Play With Adoptable Cats at Purrfect Day Cat Cafe in Covington KY

You don’t have to be a huge cat lover to enjoy a visit at Northern Kentucky’s first cat café.

Purrfect Day Cat Cafe guests can enjoy a quiet afternoon with their favorite coffee in the company of furry felines eligible for adoption.

drinking coffee in the cat lounge

Owner Chuck Patton and his wife Tricia experienced their first cat café in Charleston, South Carolina on vacation and were inspired to start the original Purrfect Day Cat Cafe in Louisville, KY.

Their second location in Covington, KY gives homage to Chuck’s Northern Kentucky roots.

cat at Puurfect Day Cat Cafe in Covington KY

Do You Need a Reservation to Visit the Cat Lounge?

Reservations are strongly recommended to get your preferred session time for the cat lounge but they do accept walk ins.

cat napping in the cat lounge

There is a fee for the 50 minute session and guests can bring their drinks from the cat cafe inside the cat lounge.

drink in the cat lounge

The cafe suggests arriving 15 minutes before your session begins to have time to look over the menu and make drink purchases prior to your session. If you prefer to grab a snack or drink afterwards, that’s fine too.

Food is not allowed in the cat lounge and drinks cannot come back into the cafe after a session in the cat lounge.

  cat lounge at Purrfect Day Cat Cafe

What Ages Can Visit the Cat Lounge?

All ages are welcome to visit the cat lounge with adult supervision. Visitors under 13 must be accompanied by an adult with a request of only 2 children per each adult.

On Friday and Saturdays the 6 pm sessions are for ages 18 and up only.

Nedra McDaniel at Purrfect Day Cafe Covington Kentucky

What If You Aren’t Really a Cat Person?

It’s OK! I wouldn’t really consider myself a huge cat lover but I enjoyed my first time at Purrfect Day Cat Cafe.

The cats will approach you…. if they want to…and they will walk away from you… when they want to.

cats in the cat lounge

It’s important to remember that you are a guest in their home so try not to make sudden movements that could startle them. You don’t want to disturb a cat if they are sleeping or eating.

cat napping at Puurfect Day Cat Cafe in Covington KY

The cats will also be playing, climbing, roaming around the room and taking lots of naps.

cat at Puurfect Day Cat Cafe in Covington KY

Where Do the Cats at the Café Come From?

Purrfect Day Cafe is a foster facility with kittens and cats provided by the Kenton County Animal Services.

This environment helps keep cats out of traditional shelters and increases the likelihood of being adopted because they’ve been socialized.

cat napping in the cat lounge

The cats at Purrfect Day Cafe sleep in the cat lounge at night in whatever location they choose.

cat at Puurfect Day Cat Cafe in Covington KY

Does the Cat Lounge Smell Like a Litter Box?

I’m happy to report that the cat lounge does NOT smell like a litter box thankfully. I have a pretty sensitive nose for smells and that’s always my #1 concern.

The staff works really hard to create a great experience in the cat lounge for guests when it comes to the smell… or in this case, lack of smell.

There are even two separate HVAC systems in the building, one for the cafe and another for the cat lounge.

table at the Purrfect Day Cafe

Do You Need a Reservation to Visit the Purrfect Day Cafe?

You don’t need a reservation to visit the café. In fact, guests can simply watch the cats from the large windows inside the food/drink cafe, which is a nice option if you have someone in your party who is allergic to cats.

viewing window at the cat cafe
menu at Purrfect Day Cat Cafe

What Menu Items Does the Café Serve?

The café serves an assortment of drink and snack menu items including gourmet popcorn, pastries, and cake pops.

cats cake pops at the cat cafe

You’ll also find speciality cocktails, wine, and local brews, including Braxton Brewery, on the menu.

bar at the Purrfect Day Cafe

That’s right, there is a full service bar at this cat cafe.

drinks at Purrfect Day Cat Cafe

There are plenty of non-alcoholic options too, including soft drinks or coffee.

image 1

Make sure that you also try the hot pretzels shaped like a cat that are delicious!

cat shaped pretzel at the cat cafe

You can make your pretzel sweet or savory with a side of cheese or cinnamon sugar.

cat in the cat lounge

You Can Help Socialize Adoptable Cats

If pet adoption isn’t for you that’s totally OK!

I didn’t want to bring a cat home but I was told that my visit was still very helpful.

When you spend time in the cat lounge you are part of helping to socialize adoptable cats for their future owners.

You don’t have to bring home a new furry family member to help make a difference.

total adoptions at the cat cafe

How Do You Adopt a Cat from Purrfect Day Cat Cafe?

If you are potentially interested in adopting a cat you will want to tell a staff member. They can assist with helping you find the best match for you and your family.

They will have you fill out an adoption survey and an adoption supervisor will go over everything with you.

There is a possibility that you could bring home a cat on the same day, or you can arrange a pick up of your new feline friend on the following day.

*Adoptions are not completed after the last session hour.

cat in cat lounge

What Are the Requirements To Adopt a Cat at Purrfect Day Cat Cafe?

You must be 18 years old to adopt a cat, provide a photo ID, residence status, pet history and sign a legal adoption contract.

All adoptable cats have an adoption fee of $120 plus tax. You can bring your own cat carrier or purchase one from PDC for $5.

Kitties under 4 months old come with a voucher for the rabies vaccination, which can be redeemed at KCAS. The adoption price also comes with a free 30 day offer of PetFirst Pet Insurance.

cat in basket in the cat lounge

What Treatments Have the Cats Had?

All cats and kittens have been spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, received their flea and de-wormer treatments, and basic booster shots.

They have also tested negative for both FeLV and FIV. Kitties 4 months and older will have also received their rabies vaccination and have their license tags.

adoptable cat in the cat lounge

More Information on Purrfect Day Cat Cafe Events and Adoptions

Purrfect Day Cat Cafe has special events throughout the month; you can even book the facility for a birthday party. Also, be on the lookout for kitty yoga!

You can learn more about upcoming special events, birthday parties and adoptions from the Purrfect Day Cat Cafe website.

Purrfect Day Cafe Covington Kentucky

Where is Purrfect Day Cat Cafe located?

25 W 8th St, Covington, KY

parking spot sign for Purrfect Day Cafe

There are a few free dedicated parking spaces with Purrfect Day Cat Cafe signs for guests visiting the café located in the lot directly across the street.

Play With Adoptable Cats at Purrfect Day Cat Cafe in Covington KY

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