Thank you for sharing your voice with the myNKY Campaign

There has been such a great response to the myNKY campaign.  Thanks so much to all of you who participated by sharing what’s important for you to see in the future of Northern Kentucky.





There were over 11,000 individuals who shared their opinions about what is most important to them in their communities. The community engaged in the Poll Questions, Challenge Questions, the myNKY bubbles and the myNKY virtual investment game.


jonas mynky bubble

I love seeing people take ownership and pride in their community.  This campaign has helped members of the community share the areas they think Northern Kentucky needs to improve on to take it to the next level. That valuable feedback will help leadership make choices that reflect the voices of the community.


The myNKY campaign is moving into it’s next phase.

The myNKY community visioning outreach effort has selected the members of a leadership team that will help to create and lead the plan for the future of Northern Kentucky.


The 27 team members represent a variety of generations, geographies, organizations, industries, and beliefs to ensure the next vision for Northern Kentucky is as representative of the population’s wants and needs as possible. The team will be co-led by Sharmili Reddy, a senior planner with the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission and Geoff Mearns, President of Northern Kentucky University.


The members will be empowered to work with the community—both individuals and partner organizations—to craft the next strategic plan for Northern Kentucky. Over the course of the upcoming months the team will develop a partner-led working groups structure designed to ensure local expertise is properly tapped throughout the data gathering and idea generation phase of the community planning process.



You can stay up to date by following the myNKY campaign on social media.


Find out more about myNKY by visiting the official website at as well as the campaign’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  and Youtube.


Disclosure: Adventure Mom has been a proud Ambassador for myNKY throughout the campaign.


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