Nuclear Cowboyz

My first experience to take in a freestyle motocross event set the bar pretty high.

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We attended the Nuclear Cowboyz show at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati.

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The show had a little bit of everything.

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It was a theatrical style presentation filled with pyrotechnics, lights, dancing and freestyle motocross that will blow your mind as bikes travel through the air with their riders performing incredible stunts.

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The storyline is set in the future and is a battle of good vs. evil.

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The soundtrack of the show is a combo of techno and metal. If you are bringing younger guests with sensitive ears, I suggest bringing earplugs or purchasing them at the arena.  Fortunately my kids are probably the perfect age to enjoy this event.

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The pyrotechnics and laser lights show took the stunts to a whole nether level.

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I will note that I am super jumpy at unexpected noises and I ironically jumped out of my seat way more than my kids as the pyrotechnics went off during the show.

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That was my first time ever seeing that many motocross riders doing stunts at an event. They were incredible!

My pictures don’t do it justice!

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The riders made difficult tricks like the “Superman” and the “Kiss of Death” look effortless.

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Here is youtube footage of what the show is like.

The tour features 2012 X games medalists Ronnie Faisst, Mike Mason, Taka Higashino. There are also other popular riders from the winter x games. The show incorporates the Metal Mullisha and the Soldiers of Havoc into the plot to bring victory.

IMG 7254

My boys LOVED the show! My husband and I both really enjoyed it too. That was my first time ever seeing that many motocross riders doing stunts at an event. They were incredible!

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You can still catch a Nuclear Cowboyz show on Sunday January 20th in Cincinnati. The Nuclear Cowboyz will also be touring the country. Check out the Nuclear Cowboyz website to find a tour in a city near you. You can also check out their facebook page.



Disclosure: I was given complimentary tickets to the show to giveaway and use for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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