Grill on the Go with the NomadiQ Portable Grill

I found the best portable grilling solution for our on-the-go lifestyle.

Cue the nomadiQ portable gas grill that can be used at home, camping, boating, on the beach, tailgating, and more.

Grill on the Go with the nomadiQ Portable Grill

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grilled chicken on the NomadiQ Portable Grill
Barbecue on the beach with a portable grill

How Long Does It Take to Set Up the nomadiQ Portable Grill?

The nomadiQ grill can be set up in less than a minute. Yes, it’s really that easy!

There are three easy steps: Unlock the grill, open it, and connect the gas.

Next, just grill and enjoy!

Barbecue on the beach with a portable grill

There isn’t any assembly which makes it easy to get started grilling. The grill has an electronic ignition system for fast and reliable grilling.

Grill on the Go with the nomadiQ Portable Grill

What is the nomadiQ Portable Grill Fueled By?

The portable grill is fueled by propane. The smaller gas propane tanks make it easy to grill on the go. If you want to grill with a regular-size propane tank, there is an adapter hose that you can buy.

man cooking hot dogs on the nomadiQ grill

How Many BTUs Does the nomadiQ Portable Grill Have?

There are 9,200 BTU total with 4,600 on each side of the grill for quick and even cooking. You have the option to only use one side or both sides.

The temperatures of each side of the stainless steel burners on the grill can be controlled individually using the independently controlled burners.

man grilling burgers on portable grill

How Much Grilling Space Does the nomadiQ Portable Grill Have?

The nomadiq portable grill has one of the largest grill surfaces of any portable grill with 226 square inches of cooking space.

grilling surface of the  nomadiQ grill

The nomadiQ portable gas grill packs up small, but it’s still BIG on grilling space.

burgers on NomadiQ portable grill on a table

Pictured above we have 8 GIANT hamburgers on the grill.

grilling surface of the nomadiQ grill

We’ve used our portable grill at home and on vacation at a cottage on Lake Michigan. With our portable grill, we didn’t need to take turns with other family members on the grill supplied by the rental.

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Is the nomadiQ Portable Grill Easy to Clean?

Yes, the portable grill is very easy to clean.

The non-stick grates on the grill have a ceramic coating that is rust-resistant and help ensure that your food cooks evenly. The grates can easily be removed for cleaning and are dishwasher safe. You can easily wipe down the outside of the grill too.

There are drip trays that collect the grease and drippings that are siphoned into the bottom of each shell through small holes. The drip trays are easy to remove and wipe down.

strap for portable grill

The nomaidQ Portable Grill is Easy to Carry

You have two options for carrying the portable grill. There is a padded shoulder strap that connects to the ends of the grill. It’s easy to carry with the ergonomically easy-to-grip handle at the top of the grill.

man carrying portable grill

The design of the nomadiQ Portable grill is stylish, compact, and aesthetically pleasing.

NomadiQ portable grill on a table

A Solution for Small Patios and City Dwellers

Our back patio is relatively small and the nomadiQ grill is the perfect portable gas grill for our needs. We’ve found that regular grills take up too much of our patio seating space.

compact portable gas grill folded up

We can bring the nomadiQ portable gas grill out to our patio table to grill on. After we are done grilling, we just fold it back up and put it away.

 compact portable gas grill folded up

We don’t have to compromise on giving up outdoor space on our patio or miss out on grilling when we want to.

 nomadiQ grill folded up by a camper

A Compact Grill for Camping

If you are going camping, you don’t want items that take up a lot of space or that weigh too much.

woman grilling steaks on a portable grill

My inlaws LOVE to camp and they were looking for a grill that wouldn’t take up a lot of space in their camper.

breakfast with the griddle for nomadiq portable gas grill

They’ve been able to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner on their portable camping grill with easy cleanup. This is a really great option for van camping too.

portable grill for tailgating

Tailgate with Ease

You don’t have to bring a truck to transport a big grill for your next tailgate party. You’ll have plenty of trunk space left over for all of your tailgate essentials with the nomadiQ portable grill.

We can’t wait to use it for tailgating before my son’s college football games in the fall.

Barbecue on the beach with a portable grill

Barbecue on the Beach

The nomadiQ Grill allows you to barbecue on the beach or cook in more remote areas with ease. You can have a hot meal wherever you go with this portable bbq grill.

nomadiQ portable grill

Portable Grills Are A Great Gift Idea

We instantly knew that the nomadiQ portable grill would be the perfect gift for my inlaws who expressed interest in a portable grill for camping.

It’s a great present for an upcoming birthday, holiday, or Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day present.

What’s nice is that a few people can go in on the gift together or individually purchase additional accessories.

hot dogs on the nomadiq portable gas grill

What Does the NomadiQ Portable Grill Include?

The nomadiQ Portable Grill includes:

  • Two (2) Drip Trays
  • Gas Hose/Regulator
  • Carrying Strap (for easy transport)
  • Instruction Manual
breakfast on the griddle for nomadiQ grill

Additional Accessories for the NomadiQ Portable Grill

There are several accessories that are the perfect addition to your grill.

nomadiQ protective sleeve

You can keep the outside of the grill from getting scratched with the protective sleeve.

I would highly recommend adding the griddle plate. It’s great for breakfast or grilled cheese and easily switches out from the regular grill plate.

For larger families, you may want to consider two griddles for a larger surface for making pancakes, etc.

 nomadiq portable gas grill

Where to Purchase a NomadiQ Portable Grill

You can purchase a nomadiQ portable grill online along with additional accessories.

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  1. The nomadiQ Portable Propane Gas Grill features 226-in² cooking space, 2 Non-Stick Grates, 2 Burners that boast 4,600 BTU and an Electronic Ignition System.

  2. This is one great grill. I don’t like calling it a little grill. We had 5 of us for dinner and was able to cook burgers for all of us. East set up, easy to use and clean up. Love it.

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