Stumbling upon Creativity – A Visit to the Beerhorst Art Show Open House

Rick Beerhorst


My husband and I recently visited a holiday art show open house.  What made this experience inspiring and interesting was the family we met inside.  We found out about the event online and decided to check it out while we were already in the neighborhood.  My mom was an art teacher and artist so I have always enjoyed viewing the creative expressions of others.



We started out front with the really cool wagon that displayed prints and oil paintings inside.


Rick Beerhorst


Then we were greeted by the owner/ artist named Rick, who invited us into his home to view more of the artwork inside.  His house was the style of home my husband and I always seem to gravitate toward when we take walks exploring cool neighborhoods.  It had a lot of character, big rooms and history.

Rick Beerhorst


We talked with Rick for a while and then took in all of the amazing pieces around us.


Rick Beerhorst


He also told us we could check out his studio in the carriage house.  That was such a treat. As we walked through the backyard, we saw cages of chickens and rabbits.  We later found out that this family has an urban garden too.  I’m black thumbs, so I’m inspired by people who can produce their own food especially in a smaller urban setting.


Rick Beerhorst


Inside the carriage house studio was a breeding ground for creativity.


 Beerhorst Art Show Open House


Wood burning fireplace, vintage furniture, windows all over and supplies ready to be put to use.


Rick Beerhorst

Rick later joined us for more conversation and told us great stories of other artists and his various experiences living in other cities.  His family had lived in Chicago, where he had worked in high end art galleries.  They also had taken 3 years to plan, save and sell for their adventure in New York.  They Lived in New York for about a year.  I admire their commitment to step out of their comfort zone and take a leap of faith to fulfill their dream.

Rick Beerhorst

His family all shares in the creative gene pool in one way or another.  They have also participated in Art prize.  It’s always fun to meet interesting people, who make you feel like an old friend the first time you meet them or that you feel you would like to share a meal with.

We left that open house feeling inspired and appreciated the divine appointment of making a new friend that night.

Now my challenge to myself and to you is to seek to either appreciate or create.  I have the best intentions of wanting to take the time to create something but I struggle with taking the time for the execution of the ideas in my head.

I haven’t tried anything for a long time, so my friend and I are going find an idea from pinterest that we want to try together.  I LOVE pinterest but inspiration without application leads to my frustration.  I can begin to feel the ideas are another list of things I want to try but I haven’t, then begin to feel like I’m spectating other people who I wish I could be more like.

So whether it’s getting inspiration from cool stores like Anthropologie or IKEA, an art gallery, or taking pictures, writing something, making music or trying your hand at something crafty…..just schedule time to do it.  I’m writing this so that I will have to be accountable to you to live what I say and make time for it too;)

If you would like to see the works of Rick Beerhorst and family check out their website

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  1. Hey Nedra that was really interesting!! His stuff looks really cool, I love how you always make new friends too!!
    ps time for me to go finish a projected I started 🙂

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