36 Adventures I’ve Loved and 37 I Want to Try this Year

36 Adventures I've lovedI’ve been fortunate to experience so many incredible adventures because of this blog. As I turn another year older, I thought it would be fun to share some of my all time favorite adventures that I’ve loved , along with ones that are still on my list.

These are in no particular order.

1. Wolf Encounter at Wolf Creek Habitat and Rescue

2. White water rafting downtown South Bend

3. Dune Buggy Ride in Saugatuck

4. Trapeze with Cincinnati Circus Company

5. Winter Luge track in Muskegon

6. Summer luge track in Muskegon

7. Indoor Skydiving in Gatlinburg

8. Fly Fishing in Muskegon

9. Kangaroo encounter at Kentucky Down Under

10. Feeding a giraffe while inside my convertible at African Safari Wildlife Park

11. Behind the scenes experience with elephants at the Cincinnati Zoo

12. Extreme tree climbing with Earth Joy Adventures

13. Skydeck ledge in Chicago

14. Attending the live taping of the Oprah Show with members of The View

15. Driving a Dog sled

16. Underground Bunker Tour at the Greenbrier Hotel

17. Attending Art Prize

18. Teambuilding with Horses

19. Sleeping in a submarine

20. Richard Petty Ride-along experience

21. Stand up paddle boarding

22. Taking an aerial silks class

23. Riding Top Thrill Dragster

24. Exploring Columbus Indiana

25. Cincinnati Underground tour

26. Riding Segways in Eden Park

27. Rappelling down a 10 story building downtown

28. Riding on a Tallship

29. ATV tour at Wilstem Ranch

30. Riding the Toboggan Chute at Cleveland Metroparks

31. Airboat ride on Lake Erie

32. Ziplining underground at Mega Cavern

33. Visiting 7 Orlando Theme Parks in 2.5 days

34. Unique Horse Farm Tour

35. Curling

36. Sleeping in the Shark Tunnel at Newport Aquarium


1. Hot air balloon ride

2. Row with a team

3. Aerial yoga

4. Go somewhere out of the country

5. Whitewater rafting on a river

6. Flyboard

7. Surf the Great Lakes in the fall

8. Visit Niagara Falls

9. Sleep in an ice hotel

10. Visit City Museum in St. Louis

11. Go up in the arch in St. Louis

12. Cross Country Ski

13. Blow glass art

14. Visit the World’s largest treehouse in TN

15. Jubilee experience at Gulf Shores

16. Stomp the grapes

17. Sandboard

18. Take a trip on a train

19. Amish Buggy tour

20. Zorb Ball

21.Go to all of the stops on the Bourbon Trail

22. Snuba

23. Jump on a blob

24. Kiteboard

25. Windsurf

26. Go on a small sailboat where you help the crew

27. Humanitarian Trip

28. Shark Cage experience

29. Swim with Manatees

30. Swim with dolphins

31. Swim with pigs in the Caribbean

32. Shoot Clay pigeons

33. Try lacrosse

34. Fly in a small plane

35. Take the abandoned subway tour in Cincinnati

36. Dinner in the dark (blindfolded meal)

37. Group Speedboat Ride

I may or may not cross everything off the list this coming year. The important thing is that I take opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest when I have them and create and share memories with people I love.

Do you have an adventure list?

I hope this encourages you to make one and challenge yourself to cross things off the list!


4 thoughts on “36 Adventures I’ve Loved and 37 I Want to Try this Year”

  1. Nice list of adventures as it add ideas to the things I want to try too. I hope that by trying this adventures, it will lessen some of my fears. Thanks for the good ideas that will be added to my bucket list!

  2. I love your lists! They always give me some good ideas for my list of things to try too. I will say that I have done some of your want to do and you have some good ones! I LOVE Niagara Falls! If you have your passport, you can go out of the country by crossing into Canada, and it is a fun thing to see the falls from both sides. I definitely recommend Maid of the Mist (we did it from America, but you can do it from both sides) and the Skylon Tower in Canada.

    We also did the Bourbon Trail – AWESOME! Such beautiful places are on the trail, and the history is just amazing! We loved Maker’s Mark (of course), but Woodford Reserve was an beautiful, and the view you see at Wild Turkey’s tasting room was gorgeous!

    I grew up near St. Louis, and it is a wonderful city to visit! The Arch, of course, is so fun to go up in, but the zoo there is definitely worth a visit too! So much to see and do in St. Louis! If you get a chance stay at at Union Station! It is a converted railway terminal and is gorgeous inside and out!

    I can’t wait to read of your adventures!

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