Scaredy Cat Survival Tips for HalloWeekends at Cedar Point

I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to scary things. I realize that I’m supposed to be all about adventure.

Giant roller coasters… No problem! Haunted Houses…we have a problem!

So what do you do when you DON’T love scary things, but you LOVE scary rides????

I’m sharing scaredy cat survival tips to make the most of your visit to Cedar Point Amusement Park.




1. Pay Close Attention to the Cedar Point Haunt Map

Look for the locations of all of the Haunt Attractions (scary) and the Daytime Delights attractions (not scary) at the park.

There is plenty to do for either preference.

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2. Enjoy the Daylight Hours

It’s not as scary in the daylight and there are lots of family-friendly activities and parades.

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3. Check out all of the incredible detail in the decorations

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(I have one more VERY IMPORTANT tip for you at the end of this post)


So what if you are the opposite of me and…you LOVE scary things but DON’T love scary rides???


I have a few tips for that too

Remember that you only need 3-7 seconds of bravery

Sometimes this happens in increments, multiple times, on a ride. Think about it this way, the part that scares you will be over within 3-7 seconds.

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Think about Violet. She is 94 and rode Valravn in the front car

What’s your excuse?

Valravn 6jpg

Use this as an opportunity to face your fears

Each time that you conquer a fear, you are braver for the next challenge.

I LOVE thrill rides but I used to be super scared of them and didn’t really start riding roller coasters until 8th grade when my friend sat down in the car so that I couldn’t walk through the line.

(I would usually wait in line with friends and then walk through the line before they sat down to ride it)

I decided to be brave for a few seconds and discovered that it wasn’t so bad…. so I was braver for the next one.

* Roller Coaster Tips

*The older roller coasters give you more of a tickle-belly feeling (that feeling when your stomach feels like it moved up to your neck) and the newer coasters tend to be really smooth and make you feel more like you are flying.

The newer roller coasters are also easier on your joints. No chiropractor is needed afterward.


So I realize that I would sound hypocritical to tell you to face your fears on a thrill ride and then not challenge myself to go through the scary section….so I did … I sincerely apologize to the random employee walking next to me who I grabbed on to during the scary parts.

I documented the experience for you to enjoy because I’m okay with making fun of myself.

(My embarrassing video is in this article)

She later ditched me because …let’s be honest, she doesn’t get paid enough to have random adults clinging onto her. I was left by myself to get out of the Haunt section as I tried to avoid more scary characters.

So here is my final tip for my fellow scaredy cats

4. Purchase a “No BOO For You” necklace

This necklace acts like a monster forcefield repelling the scary people from approaching you…. or in my case….find some wonderful little girls wearing a “No Boo” necklace in the scary section and don’t leave their side until you are out of there.

THANK YOU, little girls!

You can find out more about HalloWeekend from the Cedar Point website.


Disclosure: I received discounted tickets while attending Bloggy Con. All opinions are my own. 

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Survival Tips for HalloWeekends at Cedar Point if you dont like scary things

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