10 Outdoor Adventures for Families to Do This Summer

10 Outdoor Adventures for Families to Do This Summer

Are you ready to create memories with your family this summer?

Don’t let summer pass by without experiencing these 10 outdoor adventures. 

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camping in a tent

1. Go Camping

Connect with the great outdoors on a family camping trip. Sleep under the stars in a tent, bring your own camper, rent an RV, or go glamping in a treehouse. 

You can stay close to home by camping in your own backyard or find a local campground or travel to a National park. 

drive in movie theater

2. Watch a Movie at the Drive-In

No summer is complete without a visit to the drive-in movie theater. Be prepared to stay up late, especially if you plan on watching a double feature. Find a local drive-in near you and fill your vehicle with family and friends. 

Check out these hacks and drive-in theater tips before you go. 

Crossnet Game 4 square volleyball net

3. Play Backyard Games

One of our favorite outdoor games is Crossnet ( a fusion of volleyball and four square). We’ve played Crossnet at family gatherings with family members as young as 3 and as old as 70+ and had a blast!

A few more outdoor games that we love to play are cornhole or bean bag toss depending on where you are from, giant Jenga, Foxtail Splash so that you can also toss it in the water. 

If you are feeling extra spontaneous you could scratch off an adventure from the family edition of The Adventure Challenge Book.

Want a make a GIANT slip n’ slide?

All you need for a DIY Backyard Slip n Slide is a giant tarp, a hose ideally with a sprinkler, and dish soap for hours of fun. 

beach by the lake

4. Spend the day at the Beach

A day at the beach could be a day at the ocean or a day at a beach by a lake. Either way, you are going to have a great time swimming and enjoying the day in the sun.

Make the day even better by renting a boat or watercraft or bringing your own inflatable kayak or inflatable SUP. 

community bike ride

5. Go Biking 

Take your bikes on a local bike trail or bring your bikes on vacation and explore the area. Biking is a great activity that the whole family can enjoy.

If you need a bike, take advantage of my discount on Huffy e-bikes and Buzz Bicycles.

waterfall in Great Smoky Mountains

6. Take a Hike

Hiking is a such great way to connect with nature.  You can go on a “new to you” local hike or find a scenic hike during a vacation.

Do a little research before and find a hike that works with your ages. If you want an incentive for your kids, hikes with waterfalls that you can play in definitely make the hike more exciting. 

One of our favorite hiking destinations with waterfalls was in Asheville, NC. For more hiking tips, check out my interview with Tammy York.

fishing at Cliffview Resort

7. Go Fishing

Fishing is an activity that we talk about doing a lot, that we have to be very intentional to actually experience. The conversations and the act of slowing down are almost as important as the “big catch.” 

If you need supplies for your next fishing trip check out the fishing starter kit for adults.

exploring a creek

8. Explore a Creek

The best part about exploring a creek is allowing the adventure to unfold as you go. Be curious and look for insects near the creek or discover your favorite wildflower or wildlife nearby.

Skip stones and blaze a trail on the stones in the creekbed and don’t forget your water shoes!

stargazing in New Mexico

9. Stargaze

For the best stargazing, visit an International Dark Sky Park. 

If you don’t know much about astronomy the SkyView Lite app is really helpful. The app allows users to point their device to the sky and it instantly identifies stars, constellations, and satellites.  You can even get notifications for upcoming stargazing events on the app.

One of my favorite nights of stargazing was during a visit to New Mexico. 

roasting marshmallows on a campfire

10. Make S’mores on a Campfire at Home

Experience a summer tradition in the comfort of your backyard with a bonfire. No campfire is complete without roasting a S’more.

Want to mix things up?

Try one of these creative S’more recipes. 

Which adventure are you ready to cross off your Summer Bucket List next?

10 Outdoor Adventures for Families to Do This Summer

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10 Outdoor Adventures for Families to Do This Summer


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