Find Your Favorite Flavor at Buffalo Wings & Rings

Find your Favorite flavor at Buffalo Wings and Rings 1

When I tell my family that I’m not cooking AND that we are going to a sports restaurant and bar, I earn MAJOR Mom points.

This time? I got BONUS Mom points! We enjoyed tasty menu favorites that are back for a limited time.

Plus, Buffalo Wings & Rings® has an awesome and simple (only two clicks) sweepstakes where you could win $5,000 cash!

If you are hungry for that prize, you better hurry: the sweepstakes ends 6/2/19.

Sports and great food are my family’s love languages so when you combine the two, we are in heaven every time we visit Buffalo Wings & Rings.

Read on to find out more about my Flavor Adventure with them!

Buffalo Wings Rings restaurant Cincinnati 1 e1556542279879

Buffalo Wings & Rings is a Cincinnati-based brand that has expanded to 80 locations in the US and overseas.

If you have eaten there before you know that what sets them apart is their food!

Their wings are fresh, never frozen, and hand-breaded in house. Their sauces are also made in house and they serve your meal on real plates, not in paper baskets, unlike their competition.

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Sports fans of all types can enjoy watching a game while they dine and drink from a great selection of local craft beer and national domestics.

If you are not a fan of beer you will still find plenty of options on their cocktail menu.

Here is an extra tip. A visit to Buffalo Wings & Rings allows everyone in your family to enjoy watching their favorite games while eating their favorite foods without the hassle of prep work or clean up.

My boys both have full schedules between games and practices and they always welcome mixing things up with a visit which guarantees me those Mom points and quality time with my family.

dinner at Buffalo Wings Rings restaurant 2

We were invited to experience a Flavor Adventure by trying their special Flavor On menu items that are only available for a limited time from Monday, April 22 through Sunday, June 2.

Flavor on Favorites at Buffalo Wings Rings restaurant e1556540207171

The Flavor On Menu Contenders

During our visit, we tried all of the Flavor On limited menu items.

There were seven menu items in total that we tried- so you can guess how challenging that was to decide which one was our favorite because they were all so good!

I’m sharing more about which one that I liked best and how you can enter into the $5,000 Sweepstakes!

CAUTION: looking at the following images might make you hungry.

Coconut Cooler at Buffalo Wings Rings e1556537960174

Coconut Cooler

Made with Coco ReàCoconut and lime juices with Sprite®. This non-alcoholic drink was very refreshing and tasted like a beach vacation in a glass.

Sam Adams® Beer Cheese Fries at Buffalo Wings Rings e1556538675171

Sam Adams® Beer Cheese Fries

(Natural-cut fries, topped with Sam Adams beer cheese, bacon, and scallions)

You can’t go wrong with this combination! Seriously, this is one to share with the table!

Boneless Charred Jalapeno Wings at Wings Rings e1556545666264

Charred Jalapeño Wings

(Boneless chicken wings with ranch style sauce, infused with charred, puréed jalapeños, cilantro, and lime then dusted with smoked ancho chile.)

Charred Jalapeno Wings Boneless at Wings Rings e1556545450493

You can try these boneless wings gluten-free as a grilled option or regular.  I actually liked the grilled version better of the two options that we tried.

Boneless Charred Jalapeno Wings at Wings Rings 1 e1556546044598

At Buffalo Wings & Rings you can customize and build your own wings to your personal preference. Guests can choose from traditional, boneless, grilled or cauliflower with their favorite flavor and heat level.

I personally enjoy a crazy stupid level of heat (and no one steals my leftovers)and if you are concerned about the heat level you will find that it’s not too hot on this dish.

All of my family members enjoyed it and they enjoy a milder level of heat on their wings.

Sam Adams® Beer Cheese Chicken Sliders at Buffalo Wings Rings restaurant e1556539495127

Sam Adams® Beer Cheese Chicken Sliders

(Four grilled chicken sliders with bacon, grilled onions, and Sam Adams beer cheese)

I highly recommend ordering these! They are easy to share at your table and absolutely delicious!

