Top Things to Do at Devou Park in Covington

Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky is a beautiful park with scenic views of Cincinnati, Ohio, offering outdoor recreation and family-friendly fun.

I’m sharing more about the top things to do at Devou Park during a visit to the Cincinnati Metro.

Top Things to do at Devou Park in Covington
bench  at Devou Park Overlook

Enjoy One of the Best Views of Cincinnati at Devou Park Overlook

854 Park Ln, Covington, KY

For the best views of Cincinnati, Ohio you need to cross the Ohio River to the Kentucky side.

scenic overlook at Devou Park

There is plenty of free parking for the scenic overlook with additional parking available in an overflow lot within close proximity.

Scenic Overlook at Devou Park

This is a popular spot to pack a picnic, propose to a loved one, fly a kite, take family photos, or just relax.

sunset at the Overlook at Devou Park

Enjoy Golden Hour at Devou Park

Photographers will want to visit during the golden hour for beautiful pictures around sunrise and sunset.

Scenic Overlook at Devou Park

When is Golden Hour?

The golden hour is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset. It’s such a beautiful and peaceful time to observe the city from afar.

Drees Pavillion at Devou Park

Drees Pavillion in Devou Park For Weddings and Special Events

790 Park Ln, Covington, KY

Make a special event even more memorable with an incredible view of Cincinnati in the background.

Drees Pavillion at Devou Park

Drees Pavillion is located next to the Devou Park Overlook providing an incredible backdrop for wedding pictures.

Drees Pavillion at Devou Park

This is a very popular venue for obvious reasons, so plan ahead if you want to reserve it for a future event.

golf course at Devou Park

Play a Round of Golf at Devou Park Golf Course

1201 Park Dr, Covington, KY 

Devou Park has a beautiful public golf course that includes scenic views of the Cincinnati skyline.

Golf Course at Devou Park

The course is both picturesque and priced at an affordable price point.

Nature lovers will appreciate that Devou Park Golf Course is certified as a Cooperative Sanctuary by Audubon International.

golf course at Devou Park

As a Cooperative Sanctuary, the course is committed to protecting the local environment, conserving natural resources, and providing wildlife habitats.

Buzz Electric Bike 2

Devou Park Paved Walking and Bike Trails

Devou Park is the park that I walk and bike at the most. The paved trails are nice for both walking or biking for all ages and fitness levels.

walking path at Devou Park

If you want more of a challenge there are paths that you can take with steeper grade inclines.

Buzz Bicycle electric bike

I LOVE to ride my Buzz e-bike at Devou Park. With my pedal-assist as back up, I have no problem when I intentionally take on the big hills. I also secretly enjoy passing other riders going up the big hills in the park.

Devou Park Trails

My typical bike ride starts near the Golf Course Clubhouse and loops around by the Overlook, adding side streets to take me near Prisoners Lake and the museum.

biking at Devou Park

Where to Park at Devou Park for a Paved Bike Ride

I would recommend parking near the Golf Course Clubhouse or at the Scenic Overlook. There is also a small parking area near the Behringer-Crawford Museum.

bike rentals at Devou Park

Devou Park Bike Rentals at DevouCycle

1201 Park Drive, Covington, KY

If you don’t have a bike with you it’s not a problem because you can rent bikes at DevouCycle located at the Devou Golf Clubhouse.

Bike renter must be 18 years of age or with a parent/ guardian with a valid photo ID and credit card. Closed-toed shoes are also required. Covington residents receive 50% off rentals with valid ID.

It’s important to note that Devou Park closes at dark and the last rental is 1.5 hours before park closes.

tandem bike rentals at Devou Park

DevouCycle offers a variety of bikes for adults and children including road bikes and mountain bikes.

Additional rentals options at DevouCycle include:

  • Electric bikes
  • Recumbent bikes
  • Tandem bikes
  • Adaptive handcycles
  • Dutch bikes
  • Trailers
  • Children’s seats
  • Balance bikes
adaptive bike rentals at Devou Park

Devou Bikes at Devou Golf & Event Center has several different types of bike rentals that can be used or modified for all types of abilities and ages. 

adaptive bike rentals at Devou Park

I had the honor of joining Abby on her first bike ride in 6 years since her accident. Check out her blog “In The Waiting” to learn more about the adventures she is crossing off her list while inspiring other quadriplegics to do the same!

Mountain Biking Trails and Hiking trails at Devou Park

Devou Park Hiking Trails

You can choose your own adventure and hike or mountain bike on more than 8 miles of Backcountry trails in Devou Park.


The hiking trails are also used by the mountain bikers so be prepared to move over quickly if you hear a biker nearby.

mountain biker on the trail at Devou Park e1603239809835

Devou Park Mountain Bike Trails

If you are feeling extra adventurous check out the mountain bike trails at Devou Park. 

Mountain bike trail Devou Park

On dry days, the Backcountry Biking and hiking trails are no joke with steep grades and rocky terrain so make sure that you have a helmet when you ride.

