Tips for Visiting the Chocolate Trail in Richmond, Indiana

Chocolate lovers of all ages will love The Chocolate Trail in Richmond, IN. It has 15 stops offering free chocolate samples or gifts so it’s a great place for travelers with a sweet tooth.

During your road trip adventure, you can enjoy a sweet treat and also discover antique shops and other interesting bits of history.

Tips for Visiting the Chocolate Trail in Richmond, Indiana

Thanks again to Visit Richmond Indiana for hosting my visit.

The Chocolate Trail in Richmond Indiana

How Does the Chocolate Trail in Richmond, Indiana Work?

The chocolate trail takes you on an adventure in Richmond and Wayne County with stops at 15 local businesses featuring a chocolate theme in a variety of forms.

In order to receive FREE chocolate samples you must present a Chocolate Trail Passport and be present with your passport. (One sample per person, per passport. No passport, no free samples.)

The Old National Road Welcome Center Richmond Indiana

Where Can You get a Chocolate Trail Passport?

The Old National Road Welcome Center
5701 National Road E. (U.S. 40), Richmond, IN  47374

Monday – Saturday 8:30 am – 5 pm

If you don’t visit during operating hours there is a 24-hour information foyer with passports available inside.

You can pick up a Chocolate Trail Passport at The Old National Welcome Center. Obviously, this should be your first stop.

I always recommend visiting a welcome center when you visit a destination because the visitors bureau staff and volunteers are a wealth of knowledge.

They can help make suggestions for the best places to eat and activities that each of your family members will enjoy.

Olympian tile outside Sweet Blessings

Pro Tip -Strategize Your Stops on the Richmond Chocolate Trail in Richmond, Indiana

Realistically, you probably won’t tackle all the stops on the free chocolate trail in one visit… but you could have a fun time trying.

My friend and I visited most… but not all…which is probably good because some of the stops on the trail give you a VERY generous full portion size.

If you want to visit a lot of the stops on the Chocolate Trail during your visit I would recommend writing down the hours of each location and viewing them on the map.

Richmond’s Historic Depot District has a few stops on the Chocolate Trail that you can visit between shopping and visiting restaurants nearby like the Firehouse BBQ and Blues.

Chocolate Trail Map

Use this map of the Chocolate Trail to strategize your stops.

Downtown Richmond Indiana

Sample and Support Local Businesses

You can enjoy tasty treats AND support the local businesses you visit by purchasing additional items after you receive your complimentary sample.

I also love to learn what they are known for and the story behind their passion for their small town business. Many small businesses downtown also reside inside a historic building.

chocolate at Abbott's Candies

Chocolate and Sweet Stops on the Chocolate Trail Passport

Samples on the Chocolate Trail can include chocolate ice cream, chocolate candy, a cookie, a brownie, or even a non-chocolate (but chocolate-themed) gift.

entrance to Abbott's Candies

Abbott’s Candies

48 E Walnut St, Hagerstown, IN 

Established in 1890, Abbott’s Candies is the oldest candy shop in Indiana. Their chocolate gismos, chocolate cremes, and almond butter toffee are very popular.

Gismos at Abbott's Chocolates

Abbott’s Candies is most known for its handmade caramels that are shipped all over the United States.

vintage photos at Abbott's Candies

Visitors to Abbott’s Candies are welcome to watch candy making, during production hours, through the glass windows for viewing.

Tours of Abbott’s Candy Factory are available by appointment only for small to large groups.

chocolate trail passport at Fountain Acres

Fountain Acres

1140 Whitewater Rd, Fountain City, IN

This Amish Store has a little bit of everything. You’ll want to wander the aisles after you get your chocolate ice cream sample.

buggy tracks ice cream at Fountain Acres

“Buggy Tracks” is a fun flavor to try.

This Amish store carries fresh produce and pretty much anything you could find in a grocery store. I’ve been told that their deli sandwiches are wonderful in the summer too.

cinnamon swirl bread at Fountain Acres

I also recommend buying a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread to use for french toast when you get home.

chocolate ice cream at Ullery's Homemade Ice Cream

Ullery’s Homemade Ice Cream

168 Fort Wayne Ave, Richmond, IN

This ice cream shop is a fourth-generation family-run business that was started by the grandfather who would sell his ice cream at festivals and fairs. You can still find their ice cream sold at 20-25 Indiana and Ohio events each year.

Thankfully you don’t have to wait for a festival because you can visit their ice cream parlor in Richmond’s Depot District year-round.

Soaring scoop sampler at Ullery's Homemade Ice Cream

I highly recommend upgrading to the “Soaring Scoop Sampler,” which is an ice cream flight that allows you to try your choice of 4 different flavors in a small glass or homemade mini waffle cone bowl.

How cute are those mini waffle bowls??!!

compost cookie at The Bakery Richmond Indiana

The Bakery

817 E Main St, Richmond, IN 

If you want to try a unique cookie, the “Compost Cookie” at The Bakery is a must!

compost cookies at The Bakery Richmond IN

It’s made with potato chips, pretzels, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and white chocolate chips.

cookie and brownie at Sweet Blessings on the Chocolate trail

Sweet Blessings

625 E Main St, Richmond, IN

thumbprints at Bistro Bakery

After you try your chocolate sample, I would recommend trying one of their thumbprint cookies made the old-fashioned way in pecan, plain, or seasonal flavors.

