How to Determine if an iSUP is Right for You

I really enjoy Stand Up Paddleboarding every time that I try it because it’s such a great way to exercise and connect with nature.

I’m sharing reasons why an iSUP (inflatable stand up paddleboard) is a great option for travelers to consider.

Check this out if you are debating between the pros and cons of real stand up paddleboard vs. an inflatable one.

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iSUP inflatable stand up paddle board

An iSUP is Easy to Transport & Store

I had been secretly wanting a Stand-Up Paddleboard for a long time but it’s not really practical for our family or lifestyle because we don’t live on a lake or have one super close that I would use the board on regularly.

Our vehicle had limited space and I didn’t want to worry about securing the board to the roof of my vehicle while we traveled.

I was invited by Bodyglove to review their Performer 11 Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard and I absolutely loved it! 

What I loved about the iSUP from Bodyglove was that everything needed for the inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard fit in one oversized duffle bag.

The iSUP storage bag can easily in our vehicle and it’s easy to store at home when it’s not in use. It also comes with a paddle, cell phone dry bag, pump, ankle leash, and backpack.

With a regular board, you will need ample storage and a proper rack for transporting.

Bodyglove iSUP inflatable stand up paddle board

An iSUP is Easy to Inflate and Deflate

I was wondering how long we would spend in the parking lot blowing up the iSUP but the process was surprisingly quick and easy.

The iSUP comes with a pump similar to a bicycle pump that has a gauge that tells you when the board is ready.

It took about 5 minutes to inflate and about 5 minutes to deflate and pack back into the bag and the board is easy to carry to and from the beach.

Bodyglove iSUP inflatable stand up paddle board

An iSUP Feels Like a Real Stand Up Paddleboard

I’ve been on several fiberglass SUP boards and I was really surprised at how stable the inflatable board was! 

The inflatable SUP has reinforced double layer rails and a Dura- Fin construction material. The surface of the deck makes it easy to stand on which is perfect for beginner to intermediate paddlers.

Make sure that you inflate the board to the recommended amount of air pressure for the best performance. You can also adjust the aluminum paddle to a length that works best for your height.

Bodyglove iSUP inflatable stand up paddle board on a beach

You Don’t Need to Rent a Stand Up Paddleboard Anymore

When you have your own board you don’t have to worry about if there are rentals available when you visit the beach or the lake.

You can choose your own adventure on your own timeline.

Body Glove 3T Barefoot Requiem water shoes

We also tested out the Body Glove 3T Barefoot Requiem water shoes. The water shoes provided an extra grip on the board. They were also comfortable in the hot sand and rocky shallow areas of the water.

I’m a big fan of the iSUP!

It was the perfect solution for my desire to stand up paddleboard in a way that’s practical for our vehicle and lifestyle.

More Information

You can find more information on iSUP products, apparel, and more from the Body Glove website.

Thanks again to Body Glove for providing our iSUP and water shoes. All opinions are my own. 

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How to Determine if an iSUP is Right for You

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