Gourmet Eats for Cheap

A few months ago, I met some new friends for lunch at a culinary school. After the experience, I wondered what took me so long to eat lunch at a cooking school.

Your dining experience is the student’s classroom.

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The students are learning the skills to work in a high end restaurant and you are the guinea pig….one that gets to sample amazing culinary creations for a fraction of the cost.

Lunches range from $7- $12 a person.

The servers wore uniforms that would be seen in a high end restaurant and the tables were topped with white linen table cloths and napkins.

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Each of us ordered something different to try for lunch.













I’m not sure what all the names of the ingredients were or the fancy names of the entrees.























This is the perfect combo for someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking but does enjoy trying new food experiences.

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The food was really good and gave me the opportunity to eat something that I would never attempt to make at home.























We ordered several desserts and passed those around the table too.













I would definitely recommend trying and sharing different menu options.














Our restaurant also came with a nice view of the city downtown.

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If you live in Grand Rapids, I encourage you to check out Heritage Restaurant or Art and Bev’s.

There are culinary schools all over the country.  Chances are that you have one in a city near you.

Next time you go out to eat with friends or are looking for an inexpensive date, why not switch it up and check out a culinary school restaurant.

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If you know of a great culinary school restaurant- comment here and let me know what city it’s in.

2 thoughts on “Gourmet Eats for Cheap”

  1. It was amazing, service, ambiance, quality, flavor, ALL of it. Nudge us when it opens up again in the fall! Did I mention they’ll punch your ticket for FREE Parking??

  2. The Heritage is UH MAY ZING. We try and to every semester because they change the menu a little and don’t want to miss anything! We took the kids last year, they were fascinated and tried everything – and loved the tin foil swans for leftovers. It was awesome!!

    Art and Bev uses the same kitchen, and their bread is awesome if you go there for a quick, inexpensive lunch 🙂

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