There is a wide assortment of sweet treats including a variety of delicious-looking cookies and homemade coffee cakes. If you are working up an appetite for lunch, check out their bistro menu offerings.

Bismarck Donuts & Coffee

Bismarck Donuts & Coffee

1241 NW 5th St, Richmond, IN

rainbow and spiderman donut at Bismarck Donuts and Coffee

Bismarck Donuts has both the classic staple, like a glazed twist or fritter, along with creative donuts that the kids will love.

The sign outside also piqued our interest in the sausage rolls that are baked fresh daily too.

jalapeno sausage roll at Bismarck Donuts and Coffee

We ordered the jalapeño sausage roll and it was DELICIOUS! The sausage rolls come in both mild and spicy.

outside of Lisa's Cakes Richmond Indiana

Lisa Cakes

414 N 10th St, Richmond, IN

Lisa Cakes is located in a building where you visit multiple businesses all under one roof.

Brownies at Lisa's Cakes Richmond Indiana

I highly recommend trying the chocolate brownie with peanut butter frosting. It is so good!

Little Shebba's Richmond Indiana

Little Sheba’s Restaurant

175 Fort Wayne Ave, Richmond, IN

little brownie with a cherry at Little Shebba's Richmond Indiana

At Little Sheba’s restaurant, you get to try a child-size Sheba Signature Trail brownie.

Sheba Burger and homemade pasta salad

I would recommend planning for Little Sheba’s to be one of your lunch or dinner stops. You can’t go wrong with the Sheba burger and their house-made pasta salad.

fudge at Quiet Harmony Ranch

Chocolate Trail Stops Near the Indiana/ Ohio Border

Two of the locations are a short drive from the border of Indiana and Ohio.

elk at Quiet Harmony Ranch

Quiet Harmony Ranch

10684 Morrison-Mikesell Rd, New Paris, OH

At Quiet Harmony Ranch, you can enjoy a large piece of fudge, buy a toy elk in the gift shop, and admire the elk outside.

gift shop at Quiet Harmony Ranch

In the winter the gift shop is still open so make sure you check out the additional adventures that are available with the elk in the summer months.

Today’s Harvest

 5859 St, Rte 320, New Paris, OH 

Today’s Harvest is a short drive from Quiet Harmony Ranch offering samples of either a chocolate donut, chocolate iced donut, or ice cream with chocolate.

World's Largest Candle at Warm Glow Candle Outlet Store

Non-Chocolate Stops on the Chocolate Trail Passport

Warm Glow Candle Outlet

2131 N Centerville Rd, Centerville, IN

votive candle at Warm Glow Candle Outlet Store

Guests can browse the Warm Glow Candles and receive a free votive candle at the home of the largest candle.

candles at Warm Glow Candle Outlet Store

Throughout the store, you’ll find a large selection of hand-dipped candles in an assortment of colors and fragrances.

Nelsonville star bricks at the entrance to Warm glow Candle outlet

I was also happy to discover Nelsonville star bricks at the entrance of the Warm Glow Candle Outlet. I first learned about the unique bricks during a previous visit to Nelsonville, Ohio.

You can also find the bricks in front of a few stores in downtown Richmond.

senior opportunities craft shop

SOS Craft Shop

401 S. 4th St., Richmond, IN

“A busy senior is a healthy senior.” This shop helps give seniors a purpose and a way to earn additional income using their gifts and talents.

hand crafted gift on the chocolate trail at senior opportunities craft shop

Chocolate Trail patrons who visit the SOS craft shop will be treated to a special handmade gift created by a senior.

The craft shop sells handmade items created by local seniors who sell their items on consignment.

friend and Nedra McDaniel

A Few More Chocolate Trail Stops

We made it to most of the Chocolate Trail stops in 2.5 days in between stops at other area attractions. Here are a few more businesses on the Chocolate Trail that we’ll cross off during our next visit.

Building 125

125 W Main St, Cambridge City, IN

(Chocolate-covered cherries)

The Village Forager

624 E. Main Street, Centerville, IN

(One sample of Ghyslain chocolate or chocolate scent soap sample)

A.R. Winery

3564 Gordon-Landis Rd, Arcanum, OH

(Free sample of chocolate with their Blueberry wine)

Model T Ford Museum

Additional Things to Do in Richmond, Indiana

It’s a good idea to burn off some calories from the Richmond-Wayne County Chocolate Trail by walking around nearby attractions in between chocolate stops.

Richmond has a rich history of music, the arts, and automobiles. (Louis Armstrong, Hoagy Carmichael, and Duke Ellington all recorded music at Gennett Records in Richmond.)

You can visit historic sites, go shopping, or enjoy the outdoors.

Several of these attractions have a gift shop if you want to bring home a souvenir.

chocolate at Abbott's Candies

Save on Your Stay with a Chocolate Package

You can save on your stay while visiting the Chocolate Trail with getaway Chocolate Packages offered by local hotels, some of which have an indoor pool, cottages, cabins, and bed and breakfasts. You’ll find plenty of reasons to extend your day trip to an overnight stay!

Patrons of the Chocolate Packages receive an additional chocolate treat in addition to the free treat on the Chocolate Trail.

Are You Ready for a Chocolate Trail Adventure?

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