How You Can Visit The Swing House in Cincinnati

If you love hidden gems, you definitely need to check out the Swing House!

On the outside, the house blends in with the other residences in the neighborhood.

On the inside, the house is anything but ordinary.

Mark de Jong outside of the Swing House

The Swing House is the passion project of artist Mark DeJong who took 3 years to reimagine and transform a freestanding 1880’s three-story building into a space that is whimsical and literal art.

The Swing House Air BnB 1

I joined several writers from SATW for a special tour of the house located in the Camp Washington neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Swing house Camp Washington 1

During a visit, it’s important to take all of the details of the Swing House including the ceiling shaped like an hourglass and the ropes of the swing that stretch to the ceiling.

ceiling of The Swing House 2

Mark shared more about his story and also demonstrated how he can get the swing going REALLY high!

Mark de Jong The Swing House 1
Mark de Jong on swing 1

A few of us almost lost our cameras while trying to get the shot.

Swing house in Cincinnati 1
The Swing House in Cincinnati 1

You can visit the Swing House

The Swing House has special events open to the public throughout the year.

Currently, the Swing House is open on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Check the events page to confirm before you go.

I’ll warn you that the giant swing brings giant smiles and immediately makes you feel like a kid again.

gallery inside the swing house camp washington 2
gallery in the basement of the swing house 2

Visit the Art Gallery in the Basement

The spiral staircase located behind the bed takes you down to the basement where you will find a bathroom and gallery space.

Bed inside the Swing House 3

The Swing House Air BnB 1

You can Sleep Overnight at the Swing House

If you don’t want to share your first visit with strangers you may want to opt for an overnight stay. There is no tv inside the home so that you can just relax and enjoy the simplicity.

Inside the Swing House Camp Washington 2

More Information on the Swing House Airbnb and Events

You can find more information about The Swing House from their website. 

The Swing House is located at 1373 Avon Pl, Cincinnati, OH.

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