How to survive in a Sports Fanatic Family when you are not a huge Sports Fan

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I’m outnumbered in my home. I’m the only girl in a house full of sports-loving boys which means that it’s ALWAYS sports season.

I’m also the only girl in a family of sports fans. Sports are the primary love language of my family and I don’t really speak it. I will go to a token game of a sport but I’m not passionate about sports the way my boys are. ESPN is where they get their news of the day. When I can combine going out to eat and sports, my family becomes my fan.
Can you relate?
Here are a few of my tips to survive in a sports fanatic family when you are not a huge sports fan.

1. Attend a token sports event with your family

I really don’t mind attending games once or twice a season. It’s variety and my family is always excited when I’m willing to go with them. Make the most of it and ask them to tell you the rules and to explain what’s going on. (they love that)

2. Find out the stories behind the sports

I’ve actually become more interested in an athlete once I heard their backstory. Ask your family who their favorite players are and what they admire about them.

3. Let your family share their excitement with you

This one can be hard for me. Sometimes I really don’t care about the latest stat….but my kids do. I have to remind myself that they aren’t always as passionate about the things that I enjoy either.

4. Create dialog of teachable moments when you talk about stories of athletes or sports teams that are in the press because of hot topics

I talk to my boys a lot about the power of social media. It can be used for a lot of positives that can include incredible opportunities and it can also strip someone of everything they have worked hard for when it’s used in a negative way.

There are also lots of teachable moments from the headlines to talk about what integrity looks like on AND off the field.

5. Watch a game or event WITH them

I don’t really like to spend my time that way but my family does notice if I’m not with them. Even if you are in the same room and working on something else, it means a lot when they sense you are near.

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6 Eat Sports Food Together

The food you eat a sporting event is part of the culture and the experience.

7 Take them out to eat at a sports bar/ restaurant.

This benefits you two-fold. You get out of cooking AND your family becomes your biggest fan!

There are screens in every direction so everyone is happy.

Kids of all ages love playing on the devices while waiting for their food.

Buffalo Wings and Rings6

My family sampled some of the new menu items at Buffalo Wings and Rings during a recent visit.

We tried the pretzel

BALLPARK PRETZEL BITES (Soft and airy deep-fried pretzel bites, served with a generous portion of queso dipping sauce topped with jalapeños and salsa)

Buffalo Wings and Rings8

We each have different favorites when it comes to wings.

I LOVE crazy hot spicy but I don’t like the mess of wings so I prefer boneless instead.  I wanted to mix it up and sample the JACK’D UP WINGS (Sweet meets heat. Five boneless wings hand tossed in sweet Thai chili and sea salt caramel. Topped with applewood-smoked bacon crumbles, black sesame seeds and scallions— garnished with caramel corn)

They were soooo good!

Buffalo Wings and Rings12

My boys each ordered a COKE® FLOAT (A generous scoop of vanilla ice cream in Coca-Cola®—topped with whipped cream and a cherry)

Buffalo Wings and Rings5

My husband and my older son ordered wings. The food at Wings and Rings is fresh not frozen which explains why it tastes so good.

Buffalo Wings and Rings16

Buffalo Wings and Rings17

Buffalo Wings and Rings20

My younger son opted for the boneless tenders and an order of onion rings.

Buffalo Wings and Rings13

Buffalo Wings and Rings14

After our meal, everyone in our family had a full belly and even a few take out boxes. We also had a great time watching the game and eating together at Buffalo Wings and Rings.

That was a move well played by mom.

What do you like to eat when you are watching the big game?

Buffalo Wings and Rings

You can find a Buffalo Wings and Rings near you here.

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