Star Wars Themed Family Game Night

Star Wars Themed Family Game Night

Are you a big Star Wars fan?

The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens in theaters this December and we decided to have a fun Star Wars themed family game night to prep for it. I’m a big fan of interactive types of games for family game night and all of these passed the test.

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We started with the Star Wars Duels card game. It’s basically like War but with images of all of the Star Wars characters instead. My younger son really loved this game because he enjoys playing the card game War. He knew that the Ewoks were my favorite and he was quick to point them out while we playing the game.

Star Wars Duels

Star Wars Duels Game

Playing Star Wars Duels Game

Next, we battled it out in a Star Wars themed Nerf War. I haven’t participated in a lot of Nerf Wars but I honestly had a blast. First, I had to make sure that I knew how to operate my Stormtrooper Nerf Gun correctly. The tables turned pretty quickly after that.

Star Wars Nerf Gun

Nerf Gun

I took cover on the stair steps of my boys’ room and tried my best. I took several hits to the face but it was so much fun!

Nerf War


Star Wars themed Nerf war

You can never have too Nerf darts because you can and will lose them easily during battle. You will also want an extra stash by your side during a Nerf War.

Star Wars Nerf Gun in box Star Wars Nerf Bullets

We also tried our shooting skills on a target but I think shooting at each other was a little more fun.

Nerf Target

The last game that we played was Star Wars themed Catchphrase. We LOVE Catchphrase and the Star Wars themed one has awesome sounds affects as you play.

Catchphrase Star Wars

playing Catchphrase

Our family had a great time mixing up game night with a Star Wars theme. You can find a large selection of Star Wars themed toys from Kohl’s online here. 


Who is your favorite Star Wars Character?



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