Pledge Your Love on the Purple People Bridge

The Newport Southbank Bridge known as the “Purple People Bridge” has now become an area where couples pledge and secure their love for each other forever by “locking up their love” with a lock on the bridge.

Purple people bridge locks

The tradition is really big in Europe and now visitors to the Greater Cincinnati area can join in on creating their own memories with their special someone.

Purple people bridge locks
Purple people bridge locks

I think it’s interesting to observe the different types of locks and messages inscribed on the locks.

Purple people bridge locks
Purple people bridge locks

The Purple People Bridge is a pedestrian bridge that connects Newport, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio with great views of the city.

Cincinnati Bridge

You can see the view of the Purple People Bridge from Newport on the Levee in the image above.

Purple people bridge locks5

The half mile bridge also provides easy access to the Newport on the Levee entertainment district and Cincinnati Park systems.


We haven’t added a lock yet … but it’s on my list.

Purple people bridge locks4

You can find out more about upcoming events and history at the Purple People Bridge Website. 

*** You can no longer attach locks to the Purple People Bridge.

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  1. You can no longer add locks to the bridge anymore anyway. This was written before they announced that they were removing them and not allowing anymore in the future.

  2. Stop! This damages the paint taxpayers must pay for, create a new way like planting a tree that will grow as your love will or has grown.

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