Amish Paradise- Great Amish Breakfast in West Michigan

Our family shared an experience that took us back to a simpler time. We traveled about an hour north for an old fashioned Amish breakfast. We found out about it through word of mouth. There is no website or phone number to call. You just show up. At first the directions I was given were by roads and landmarks. I was relieved when I received a gps address. That’s the only way we would have found it.

(I’ve been informed that she has moved and no longer does the breakfast)

After several dirt roads and an obvious change in residents we finally found the house.
At first we didn’t know where to go or if this was really where you could get breakfast.
We were told to go through the door.
We immediately saw the room with tables set up.
Basically you just sit down and they will bring you want you want to eat.
You have the typical breakfast food options. We choice the best of both worlds with the “Sarah Special.”  It gave you a sample of everything.
It was also served with my favorite breakfast food, bisquits and gravy.
This southern girl was not disappointed. The homemade bisquits and gravy were amazing. In fact everything was so good. All of the kids were happy.
The food is all cooked on a wood burning stove.
It was such a great experience for our family and friends to have with a subculture we don’t encountered very often.
The meals are by donation to help with the cost. We like to give a little more because this is helps them do what they do….and it’s one less meal I had to cook. We also purchased some cinnamon rolls on the way out.
They also sell homemade rugs and a few other items.
There is a cheese factory down the road that we stopped at on the way back.
They don’t make cheese on the weekends but you can still stop by and try samples before you buy.
I highly recommend taking some time to appreciate the Amish way of the life.
If you live in the Grand Rapids area and want to visit, click on this image and print this card when you go.
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You can visit the Farm Country Cheese House site for more details of their daily operations.

Please comment if you have found an Amish place that you enjoy visiting near where you live.

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5 thoughts on “Amish Paradise- Great Amish Breakfast in West Michigan”

  1. We have not done breakfast yet. We LOVE the fish fry and have been to several. It’s a wonderful atmosphere. You feel like you’ve joined a huge family. Remember when paying, how much it would cost to take your family to a restaurant for such a meal l

  2. Hi Stephenie! We ate the Amish breakfast a few weeks ago. The food was great and our kids enjoyed it.

  3. I found you through grkids. I’ve heard of this place. Is this a recent post – would love to know if it’s something I could do with my kids soon! Thanks for posting!

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