Bleu 42 Chicken Sandwich at Buffalo Wings Rings restaurant e1556539676371

Bleu 42 Chicken Sandwich

(Grilled chicken tenders on a brioche bun with Cajun spices, bleu cheese dip, and sweet Thai chili sauce, topped with chopped romaine, apples, celery, candied pecans & scallions)

This menu item takes many of the ingredients that you would experience in a salad and reimagines them in a sandwich. The outcome is a great blend of sweet and savory.

Old Bay® Fried Shrimp Basket at Buffalo Wings Rings restaurant

Old Bay® Fried Shrimp Basket

Hand breaded & fried shrimp, seasoned with Old Bay spices, served with a side of Buffalo garlic medium sauce and sea salt French fries.

This menu item reminded me of my trips to Maryland where Old Bay spices are used regularly. I really enjoyed trying the spice blend on shrimp for the first time.

We also enhanced the Old Bay® Fried Shrimp Basket by switching out the regular fries to the Parmesan Garlic Aioli Fries that are low Glutenwhich complimented the dish perfectly. ( Natural cut fries topped with Garlic Aioli and shaved Parmesan cheese)

Turtle Lava Cake at Buffalo Wings Rings e1556538355727

Turtle Lava Cake (AKA Buffalo Dream)

(Cooked with pecans, served warm with vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce)

After that description do you really need to know any more??!!!

Yes, you want to try it and yes, it’s wonderful!

dinner at Buffalo Wings Rings restaurant e1556540480927

The Verdict: Our Favorite “Flavors On” Menu Items

I’ll be honest it was hard for all of us to pick an absolute favorite because we each had a few menu items competing for our top spot.

My older son loved the Sam Adams® Beer Cheese Fries and my husband loved the Old Bay® Fried Shrimp Basket.

dinner at Buffalo Wings Rings restaurant 1 e1556540591720

My favorite “flavor on” menu pick was the Sam Adams® Beer Cheese Chicken Sliders and my younger son also picked those as his favorite.

Flavor On Sweepstakes at Wings Rings e1556547853524

Your Chance to Win $5,000 at Buffalo Wings & Rings Sweepstakes!

I would love it if one of my readers won this sweepstake!

You can see which is your favorite flavor by visiting a Buffalo Wings & Rings restaurant and trying the Flavor On Menu items that are available from Monday, April 22 through Sunday, June 2.

For the sweepstakes, simply do the following:                                 


Visit, then:

    1. Vote for your favorite flavor by checking an orange check box.
    2. Submit your name, email address and zip code to gain entry!
    3. You will also have the option to opt-in to the Buffalo Sauciety to receive news, offers and loyalty programs in case you are hungering for more great flavors and promotions from Buffalo Wings & Rings.


$5,000 Grand Prize for one randomly selected winner!

During your visit capture photos of your Flavor On Favorites that you sample and try.

You can add your personality to the menu items by creating a twist with different sauces.

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Vote for your favorite flavor at

Additional menu items at Wings Rings

A Few Other Great Menu Items to Try at Buffalo Wings & Rings

Buffalo Wings and Rings has a chef-inspired menu that goes beyond wings.

If you order a burger it’s made with a premium brisket and chuck blend and the burgers are fresh-pressed and never frozen.

During our visit we also tried the Blackened Salmon Salad (Blackened salmon and romaine leaves topped with Parmesan cheese and croutons, tossed in Caesar dressing), Ranchero Tots (Oversized bacon and cheese stuffed tater tots, topped with fresh jalapeños, cilantro, and chipotle ranch), Bacon Mac & Cheese (Rotini noodles with a savory three-cheese blend, topped with Applewood-smoked bacon and scallions).

Chocolate Croissant (Two fried puff pastries filled with rich and creamy chocolate. Topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel, and chocolate sauces and powdered sugar)Vanilla Creme Brulee Cheesecake (Lightly warmed and served with raspberry sauce).

Buffalo Wings and Rings e1556537585322

More Information & Locations

Hungry?  I’m ready to go back! Buffalo Wings and Rings have 80 restaurant locations in the US and overseas. You can find out more information from their website.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Buffalo Wings and Rings. All opinions are my own. 

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