Ways to Save on Your Final Visits to Kings Island This Season

You still have time to enjoy a few more visits to Kings Island before the season ends.

I’m sharing tips to help you stretch your budget and make the most out of your final visits to Tricks and Treats Fall Fest at Kings Island.

This article is brought to you in partnership with Kings Island. As a Kings Island Ambassador, I love sharing insider tips to help you make the most of your visit to the park. This article contains affiliate links.

Take Advantage of Gold & Platinum Passholder Bring-A-Friend Discounts

Gold and Platinum Season Passholders can share the fun with their friends and family with Special Bring-A-Friend discounts on daily admission tickets for the remaining operating dates in the 2022 season.

That’s right, special Bring-A-Friend discounts are available for both Saturday AND Sunday each weekend for the remainder of the 2022 season.

*Discounts are valid for up to four (4) friends for $24.99 each per Season Passholder per day, and can only be purchased online.

Tricks or Treats Tasting Card Venue at Kings Island

Save With the Tricks and Treats Bundle

For the best value this fall, you may want to consider the Tricks and Treats Bundle.

The Bundle includes Admission to Kings Island, parking, and a Tricks And Treats Tasting Card. Enjoy a choice of 3 tastings from the Tricks And Treats menu.

Kings Island Tricks and Treats Fall Fest Food Tasting Card

Tasting Card Tips

In general, you’ll experience shorter lines the earlier in the day that you use your Tasting Card samples. More people tend to try to complete their tasting cards right before the park closes, creating longer lines.

funnel cakes for Fall Fest Tricks and Treats Tasting menu items at Kings Island

The funnel cake samples are very popular in the evening so plan accordingly or try them earlier in the day.

Once you activate your Tasting Card the samples can only be redeemed on that day. So basically you use it or lose it. If you purchase multiple Tasting Cards, start on one card and work your way through it. If you have an unused Tasting Card you can use it for your next visit during this season.

Fall Fest Tricks and Treats Tasting menu items at Kings Island

A few of our favorite Tasting Cards samples so far were:

  • Dragon’s Breath Wings at the Chicken Shack,
  • The Ghost Rider at Coney Bar-B-Que
  • El Diablo Cupcake at the Sweet Spot

The 3-Tasting Cards are part of the Tasting Card Bundle or you can purchase a 6-Tasting Card for $30. For an additional $15+, you can upgrade your 3-item Food Tasting Card at any of the 11 locations in the park.

Everybody wins game at Tricks and Treats Fall Fest at Kings Island

Play an “Everybody Wins” Game

Planet Snoopy has several “everybody wins” games for a great price point under $5.

Everybody wins at Tricks and Treats Fall Fest at Kings Island

Go here if your child gets really excited about games and you want to guarantee that they win something.

Kings Island t shirt Island t shirt

Budget-friendly Shops for Kings Island Souvenirs

There are two budget-friendly shops in the park for Kings Island themed souvenirs.

Coney Confections has a large selection and assortment of deals. If you are looking for a Kings Island souvenir t-shirt, stop at the Kings Island Trading Company on International Street. T-shirts start as low as $12.

Eiffel Tower Kings Island

Consider Turning Your Visit into An Experience Gift for Next Year

This year has been a GREAT opportunity to save on a Season Pass, All Season Dining Plan, and All Season Drink Plan. Season Passes and All Season Drink and Dining plans are good for both the 2020 AND the 2021 season.

I LOVE the All Season Dining plan!!! I firmly believe that the All Season Dining Plan pays for itself. This is especially true if you don’t enjoy planning ahead, cooking, or if you have teenagers.

Experience gifts give your loved ones something to look forward to next year. You can also look forward to spending quality time making memories together.

Save on Admission to Kings Island

You can save on general admission tickets to Kings Island here.

Ways to Save on Your Final Visits to Kings Island This Season

Are You Ready For Your Next Kings Island Adventure?

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