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  1. Helpful article – thank you, will be visiting COW with my daughter this weekend and added a few places to our list. You can’t name every business in a blog post so don’t let the complainers bring you down 🙂

  2. You guys are so rude! She visited out lovely county and shared a story about her experience here. We have lots of amaOng businesss here. Don’t insult her because you favorite isn’t on here.

  3. Not to mention Henry Station, Omahoma Bob’s Barbeque, a Hungarian Pastry shop, Bosco’s Pizza Kitchen, Farmer Boy, Greenleaf, Fiore’s, and on and on.

  4. Other non-franchise restaurants you missed were Meathead’s, Bishop’s, The Wooster Inn, Local Roots, The Parlor, Troyer’s bakery, Holcomb’s Gourmet Popcorn, SureHouse for coffee, another down town coffee shop, Basil Asian Bistro, the Olde Jaol, Gouda, Matsos, Jake’s, Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen in Mt. Hope, other Amish restaurants in the area, several bed ‘n’ breakfasts, Wild Ginger and more. Please come back.

  5. Great article with good choices. Of course there are plenty more great places to visit but you did get many of my favorites. Coccia House, Rox( next to Broken Rocks), Wooster Inn, JAFB Brewery, Walnut Street Antique’s, Etc. The focus is that Wooster has a great downtown and the surrounding area is beautiful. Wooster is a “Little City” and not a suburb. The people are friendly and proud to share their recommendations to anyone that asks. Please come back anytime!!

  6. I disagree with some of your judgements. City Square Steakhouse is an overpriced, overrated, restaurant. Rubbermaid abandoned the town that gave it it’s name. Everything Rubbermaid is no longer owned by Rubbermaid. It is owned by the Newell Rubbermaid company and should not be lauded for anything related to Wooster. Many, many people lost their jobs when they moved away.

  7. sorry but the Barn restaurant is not near Kids in and Lehmans, the Barn restaurant is in Smithville, 20 minutes north.

  8. I felt that Wooster was a good starting point for someone not familiar with the area or region. I wanted to make a point to also include areas that were a close driving distance from Wooster for out of town guests. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Your article was great however I think you need to correct the title to Wayne Co., not Wooster. Yes, Wooster is the county seat, but you can’t include Lehman, Pine Tree Barn and Shishlers when they aren’t in Woo. Anyone who was born and raised here would agree. Those are al great places to visit but they are not all in Woo. “Wayne County” would be a better fit.

  10. Understandably so, thanks again for a great article! If you do happen to stop by The Barn, I would highly suggest the buffet on the weekends and at check out, grab a bag of Pop’s Country Kettle Korn!

  11. I was there for less than 48 hours and didn’t have time to fit it in. I’ll have to check that out during my next visit! Thanks for sharing!

  12. What?! Why isn’t Secrest Arboretum on the list? Secrest Arboretum is the Ohio State University’s primary research arboretum, and contains over 2,000 native and introduced species and cultivars of trees, shrubs, and perennials. Covering 115 acres, this gorgeous landscape will take your breath away any time of year!

  13. Just east of Broken Rock Cafe is a fantastic jewelry store called Makenzie’s Silver Linings. Makenzie creates the most wonderful one-of-a-kind pieces!

  14. I will definitely have to add that to my list the next time I come back. I was only there for less than 48 hours so I had to cram in a lot in a little time. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Great article, so well written and descriptions of our little town were so spot on! I was a bit disappointed you missed The Barn Restaurant!! Not for the articles sake entirely, but your own! Located near Lehman’s it’s an old farm barn renovated as a restaurant with all original timber inside. Beautiful inside and out as the property also boasts a wonderful campus including duck pond, gazebo, toy store, and more! Check it out the next time you come through 🙂

  16. Correction to this post: Shislers Cheese House, the one pictured here, is located at 55 Kidron Rd. Orrville, OH. The one in Copley is owned by another family member and is significantly farther away from Wooster.

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