Why You Need to Check Out Condado Taco When You Visit The Banks

When you’re in downtown Cincinnati, there are lots of incredible dining options to choose from.

If you’re attending a Cincinnati Reds game or watching the Cincinnati Bengals play, you now have a great build-your-own taco restaurant to add to your list.

I’m sharing more about why I think that it’s worth checking out. 

Build your own taco at Condado Tacos

You Can Build Your Own Taco

This is a very different experience than a Chipotle-style restaurant. You still have table service and you are given a pad and pencil where you can choose all of the details of your dream taco.

If you have picky eaters with you, this gives you the ability to make EVERYONE happy. You choose your shell, protein, and toppings from an assortment of options.

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Suggested Options

If too many options overwhelm you, you might have better luck starting with the specialty tacos and modifying from there. 

A few of my recommendations are the dirty queso, Surf n’ Turf taco, and Charlie Hustle on the side.

Margaritas at Condado Taco

Great Margaritas

I tried the muddled jalapeno and my husband tried the peach. Other flavor options are Banana, Blackberry, Blood Orange Mango, Pomegranate, and Strawberry.

They even offer mini margarita flights if you are having a hard time deciding.

Condado Tacos at the Banks in Cincinnati

Affordable Prices

Given the location, you might expect to overpay for a taco. That is not the case here.

The prices are very reasonable which makes Condado Taco a great option for families enjoying a game or visiting Smale Park.

Plenty of Seating

With a prime location across the street from Great American Ball Park, the restaurant has lots of seating which means shorter wait times even during the prime times.

Art at Condado Taco

You’re Surrounded By Incredible Art

Street art always makes me happy, so I was really happy to discover such colorful murals covering every wall which makes for an even more vibrant environment.

Condado Taco

Perfect for Taco Snobs

My husband has basically a 5 point sermon on the different types of taco establishments.

Here are his thoughts on our visit that he shared on his personal Facebook page when we got home after our first visit.

“I give it my 100% taco endorsement. I am a taco aficionado and I have a high standard. I ordered one with Chorizo, cilantro & onion, tomatoes, Smoked Cheddar, and Cilantro/ Lime Aioli on their Firecracker Tortilla, absolutely amazing! My next taco was Beef Brisket, Shrimp Ceviche, Cilantro & Onions, Chihuahua cheese, Salsa Verde, and Chipotle Crema on a flour tortilla, wow, so good. I have to say, in the new-age taco category, this is my new favorite in Cincinnati. Give it a try next time you are at The Banks!”

(He also had incredible smoky refried beans with his order that I kept on sneaking bites of)

Condado Tacos on the Banks in Cincinnati

You can find out more about Condado Tacos from their website.

Thanks again to Condado Tacos for hosting our visit during their media preview. All opinions are my own.

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