the Lumiere Cafe at the Lume

I would highly recommend trying one of their craft cocktails. I ordered the “Lumen tonic” pictured above on the left made with vodka or gin, citron tonic and elderflower.

kronenbourg 1664 beer next to a craft cocktail

There is even a brand of French beer, “Kronenbourg 1664” for you to try. Kronenbourg lager beer was created in France in 1664.

The beer was very popular when those artists were alive so there is a high probability that you are drinking the same type of beer that Monet and other artists enjoyed…or at least a variation of the original from Kronenbourg Brewery that started in 1952.

You aren’t confined to the bar area with your drink. Guests can wander the galleries with their drink in hand.

Learn about Impressionist artists at the Monet and Friends Alive exhibit

Learn More About Impressionist Artists

During the exhibit you’ll have the opportunity to read more about works of famed french impressionist Oscar-Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Pierre Renoir and more.

I loved learning about Mary Cassatt from Pittsburgh, who was the only American among the Impressionist group.

I also learned that the invention of a tube of paint by John Goffe Rand in 1841 allowed artists the mobility to paint outside instead of being limited to a studio.

moment with Monet at the Lume

Take a Moment with Monet at the Lume

Your selfie can be turned into a work of art displayed temporarily in the art museum in the Monet & Play gallery of the exhibit.

moment with Monet at The Lume

You can also provide an email address for a copy of the image you took during your visit.

giant coloring sheet at the Monet and play exhibit

Help Paint the Pond of Lillies

Guests of all ages will enjoy contributing to the giant coloring page on the wall featuring a pond of water lilies.

Pick the color of the washable marker of your choice and help turn a black and white picture into a one of a kind work of art.

giant water lily painting photo op

Fun Photo Op Inside a Painting

Toward the end of your experience there is a giant three dimensional water lily painting that creates a fun photo op.

paintings by Impressionists at The Lume

See Original Works of Impressionist Art Up Close

After you see the incredible projections of Impressionist paintings you can see the real thing.

painting by Claude Monet at The Lume

There are several original pieces of artwork by select Impressionists displayed in a gallery.

couple in giant water lily painting photo op  at Monet and Friends live

Walk across the bridge and you are part of the works of art.

Monet themed gift shop at The Lume

Take Art Home With You

At the end of the exhibit there is a Monet and friends themed gift shop with an assortment of art-themed gifts with famous images.

You’ll find books, prints, ornaments and even quirky souvenirs for yourself or a friend.

rare video footage of Claude Monet at Monet and Friends Alive at The Lume

See Rare Video Footage of Monet Painting

After you walk through the gift shop make sure that you take a moment to watch the rare footage of Claude Monet painting before exiting the exhibit space.

Monet & Friends Alive at the Lume

When Does the Monet & Friends Alive Exhibit Open?

The Monet & Friends Alive Exhibit opens to public July 3, 2022.

Love sculpture at Indianapolis Museum of Art

Tickets for THE LUME Indianapolis also include General Admission

General Admission tickets do NOT include THE LUME Indianapolis.

I realize that might sound confusing but basically if you purchase a ticket for THE LUME you have access to all the other areas included with a General Admission ticket for Newfields.

Basically, you get to see more art for the WIN!

the Lily House at Newfields

The 152-acre campus at Newfields includes:

  • Art galleries (Newfields is home to the Indianapolis Museum of Art which is among the ten largest and oldest general art museums in the country)
  • The Garden, featuring 40 acres of contemporary and historic gardens
  • The Lilly House, a National Historic Landmark
  • Performance spaces
  • Nature preserve and sculpture park
  • Working greenhouse and orchard
  • The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park, one of the largest art and nature parks in the country.
  • Off campus there is the Miller House and Garden in Columbus, Indiana
Nedra McDaniel at Monet and friends alive at The Lume at Newfields

How Can You Get Tickets for Monet & Friends Alive at The Lume?

You can purchase tickets for Monet and Friends Alive at The Lume online.

The second Lume experience is definitely worth seeing!

How Much Are Tickets to The Lume in Indianapolis?

Tickets for Monet & Friends Alive at The Lume are the following prices:

  • $29 Adult
  • $22 for Newfields members
  • $25 Seniors 55 and up
  • $20 Youth 6-17
  • Free – Child 5 & under
  • $2 Access Pass
Newfields Indianapolis Museum of Art

Where is The Monet Immersive Experience at The Lume Located?

The Lume is located at the corner of 38th St and Michigan, Indianapolis, IN.

How Much is Parking at Newfields?

Newfields offers free parking for visitors.

Explore The Lume Indianapolis Featuring Monet And Friends Alive

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