Backcountry Trails at Devou Park in Covington Kentucky

Also, be on the lookout for occasional hikers who share the trails.

hiking trails in Devou Park

There are two different parking lots on opposite sides of Sleepy Hollow Rd. that lead to my favorite trails to hike.

train bridge at Devou Park

The Sleepy Hollow Montague Trail is one of my go-to hiking trails. I like the vantage point beneath the train bridge and the inclines are a great workout.

train bridge at Devou Park

The trails are closed immediately after heavy rain and you can check the trail conditions online.

The Ludlow Incinerator at Devou Park

If you are looking for a unique photo op while you are in the area, the abandoned Ludlow Incinerator is located near the Sleepy Hollow Montague Trail. The former garbage incinerator has graffiti on the walls and an eery vibe.

Devou Golf and Event Center

Enjoy Bites and Brews at Devou Golf & Event Center

1201 Park Dr, Covington, KY

After a long day on the golf course or the trails, you can treat yourself to a meal or drink at The Clubhouse at the Devou Golf Course Bar and Grill.

The Clubhouse at Devou Golf and Event Center

My favorite part about dining at the clubhouse is the scenic view of the golf course from the back patio.

view of golf course from The Clubhouse at Devou Golf and Event Center

The bar and grill is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers happy hour specials throughout the week.

burger at The Clubhouse at Devou Golf and Event Center

The menu is basic American fare and you can also grab a beer. There is also an event space here that is a nice alternative for special events and weddings.

Prisoner's Lake at Devou Park

Observe Wildlife or Go Fishing at Prisoner’s Lake

To find Prisoners Lake, follow Prisoners Lake Drive from the Wayne Road, Parkway Avenue, or Montague Road entrances.

You can fish at Prisoners Lake during regular park hours from dawn to dusk. A fishing license is required for ages 16 and up and no boating is allowed in the 3.8-acre lake. Be on the lookout for catfish, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, bluegill, and sunfish.

There is a picnic table if you want to pack a lunch and observe the wildlife. Prisoner’s Lake is located within close proximity to Behringer-Crawford Museum.

Why is it called “Prisoner’s Lake?”

The name “Prisoner’s Lake” is derived from back in 1916 when prisoners from a local jail who were transported to the quarry to crush stones. Many prisoners used this location as an opportunity to escape. In 1924 the quarry was transformed into the lake you see today.

picnic table at Devou Park  table at Devou Park Overlook

Enjoy a Picnic in the Park

Devou Park has several picnic areas located throughout the park. You can also enjoy a view of Cincinnati while you dine at a picnic table near the Overlook.

Additionally, there are several shelters and picnic tables with wooded views throughout the park.

Rotary Grove Memorial at Devou Park

Rotary Grove Memorial

Located near the Devou Park Band Shell, Rotary Grove Memorial is another popular spot for picnics, outdoor weddings, and family photo shoots.

playground Devou Park

Playground Areas at Devou Park

There are three playground areas at Devou Park.

playground at Devou Park

One playground is located near the Overlook and two others are on Montague Rd.

shelter near playground Devou Park

Each playground is located near a shelter and within proximity of a restroom.

Behringer-Crawford Museum

Learn and Play at the Behringer-Crawford Museum

1600 Montague Rd, Covington, KY

kid inside display at the kid inside display at the Behringer-Crawford Museum Museum

The Behringer-Crawford Museum focuses on natural history and regional history with hands-on displays. Kids will enjoy the miniature town and train displays and the train-themed walkways on the first floor.

play bridge at Behringer-Crawford Museum

They can also use their imagination and play on the Roebling bridge and steamboat display.

street car at Behringer-Crawford Museum

The last streetcar to run in Northern Kentucky is also on display on the ground floor of the museum.

two headed calf at Behringer-Crawford Museum

One of the most unusual displays at the museum is a two-headed calf. You can explore more of the museum online with a 3D Tour.

log cabin playlhouse at Nature play at the Behringer-Crawford Museum

NaturePlay @BCM

1600 Montague Rd, Covington, KY

Located next to the Behringer-Crawford Museum, NaturePlay is a FREE play area.

Nature play at the Behringer-Crawford Museum

NaturePlay is handicapped-accessible and the play space area is open from dawn to dusk each day with free parking.

gate to Nature play at the Behringer-Crawford Museum

Kids can use their imagination in a space that combines natural elements and play structures.

playground at Nature play at the Behringer-Crawford Museum

A few highlights of the area are the wooden replica of a flatboat, walkways embedded with animal tracks, a small log cabin, a cruise line swing, and mini trails.

yoga at Devou Park Band Shell

Concerts and Special Events at Devou Park Band Shell

1 Bandshell Blvd, Covington, KY

concert at Devou Park Band Shell

Devou Park Band Shell is a popular location for summer concerts, special events, and outdoor fitness classes.

Devou Park Band Shell

The Band Shell is also another area popular area for a picnic.

snowboarding at Devou Park Band Shell

Sledding in Devou Park

In the winter, the Devou Park Band Shell area is a very popular sledding hill destination.

sledding at Devou Park Band Shell

Parents with younger kids will want to stay close to help prevent collisions with other riders at the bottom of the bowl. Trust me, I speak from experience.

paved bike trail Devou Park

Which Adventure in Devou Park Are You Going to Try Next?

I’ve given you a lot of options, the hardest part will be deciding which adventures at Devou Park you want to try next.

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