Exploring the Taft Museum of Art

Do you ever go on adventures solo?

I decided to take advantage of my husband and boys spending the afternoon watching football to sneak away for a few hours to explore the Taft Museum of Art.

I understand that we won’t always want to try the same things all the time. One of my friends couldn’t make it due to working later so I went to my adventure destination anyway.

Taft Museum of Art

I grew up in the Cincinnati metro area and don’t remember hearing much about the Taft Art Museum until I moved back.  

Taft Museum of Art

Maybe that’s because checking out historic art museums wasn’t as much of a priority as a teenager.  As an adult, I’m grateful for the rich heritage of the arts that Cincinnati offers that are accessible to everyone.

Taft Museum of Art

I took advantage of the museum’s FREE Sunday admission.

Taft Museum of Art

The building is a historical landmark built in 1820 tucked away on a quiet street in downtown Cincinnati.

The museum is also located steps away from Lytle Park which is also a registered historic district. There is metered parking or you can park for FREE in the museum’s onsite garage.

I opted for a short walk from a side street only because I didn’t know about the parking garage.

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It allowed me to get up close to the Lincoln statue and look at a few other historical plagues in the park.

The main floor offers a cafe with a variety of tasty menu selections including kids’ meals.

The inside of the museum is room after room of discovery of collections from all over the world. The Tafts gave their private collection of 690 works of art and their historic home to the people of Cincinnati in 1927.

Taft Museum of Art

Each room offers a new exploration.

Taft Museum of Art
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Taft Museum of Art
Taft Museum of Art

The museum offers events for kids called Third Sunday Fundays that typically fall on the 3rd Sunday.

The Sunday I went was the “Live the Dream” theme in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. The kids were working on activities that had to do with dreams that helped make a better life.

The craft was commemorating Rosa Parks’s historic bus ride.

Taft Museum of Art

The museum has a scavenger hunt available on a regular basis for kids. It’s a great way to have them engage in the appreciation of art that they encounter.

Taft Museum of Art

The Taft Museum brings in special exhibits regularly.

The exhibits that are not part of the permanent collection are not allowed to be photographed. The images below are courtesy of the museum.

I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of the fashion and images of the celebrities who were iconic during that time in history.

The Taft is open

Wednesday-Friday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.


The Taft Museum of Art is located at 316 Pike St  Cincinnati, OH 45202

 You can learn more about the Taft Museum of Art from their website.

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