7 Things Our Family Enjoys at a Reds Game

I’ve watched the Cincinnati Reds play baseball ever since I was a little kid.

I have such great memories of attending games with friends and family over the years.

Now that I’m older, I really enjoy making memories with my boys each season.

Fun Zone

The Great American Ballpark is extremely kid-friendly which makes an experience at a ballgame more enjoyable.

Let’s talk about the features that are great for families.

Catch a ball

1. An Incredible Kids Area

Let’s be honest, most kids have a short attention span which is why these features are a welcome sight.

My boys LOVE playing on the whiffle ball field EVERY time that we go to a game. Kids take turns batting and catching. You might even see one of the mascots out while you are there.

Family fun Cincinnati Reds game

Speaking of Mascots, the Cincinnati Reds have 4 mascots! Mr. Red (original baseball head), Gapper (furry creature), Mr. Redlegs (mustache baseball head) and Rosie Red (female baseball head).

In addition to the whiffle ball field, there is a Playground and a cool slide that takes you down to the batting cages.

Ballpark Dollar Menu

2. Dollar Menu

Yes, you heard that right, there is a dollar menu at the ballpark! There is only one concession stand in the ballpark that serves a limited number of menu items for a dollar.

The lines tend to be a bit longer than your average concession but you can’t beat getting a hot dog and a drink for $1 each.

The stand is located behind sections 433/533 and it’s on the same side as the kid’s play area, you just have to go up several flights of stairs.

Dollar Hot Dog at Reds Game

3. You can bring your own snacks and drinks

For large families, this is a HUGE cost saver. Another way to save some money is to purchase your peanuts and candy at the grocery store before coming to the ballpark.

You can bring in soft drinks and bottled water as long as the safety seal has not been broken. Coolers must be soft-sided and can’t exceed the 16″ x 16″ x 8″ Major League Baseball size requirement.

Reds Head Kids Club

4. Reds Heads Kids Club Discounts

We have purchased the Kids Club membership several years in a row. The value of what you get in discounts, merchandise, free game tickets are worth more than the price that you pay.

They have now extended the ages of the Kids Club to offer incentives for older teenagers too. You can sign up at the Reds Heads Clubhouse in the Kroger Fan Zone or online.

Friday Night Fireworks 3

5. Fireworks Friday

Enjoy a game and fireworks show each home game during the summer. In Cincinnati, we LOVE fireworks!

Regardless of the outcome of a game, the fireworks never disappoint.

Friday Night Fireworks

6. Access to players if you come early

Reds players sign autographs 45 minutes prior to a game along the railing between sections 111-113 and 133-135 or until the end of batting practice which begins two hours before a home game.

Gumbo Tron

7. You Get a Chance to Become Jumbotron Famous 

If you have some great dance moves, your jumbotron dreams could come true.

It’s fun to share a baseball game together with family and friends…even if they cheer for the wrong team.

Cincinnati Reds e1465350963233

You can find prices and schedules for upcoming games from the Cincinnati Reds website.

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