How a Buzz E-Bike Can Bring More Adventure Into Your Life

I’m a firm believer in having something to look forward to every day.

I know that structure and routine are very important parts of growing up… and unfortunately, we can’t get out of “adulting” tasks just because we are a kid at heart.

…But I also need some spontaneous adventures every now and then to help me be a better human and I bet you do too. That’s where my e-bike comes in. 

Buzz Electric Bike 2

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When I find myself feeling stuck in a routine it’s typically because it’s safe, easier, predictable, or takes way less effort.

One of the ways that I love to mix things up is with a bike adventure.

This can be a local ride in my neighborhood or taking my bike to a new-to-me bike path. The important part is that I’m mixing things up by connecting with nature and getting some exercise. 

Nedra McDaniel riding a Buzz Bicycle electric bike

Take a Mini Escape

When I take my Buzz E-Bike out in my neighborhood it’s like a mini escape. 

I can explore different streets around my neighborhood and most importantly I break up my routine and give myself a mental time out from whatever life has thrown my way. 

I find that getting outside and disconnecting, even if it’s only for 30 minutes, makes such a difference for my mental health. 

After a bike ride, I feel refreshed and recharged and it makes it a lot easier to come back and tackle a task.

My face in the picture above pretty much captures how I feel on my bike. 

Fun and free! 

Buzz Electric Bicycle by Cincinnati

Mix Up Your Bike Routes

I go on bike rides when I feel the need for a little escape in my day. I work on my computer a lot and it can easily suck me in for hours, especially when I go down the social media rabbit trail. 

A simple way to mix things up in your day is by mixing up your bike routes. You probably have a route that you normally walk or bike in your neighborhood or local park.

Change things up and start your ride opposite of the way that you normally go and explore streets or paths that you normally don’t travel down. 

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Create Mini Adventures By Exploring Local Bike Paths

You don’t have to stick to just your neighborhood.

All you need is a few hours and a little planning to mix things up your biking adventures in your region. I love finding new-to-me bike paths to explore in our community or as a day trip destination.

Buzz Electric Bike near waterfall e1596291676626

It gives us an opportunity to explore a part of town that we aren’t as familiar with. I also like to reward our biking efforts with a local meal or sweet treat afterward. 

Buzz Bicycle electric bike at Mackinaw City

Add More Adventure to Your Vacation 

My husband and I brought our e-bikes on our vacation in Michigan. We would explore the scenic bike paths and downtown areas while our teenage boys would sleep in during the mornings. 

Buzz E Bike e1596291645948

It was the best of both worlds because we got to see more of the area and didn’t overwhelm our teenagers with a super-packed schedule.

I loved starting our day with exercise and exploration.

Biking is also something that we can continue to do together as we age because it’s easy on our joints. My husband actually enjoys going on bike rides together now that we have electric bikes. 

Buzz Bicycle electric bike

Explore Without Limits

What I love about my electric bike is that I don’t have to limit my trips based on miles or hills. 

Confession: I love passing regular cyclists while pedaling up large hills on my e-bike. I also live in a neighborhood that is ALL hills which can be challenging on a regular bike. 

I have the assistance on my Buzz E-Bike as a backup if I need it to power up the hills with ease when I turn on the pedal-assist in turbo mode.

Buzz E-bike going up a hill

My Buzz e-bike allows me to challenge myself on steep inclines that I might have done the “walk of shame” up otherwise.

I’m still pedaling and getting exercise either way, but it takes out the intimidation factor because I know that I have backup if I need it. 

I can feel free to wander and explore a little longer than I would on a regular bike without the risk of running out of energy. 

You can customize each bike ride based on your energy level and elevation.  

I try to keep my assist level low unless I’m on a big hill so that I’m still getting a great workout, but I’m still burning calories and helping my core/balance even if I’m at turbo the whole ride. 

The seat cushion for my Buzz E-bike is also really comfortable which makes a BIG difference when you go on a long ride. 

Buzz Bicycle electric bike

What I Bring On My Buzz E-Bike Rides

I LOVE that my Buzz E-Bike has a large basket in the front. I’m a “just in case” packer wherever I go.

When I go on rides I always bring a water bottle and my phone. In the front basket, I typically put a small backpack and a light jacket which has come in handy during unexpected rain showers during cooler temperatures. 

Bike rack for electric bikes

Get An E-Bike Trailer For More Flexibility 

If you want to travel beyond your neighborhood, you’ll want to get a special bike rack to give you the freedom to take your bike anywhere. 

My Buzz E-Bike weighs 57.3 pounds, so it’s important to choose a rack that can provide the proper support you need for an electric bike.

Electric bikes typically weigh more than regular bikes due to the battery and sturdiness of the frame. Our bike rack attaches to our trailer hitch and we can adjust the areas of the rack to the individual bike based on battery placement.

I love the flexibility to try out local bike trails in our region or on vacation. 

Buzz E-bike

Don’t Forget a Bike Lock!

If you plan on making multiple stops, I would highly recommend purchasing a bike lock. 

The battery compartment for the Buzz E-Bike locks with a key or you can remove the battery and bring it with you if that makes you feel more comfortable. 

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A Buzz E-Bike Review

Here is a little more about why a Buzz E-Bike is an affordable option for a Mid-Drive electric bike.

YouTube video

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How a Buzz E-Bike Can Bring More Adventure Into Your Life

2 thoughts on “How a Buzz E-Bike Can Bring More Adventure Into Your Life”

  1. Hi Lisa,

    E-bikes are easier to find than traditional bikes right now. You can safely control and adjust your speed while you are riding to your comfort level. I would say the concerns are more for someone who tries to “test” the limits with speed.

  2. Hi Nedra,
    I loved your headline. I started riding my 30 year old bike again since being home more. I had torn a tendon and used to walk a lot but my ortho doctor told me to ride a bike instead. I’m loving it. My husband would consider an electric bike. I hear they are hard to find now with everyone buying them. I also read about safety concerns? Is that only because some go too fast on them?
    You are so right about having something to look forward to by going for bike rides, so nice to get out in nature and feel like a kid again!

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