Insider Tips- How to be Kind to Your Mail Carrier

Insider Tips for How to be Kind to Your Mail Carrier

I have a family member who is a mail carrier. Conversations with him have given me a new appreciation for how hard they work and also an awareness of how small acts of kindness can affect their day in such a positive way.

February 4th is National Thank a Mail Carrier Day and I wanted to give you some insider tips for how you can be kind to your mail carrier all year round.

Make sure that your pets are secure

Many people don’t know this, but a mail carrier is not required to deliver your mail if a pet puts them in an unsafe situation. Many pets can find mail carriers to be a threat to their personal space and as a result try to attack the mail carrier. Many mail carriers have to use their bags as a shield to prevent an animal from biting them. If you have a pet that is aggressive, make sure that their restraints are strong. I’ve heard stories of pets breaking their restraints and coming after the carrier.

Cat Got Your Mail?

This mailman might have expected a dog to give him a hard time — but a cat? Hilarious!

Posted by Crazimals on Monday, November 14, 2016

Keep your steps and porch clear of tripping or slipping hazards.

If it’s an icy day, please salt your steps so that your mail carrier doesn’t take a tumble down them. Keep pathways clear and remove snow whenever possible.

Introduce Yourself

Your mail carrier is at your house more than most of your friends, why not say hello?

I’ve heard stories of proud grandparents introducing their grandkids who were home from college to the mail carrier, and a man with special needs who looked forward to walking next to the mail carrier for a short distance during his route every day. Your mail carrier might also be there at just the right time in an emergency. I was told about another time when an elderly person had fallen down and their spouse asked the mail carrier to help them because they were not strong enough to help them.

Small Acts of Kindness are always Appreciated

Here are some examples 0f gestures that are well received.

Pre packaged snacks ( An great energy boost for a long day of exercise)

(Ex. Granola bars, pretzels, peanuts, chips, jerky)

Homemade snacks or cookies are nice, but I would not recommend giving them unless you have a rapport with your mail carrier.

Sealed drinks (On a really hot day, a cold bottle of water or Gatorade is very refreshing)

Hand warmers are thoughtful on really cold days.

Tips or gift cards around the holidays are always a nice gesture and are appreciated.

Many of these tips can also apply to anyone who frequently delivers packages to your house.

There were many images shared on Facebook that went viral that showed a tub of snacks and drinks for anyone delivering packages to their home around the holidays. Many others were inspired to do the same.

Here is a link for a free printable to use that says “Thank you for delivering our packages!”

A small act of kindness really goes a long way!


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