Bouncing off the Walls at Lazer Kraze

Bouncing Off the Walls at Lazer Kraze

We found a place in Northern Ky/ Cincinnati area where your kids can literally bounce off the walls. The best part is that the parents can join in on the fun too. Lazer Kraze in Erlanger, KY is located a few miles from the Cincinnati/ Northern KY International Airport and has an indoor trampoline arena where you can bounce your heart out.



After a visit there, my husband is requesting that there be one room in heaven just like it.

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Their manager Lori explained that safety was their #1 concern when choosing what trampoline equipment manufacturer they would purchase from. They also require any minor under the age of 18 to wear a safety helmet and everyone wears special shoes that help give a better grip while jumping.



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Everyone who jumps is required to fill out a waiver and anyone under 18 needs a waiver filled out by a parent or guardian.  They do require proof of ID for all jumpers over 18 with a driver’s license or state identification card.



Jumper’s shoes are exchanged for trampoline shoes and are kept behind the counter. They do have coin lockers available to keep your other personal belongings safe while you jump.

After learning the rules from the workers the fun began. It’s really like being a kid again.

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We learned the ways to bounce off of the wall on our back and how to do an 180 degree jump.  You have to make sure both feet always touch at the same time.




You do need to be mindful of who is bouncing around you because people are hopping from trampoline to trampoline all around you.

The sections in between the trampolines have a harder padding to walk on. It would be hard to get hurt with all of the safety precautions they’ve taken to ensure a fun experience.



You can also do a formal dodgeball game if enough jumpers want to play during your time or just play informally with your group.

I tried mastering the 180 degree jump and bouncing from trampoline to trampoline for a bit with a few bouncing toe touches in between.




The boys were in immediate bliss. We transitioned to dodgeball as a family for a while too. They got me really good several times.




As a family, we were in a state of complete joy for 30 minutes straight. You can’t help but smile and laugh as you are throwing balls at each other while bouncing in the air. I will also state that we had a full aerobic workout.

You can jump for 30 minutes or an hour. You do have the option to extend your time to an hour if you decide you want to jump longer. We jumped for a half hour and my boys looked like they had been swimming and the adults were tired.




I would highly recommend trying the trampoline arena for any age. This is a great way for your kids to burn off energy and gives you the opportunity to play with your kids. (which is a huge perk)

If you have younger kids, they do have designated times strictly for younger ages. You can also rent out the arena by the hour. I would love to get a bunch of our friends together for an ultimate dodgeball game there.

To date, this is my husband’s favorite “adventure mom adventure” that he has participated in.

If you want to have bounce off the walls too -check out Lazer Kraze for more information. The fun doesn’t stop at jumping; you can also play lazer tag, games in the arcade and have birthday parties there too. They currently have 3 locations. I would really love to check out their magnetic climbing wall at the Lazer Kraze- Columbus location sometime in the future.

Lazer Kraze is also offering an Adventure mom discount of $1 off each jumper when you mention the Adventure mom website. This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or special offers.

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