Reasons Why Sandusky Makes a Great Girlfriend Getaway

I joined several of my girlfriends from college on an unforgettable girlfriend getaway in Sandusky.

You might not think of Sandusky as a typical destination for a weekend away but we found so many ways to take our adventures to the extreme with a good mix of downtime in between.

The Shores and Islands region has so much to offer visitors.

Jet Express Ferry to Kelleys Island in Ohio

Take a Day Trip to Kelleys Island

My friend Melissa and I started our day trip with a visit to Kelleys Island that was a first-time visit/ adventure for both of us.

We rode the Jet Express ferry from downtown Sandusky that goes directly to Kelleys Island.

We checked out a golf cart and decided to stop for lunch. You can drive vehicles on the island but with the slower speed limits, it’s WAY more fun to explore in a golf cart.

golf cart rental at Kelleys Island in Ohio

I’m a firm believer in asking for advice from the locals when you visit a destination.

We were fortunate that the employee at Portside Marina took the time to show us all of the points of interest to help us make the most out of our visit to the island.

Village Pump restaurant at Kelleys Island

Lunch Stop at the Village Pump

Known for their Lake Erie Perch and Brandy Alexander (brandy, Creme de Cocoa, Heavy Cream and Nutmeg. What’s not to love on in that), the Village Pump was a stop recommended to us by several people.

We tried the perch and then later came back before we left the island to try the Brandy Alexander.

Signs at Kelleys Island

Other Points of Interests at Kelleys Island

A few other notable points of interest were Inscription Rock, with over 100 engravings from Indians on a limestone boulder, East Quarry trails for gorgeous scenic trails, Kelley’s Island Wine Company ( make sure that you check out the KI Cantina next door where we got the chips and queso), and if you like beer there is Kelleys Island Brewery.

Where to Dine by the Water

If you are looking for a scenic location to eat by the water try Dockers and for sunset try the West Bay Inn.

If you want to take a dip in the water visit Kelleys Island State Park.

Charles Herndon Galleries and Sculpture Garden on Kelleys Island

Visit the Charles Herndon Galleries and Sculpture Garden

A gem that you can’t miss during a visit to Kelleys Island is the 10-acre sculpture garden. When I find a combination of art and nature, I’m in my happy place.

When we arrived at the location we discovered the artist and founder relaxing with a book. He was gracious enough to pause his reading to show us around the property while answering my endless questions.

Charles Herndon Galleries and Sculpture Garden on Kelleys Island

Charles is pictured above with his favorite piece, “So far no farther.” The sculpture is special to him because he spent so many hours on it, “330” if I remember correctly.

He taught at The Columbus College of Art and Design for 34 years and his works in a variety of mediums have appeared in galleries all over the country. Seriously, go visit this place!

Glacial Grooves Geological Preserve on Kelleys Island in Ohio

Explore Glacial Grooves Geological Preserve

The Glacial Grooves were a big reason why I wanted to visit Kelleys Island.

They are the largest and most accessible in the world which are 400 feet long, 35 feet wide, and up to 10 feet deep, suggesting the tremendous power of the ice that formed them.

So, of course, I needed to see them for myself.

Glacial Grooves Geological Preserve on Kelleys Island in Ohio

There are several informational plaques located around the fencing. You cannot step on the actual grooves to help preserve them for future generations.

Extreme Adventures at Cedar Point Amusement Park

I attended and spoke at a session at Bloggy Con and one of the perks of attending the conference and staying onsite at Hotel Breakers was 5 tickets to Cedar Point on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday.

That meant 3 days of full-throttle fun!

On Friday night we went on all of the big thrill rides which included a sprint across the park through the scary section to make it to Maverick before the line closed at midnight.

Friday night is perfect for people who enjoy the scary stuff and Sunday is always a good day to visit the park because the lines tend to be shorter the later it gets in the day.

An Extreme Ride on the Slingshot

We even ended up going on the slingshot that takes you 350 ft in the air. (the launch takes place around 1:14 in the video)

YouTube video

The video package was definitely worth the price because the expressions on my friend’s face were priceless!

