Fitness Fun at SkyRobics Trampoline Aerobic Class at Sky Zone

Fitness Fun at Skyrobics Trampoline Aerobic Class at SkyZone

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick’s Sporting Goods. All opinions are my own. 

I love when fitness is so fun that you almost forget you are working out. A SkyRobics trampoline class does just that because it combines fitness and fun perfectly. What’s amazing is that you can burn up 1,000 calories an hour during this class!!!!

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I recruited my friend Amy to join me on this adventure which gave me a great excuse to break in my new workout outfit from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

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I wanted something that was flattering and comfortable that also wouldn’t show my stomach if I went upside down during the class.

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The challenge was narrowing down all of the great options to choose from!

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Dick’s Sporting Goods recently remodeled their Women’s department with wider aisles to make it easier to navigate with kids and strollers. There are also more outfit pairing throughout the department which worked out great when I asked my kids to bring me a few more outfit options from the dressing room.

Dick's Sporting Goods

This outfit passed the test.

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The class started off with stretching and then began with each person jumping in their own trampoline square. Everyone in our class was really friendly. They also warned us that we would get a great workout. They were right!

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Make sure that you use the restroom before the class begins. If you have given birth before, there is a good chance you will also need a restroom break mid class. Another tip is not to temporily think you are still in high school while you are doing toe touches during the class. There is a very good chance you feel it later, not that I’m speaking from experience;)


Our workout was a variety of jumps and movements in 30 second increments which got our heart rate up. You could really challenge yourself because each interval didn’t last too long.

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Even though we were sweating like crazy, the class was still fun! I would rather bounce around on a trampoline anyday over being on a threadmill in the gym.

You can purchase a jump time for your kids if you have them with you during your class. My boys were happy to create their own workout during our class at the other trampoline arenas.

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We were relieved to find out that they wrap up arm casts in bubble wraps so that kids with broken arms can still jump too.

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SkyRobics Class Schedule at Springdale:


Tuesdays/Wednesdays/Thursdays-6:30-7:30pm and 7:30-8:30pm




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You can find out more about the SkyRobics class at SkyZone from their website.


SkyZone Springdale is located at 11745 Commons Dr, Springdale, OH 45246.
(513) 671-1333


Disclosure: I was provided with complimentary passes for review purposes from SkyZone and also sponsored by Vocalpoint and Dick’s Sporting Goods. All opinons are my own. 

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