A Game Plan For Your Kids Who Play Sports


A Game Plan For Your Kids Who Play Sports

My boys LOVE football which means that they spend a lot of time in the summer/fall wearing a helmet between practices and games.

Last season we noticed that there were some dandruff flakes in their hair but what I didn’t know was that helmets and hats can make dandruff even worse!

Football Helmet

This season we are using a different game plan.

Head & Shoulders 5

Lots of teenagers often have to deal with dandruff but don’t want to talk about the “d-word.” You can either choose to talk about it or be a little more subtle by placing the shampoo in their gym bag.

I let him know that he had a new special shampoo that was just for him to use that would also help get rid of the “d-word.”

Head & Shoulders #DFREEDEFENSE

Head & Shoulders with Old Spice is a great solution because it works on the dandruff but has the “cool factor” of Old Spice which is a product he is already familiar with. My son said that his hair felt really smooth and that he also smelled manly after trying it for the 1st time.

Head & Shoulders 6

Did you know that Head & Shoulders is the Official Shampoo of the NFL and the Official Shampoo of Major League Baseball? That means that teenagers are not alone in the struggle. Now you know how to help them with the solution.



Tell Vocalpoint how you helped your son deal with dandruff (the dreaded D-word) for a chance to WIN NCAA tickets to the football game of your choice.



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