Fantasy Football

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I know of a place that is open to the public where you can play football in a college stadium.  This has been a favorite pastime of my boys with their dad for years.

The University of Cincinnati ‘s football stadium is where all of my kid’s fantasies about playing football for college/pros one day are given new life.



During a recent visit to Cincinnati we took some time to stop by and play for a bit.



Due to bad knees, Grandpa was recruited to be all-time quarterback and I was even drafted to a team.



It’s a sad day when your 5 year old knows more about plays and the game than you do.


I was also outrun and outplayed by 5 year olds too.  They did let me get my one moment of glory by scoring a touchdown.


That day there were students playing frisbee on the other side of the field and a kicker practicing field goals.  All of us still had plenty of room to play.

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If the stadium field if occupied when you visit, there is also a practice field close by you can also use to play on.


Check out the University of Cincinnati for directions to the stadium and schedules for the upcoming season.

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