The experience was definitely scarier to watch than to actually experience. The ride was so smooth and peaceful providing incredible views of the water from the sky. I had tried a Slingshot in high school during spring break in Florida and this experience felt way more smooth!

Perks of Staying at Hotel Breakers in Ohio

Perks of Staying at Hotel Breakers

Staying onsite at Hotel Breakers is definitely the way to go because you can walk back and forth to Cedar Point depending on your schedule and interests.

Your parking is included and you also have a beach, indoor and outdoor pools, restaurants, and a large fire pit area perfect for large groups.

OH Taco in Sandusky Ohio

Explore Downtown Sandusky

Downtown in Sandusky is experiencing a revitalization thanks to many local businesses and restaurants that are dedicated to making Sandusky an all-year destination.

Enjoy a view of the water from the only rooftop bar in town at Moseley’s Public House located inside and above Hotel Kilbourne, Sandusky’s only boutique hotel.

We were also invited to preview some of the menu items from Ryan and Nikki Whaley’s newest business venture, OH Taco located adjacent to Moseley’s. 

OH Taco in Sandusky Ohio

Be on the lookout for their grand opening in October and make sure that you definitely order the Lobster Queso… and the Churros.. and the Salad…and of course the Tacos. Honestly, after trying a sampling of the menu, I don’t think you can go wrong with anything you order.

That night we tried the Lobster Queso, Black Beans, Walnut + Goat Cheese + Dates salad, Grilled Fish TacoCarnitas al Pastor Taco, Mezcal Chicken Taco, and Bavarian filled churros.

Craft Cocktail at Volstead Bar

Enjoy a Craft Cocktail at Volstead Bar

You will also want to make a special stop at Volstead Bar for handcrafted prohibition-style cocktails. I should also note that Volstead is a speakeasy that is intentionally discreet from street view.

Once the bar is at its capacity at around 24 seats, you will need to wait for a seat to be open in order to enter.

The green light above the window lets you know if there are seats available and if so, how many. The red light means that there is no seating available.  A handcrafted cocktail takes time so keep that in mind while you wait and say hello to our new friend Christopher who does a great job there.

Tour Sandusky by Segway

Tour Sandusky by Segway

Learn more about the history of downtown Sandusky on a 1 or 2-hour tour with Sandusky Segwaves. Your tour begins with hands-on safety training to make sure that you feel comfortable with the machine.

Next, you travel to points of interest throughout downtown Sandusky including a story about the boy and the boot.

Sandusky Segways guided tour

I’ve taken several Segways tours in various cities but this was my first one with an audio earpiece which really made a difference.

I was so impressed by our tour guide Jim who also happens to be the owner. He creates a fun and informative tour and he also has a big heart.

Each month he selects a local charity to donate to and he also donates his personal tips to a non-profit that helps give children with cleft palates surgeries for their smiles.

Relax and Play at Kalahari Indoor Waterpark

Relax and Play at Kalahari Indoor Waterpark

Our final overnight was at Kalahari Indoor Waterpark. You don’t need kids to have a good time here. You can relax in the wave pool, enjoy the 21 and up swim-up bar, or test out more of the waterslides.

In our case, we did all of the above. The most comical parts of our waterpark experience were surfing the Flowrider and the Tanzanian Twister that twists you into a funnel and then drops you several feet into a pool of water. I’d share the video but I’m a good friend.

Once in a blue moon e1506819374637

I’m so grateful for my weekend away with my girlfriends from college. Although we don’t see each other as often as we would like due to geography, we always seem to pick back up where we left off when we are back together.

Sharing adventures is one of my favorite things to do with the people that I care about and we got to cross off quite a few during our weekend in Sandusky from first visits to Kelley’s Island, first rides on thrill rides, slingshots, waterslides, and a Segway.

Thanks again to Shores and Islands for hosting a portion of our visit. 

Reasons Why Sandusky Makes a Great Girlfriend Getaway

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