Outdoor Adventure on an ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch

If you are looking for a great family outdoor adventure you’ll want to check out the guided side-by-side ATV tours at Wilstem Ranch.

ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch1

Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

I have a confession…ATVs have always made me a little nervous. I love controlled risk.

I enjoy extreme adventures that have safety equipment (like ziplining or ones that have a track like on an extreme roller coaster) ….but adventures without them are WAY more out of my comfort zone.

When we planned our ATV tour at Wilstem Ranch, my husband was supposed to be there …but he had a work conflict at the last minute which meant that I would be the one driving the ATV during our visit.

This created a great opportunity to face my fears on the trails.

I was given the option to have our family ride with the guide or to drive my own ATV.

My website is all about facing your fears by trying new adventures so I had to take the opportunity when presented with one.

I was relieved to find out that the ATV was an automatic vs. a stick shift because it’s been years since I’ve driven a stick.

We were given safety instructions and helmets before we started the trail with our guide.

ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch

A Guided Side-by-Side ATV Tour

Our guide named Blake did a great job of making sure that everyone felt safe and comfortable.

ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch5

The landscape of our tour was diverse with steep curvy hills and straightaways where you could drive faster.

ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch7
ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch8

Within the first few minutes of driving, I couldn’t stop smiling because I LOVED it!!!!!

ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch5

Our tour was on a spring day that had lots of mud which I found incredibly enjoyable to drive through.

The ATV Tour gave us closer views of a beautiful old barn on the property.

ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch9
ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch10

We also got to drive through a tight tunnel which was really fun.

ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch11
ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch12
ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch13

It’s Ok if you get stuck in the Mud

On the trail we experienced a stump that gave us some trouble. The ATV in front of us got stuck.

My option was to let our guide move the ATV or I could try it. I decided that I wanted to at least give a try… And then I got stuck too.

ATV Tour2

I was able the get the ATV over the stump with some coaching from our guide. I’m so glad that I made myself try it and it felt great to overcome that challenge.

ATV Tour

More Mud = More Fun!

My family absolutely LOVED this adventure!

ATV Tour at Wilstem Ranch15

You can find out more about ATV Tours from Wilstem Ranch on their website. (812) 936-4484

Wilstem Ranch is located at 4229 US Highway 150, French Lick, IN 47432.

Disclosure: I was given a complimentary tour for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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