Horses who help heal

horses who help heal


I’ve always been a bit nervous around horses.  Maybe that’s because one tried to buck me off on a trail ride with my family in Wyoming or maybe because every time my husband and I have gone horsebackriding, I seem to get the horse who does not want to stay on the trail and does not like people.  I now ask specifically for horses that are named “Daisy Mae” or ” Barely Breathing'”

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What’s new at John Ball Zoo

What's new at John Ball Zoo

We took an early morning tour to see some of the new changes at John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids,MI.

The zoo has expanded it’s size by 50% and is currently in the mist of a 3 year plan to add new funicular, forest realm trail, bear and tiger exhibits.













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Fly Fishing Adventure


Fly fishing adventure Cover 2

One of the perks of having friends with diverse interest is when you get to share one of their dream adventures. I recently joined my friend on an 8 hour guided fly fishing trip. This experience was WAY out of my comfort zone. My friend and I both operate from different sides of appreciating nature.

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Driving a Dog Sled


Driving a dog sled

Dog sledding has been on my bucket list for awhile.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get to drive a dog sled.  I was so excited when we met Terry and he invited us to his home to try driving a dog sled.  We met him while he was giving demos for family Winterfest event at an outdoor nature preserve.

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