Ways to Beat the Heat at Kings Island This Summer

Cincinnati, Ohio can get HOT and HUMID in the summer. Warm weather doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on an awesome adventure.

I’m sharing tips and tricks to beat the heat during your next visit to Kings Island Amusement Park.

Ways to Beat the Heat at Kings Island this Summer

I’m a Kings Island Ambassador which means that I share my love for the park and enjoy perks and behind-the-scenes access. This article contains affiliate links.

Soak City Waterpark at Kings Island

Cool Off at Soak City Waterpark

Soak City waterpark is the perfect place to be on a hot summer day during a visit to Kings Island.

One of the perks of your admission ticket to Kings Island is that it includes Soak City at no additional cost. You can enjoy a relaxing swim in one of the wave pools or relax on a tube at “Splash River,” the lazy river.

There are waterslides for every comfort zone, ranging from family-friendly to thrill seeker. If you have smaller kids there are kid-friendly sections in the waterpark with shallow depths, slides, and water playgrounds.

We spent MANY summers near the Lookout Lagoon water playground with a large pirate ship when our kids were little.

aerial view of Kings Island

Go On a Water Ride at Kings Island

If you want to cool off with a splash, there are several water rides throughout the amusement park that can make it happen.

Windseeker at Kings Island

Feel the Breeze From Above on Windseeker

If you like rides that let you feel the wind through your hair, Windseeker, a giant swing ride, tends to have a relatively short wait time because it can hold a lot of riders.

Once you reach the top of the ride, you will definitely feel the wind! Windseeker rotates around in the air at a peak of 30 stories high.

giant misting fan at Kings Island

Be on the Lookout for Giant Misting Fans

There are plenty of giant misting fans located throughout the park.

The misting fans help guests cool off quickly as they walk by or pass by them while they wait in line for a popular ride. The water from the fans is the perfect amount of midst to help you feel refreshed on a warm day.

Boo Blasters on Boo Hill at Kings Island

Take a Break From the Heat on an Indoor Ride

There are several indoor rides in the air conditioning for you to enjoy for all ages and thrill levels.

  • Flight of Fear indoor roller coaster
  • Boo Blasters on Boo Hill – family-friendly laser gun ride
drink station at Kings Island

Stay Hydrated and Save With a Souvenir Bottle

You don’t want to get dehydrated on a hot day during your visit to the park. A Kings Island Souvenir Bottle will help ensure that you are staying hydrated throughout the day. I personally prefer the flavored Vitamin water or using the cup for ice water during our visits on really warm days.

There are drink stations located throughout the park to help you stay hydrated.

For the best value on drinks all season, I would recommend the All Season Drink Refills Plan. The All-Season Drink Refills Plan allows you to drink all day long with 15-minute intervals in between refills.

*There is no excuse to get dehydrated because guests can also ask for a courtesy cup of water at each of the stations.

alcoholic drink at Soak City Waterpark

Where to Grab a Cold Alcoholic Drink or Brew at Kings Island

If you are looking for a cold brew or speciality adult beverage checkout the following places in Kings Island:

  • Coconut Cove Bar (Soak City)
  • Bier Garten
  • Festhaus
  • Miami River Brewhouse
Festhaus at Kings Island

Dine Indoors in the Air Conditioning

The following restaurants at Kings Island offer indoor dining with seating:

  • Miami River Brewhouse
  • Festhaus: includes Panda Express, LaRosa’s Pizzeria, chicken tenders, burgers, and more
  • Skyline Chili- International Street location
  • Starbucks
Family Care Center at Kings Island Amusement Park

Rest With Kids at the Family Care Center

I first learned about the Family Care Center when I wrote an article about visiting Kings Island with a special needs guest.

The Family Care Center is a great resource available for families visiting with young kids, nursing moms, guests with special needs, or elderly guests.

Located in the Planet Snoopy Area of the park, the Family Care Center has the following:

  • Dining table with high chairs
  • Refrigerator for guests to keep special dietary food or drinks (register those at Guest Services)
  • Chairs with privacy curtains for nursing mothers or guests who need to rest
  • An area for younger kids to watch tv or color
  • This is also a great place for guests who are affected by the heat
Blue ice cream with sprinkles at Kings Island

Cool Treats at Kings Island

In my opinion, no visit to the park is complete without a famous blue ice cream cone with sprinkles at Planet Snoopy Ice Cream. Each season I try to get this nostalgic treat of my childhood at least once.

You can find cold treats at the following locations at Kings Island:

  • Planet Snoopy Ice Cream
  • Ice Scream Zone
  • Calypso Coolers (fresh fruit smoothies)
  • Graeter’s Ice Cream
  • ICEE Mix it Up
  • Jukebox Diner – Extreme Milkshakes!
  • Ralph’s Ice Cream
  • Snoopy Snow Cone
  • Starbucks
shops on International Street at Kings Island

Shop for the Perfect Souvenir

Take a break from the heat and cool off inside the air-conditioned shops along International Street along both sides of the fountain. You’ll find an assortment of souvenirs, t-shirts, and Kings Island branded swag.

There is even a new store near the entrance of the park that exclusively sells a variety of Squishmallow plush toys in a variety of sizes and price points. (The Squishmallow store is very popular and can have lines so plan accordingly.)

scenic garden area at Kings Island

Seek Out the Shade

There are trees and canopies throughout the park providing shade. Many of the restaurants with outdoor dining are covered to help keep you out of the elements while you dine.

There is a beautiful garden area near the carousel and the Eiffel Tower with several benches under trees if you are looking for a scenic area.

Kings Island Eiffel Tower at night

Arrive at Kings Island Later in the Day

Arrive after 4pm and stay until the park closes for lower temperatures after the sun goes down.

A perk of being a Gold Season Pass holder is that you can visit the park in shorter increments of time.

You can visit Kings Island for a few hours and always have the option to come back another day. I love not having the pressure to try to cram everything in one day.

family walking at Kings Island

What to Wear to Kings Island on a Hot and Humid Day

Here are some practical tips for what to wear on a hot day:

  • On a hot, humid day, it’s best to avoid cotton.
  • Athletic style/dri fit/ wicking/ looser clothing helps dry quicker and keep the moisture away.
  • Typically the lighter the fabric, the quicker it drys.
  • Shirts with vents or mesh can also aid with airflow.
  • Wear light colors to help reflect the sun vs. absorb the sun’s rays. Try to avoid wearing black if possible.
  • UPF clothing can help provide additional protection from ultraviolet rays.
  • Wear a lightweight hat with mesh for airflow and to protect your face on a sunny day.
  • Wear a water-activated cooling neck gaiter that cools down instantly when water is added.
  • Keep your swimsuit on underneath your clothes if you plan on riding water rides in the main area of the park.
  • Hiking sandals with straps/water sandals can help keep your feet feel comfortable, cool, and stay secure during rides in the main park or waterpark.
  • Sunscreen! Make sure that you reapply sunscreen multiple times during your visit to the park, especially if you are spending the majority of your time at the waterpark.
Soak City Waterpark at Kings Island

Save on Tickets to Kings Island

You can save on tickets to Kings Island Amusement Park here.

Where is Your Favorite Place to Go at Kings Island on a Hot and Humid Day?

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