Tips for Visiting Otherworld in Columbus, OH

If you are looking for a new kind of art experience, you’ll definitely want to visit Otherworld in Columbus, OH.

The immersive art installation features large-scale interactive art that takes you into a surreal world of science fiction and fantasy.

I’m sharing tips and what to expect before you visit for the first time.

tree art installation at Otherworld

Who Created Otherworld?

Jordan Renda is both the founder and creative director of Otherworld.

Otherworld was created by a team of over 40 creatives who have a background in an assortment of artistic mediums and projects including escape rooms, exhibits and theme parks.

The project uses the gifts and talents of both national artists and local artists who add to the themes and storytelling experience throughout the 47 rooms. Several of the artists have local ties as graduates of the Columbus College of Art.

Otherworld Columbus

Explore Every Room in the 32,000 square foot facility

There are different ways to reach over 40 scenes of mixed reality playgrounds and large-scale art throughout the 32,000 square foot facility.

Let your curiosity lead you to the next door and make sure that you backtrack to make sure that you didn’t miss any rooms along the way.

Look up, down and all around. There are elements in some of the rooms that you can touch or engage with.

Several of the elements of Otherworld reminded me of Area 15 in Las Vegas by Meow Wolf, who also has projects in Santa Fe, and Denver.

video game secret passageway at Otherworld

Be on the Lookout for Secret Passageways

One of my favorite things to discover in the science fiction fantasyland were the secret passages that led to different rooms transporting you into a video game or out of a children’s room.

You start in one place and end up in another so wear your stretchy pants and be prepared to crawl or duck.

giant face at Otherworld

Take Advantage of Fun Photo Ops

There are so many fun photo ops with the large-scale works throughout Otherworld. Be on the lookout for the infinity mirrors and opportunities to engage with the art along the way.

Flash photography is not allowed so that it’s doesn’t interfere with the special effects and experience of those around you.

I would recommend wearing a brighter colored shirt for pictures because the lighting is pretty dark with a lot of blue hues.

infinity mirrors at Otherworld

Otherworld in the News

Otherworld has been featured in the following

large art installation at Otherworld

How Long Does it Take to Go Through Otherworld

It takes most guests between 1- 3 hours to walk thru Otherworld.

light art installation at Otherworld

How Long Can You Stay at Otherworld?

Tickets are for a timed entry to avoid long wait times. You must arrive at your specific time for entry and you can stay as long as you want once you are inside the immersive experience.

child's room at Otherworld

Is Otherworld Kid Friendly?

Yes, but some rooms are a little darker in nature. During our visit I saw a lot of young kids were having a blast discovering each room.

room with eye at Otherworld Columbus

Special Effects Without the Scare

I don’t like scary things and I appreciated that Otherworld ISN’T a haunted house. Some rooms are definitely creepier than others. It will definitely pique your curiosity and imagination without the fear of being startled by things or people.

The only thing that may catch you off guard is someone entering a room you are in via a secret passage.

Tips for Visiting Otherworld in Columbus, OH

How to Purchase General Admission Tickets for Otherworld

Otherworld is a VERY popular attraction so the best way to see it is to plan ahead.

Tickets for Otherworld are only available to be purchased online. I would highly recommended an advance reservation to get your preferred entry time and day.

General admission tickets do NOT include concerts or special events.

infinity mirrors at Otherworld

How to Get Discounts on Otherworld Tickets

There are discounted tickets available for military, seniors ages 62+, and children ages 3-12 (kids under 3 are FREE.)

Groups of 15 or more can also save with tickets purchased in advance.

Otherworld has a gift shop onsite and online where you can also purchase gift card / gift ticket.

blue room in Otherworld

Is Otherworld Worth the Price?

In my opinion yes! I like unique experiences that you can’t replicate somewhere else and I’m a sucker for a gimmick. It can get pricy if you are paying for multiple family members.

I went with a friend and we were able to take our time and go where we wanted, when we wanted. That could be more of a challenge if you are bringing younger kids.

It took us a little over an hour to explore all of the rooms but felt like we were there for much longer. I really enjoyed exploring all of the rooms and the creativity of the artists to help transport visitors to another reality.

bar inside Otherworld

Can You Drink at Otherworld?

There is a full bar with both alcoholic and non alcoholic options at Otherworld.

Special Events at Otherworld

Otherworld has options for birthdays, corporate events, and field trips in addition to special events including concerts, dance parties, performance art, and arts + crafts classes.

room at Otherworld

Where to Follow Otherworld on Social Media

You can follow Otherworld on Facebook and Instagram.

outside Otherworld

Where is Otherworld Ohio Located?

Otherworld is located in the former Sports Authority store at 5819 Chantry Dr, Columbus, OH.

Tips for Visiting Otherworld in Columbus, OH

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