Why you should check out the Dillard’s Clearance Center

Why you should check out the Dillard's Clearance Store Center

The first time I heard about the Dillard’s Clearance Store was ironically from a news anchor who had moved to the area from Atlanta. He told me that he always got incredible deals on high quality shirts. His wife and kids also found great deals there too.

I’m usually pretty loyal to the Gap Clearance Center in Hebron but the Dillard’s Clearance Center could be a close second or eventual tie.

A year and a half later I finally let my curiosity win.

Dillard's Clearance Center

The Clearance Store is basically a former Dillard’s department store dedicated to only clearance items which means that  you have two floors full of deals. Women will find the most options for clothes and shoes but Men still have a decent sized section too.

Dillard's Clearance Center

During my visit I found formal dresses for $9.99 than they were reduced even more with another sale on top of that to make them $1.99!!!! Less than the cost of a value meal for a formal dress!

I immediately thought that I should share the deal so that people could help restock Cinderella’s Closet in a budget friendly way. I also thought that if I was going to share that information I should also lead by example and buy some dresses for the cause.

dresses from Dillard's Clearance Store 2

dresses from Dillard's Clearance Store

It was pretty fun for me to pick out dresses because I don’t have any girls to shop for.

Dillard's Clearance Center

Dillard's Clearance Center

The shoe area for women is also WAY larger than the shoe area for Men and kids. I saw shoes with an additional savings on sale as low as $4.99!

Dillard's Clearance Center

Women will definitely find the most options but there is still something for everyone.

Dillard's Clearance Center

Dillard's Clearance Center

All Sales Are Final so make sure that you choose your purchases wisely.

Dillard's Clearance Center

The Dillard’s Clearance Center is a great place to find a deal on high quality clothing. Allow for plenty of time to check out the two floors of deals.

The store has weekly sales that you can check out on the website before you visit. 

Go to Dillard.com website

In the Search Box type store Locator

Click on View all Results

Click OH on the US Map

Look for Upcoming event at West Town Center.


Just click on this link. 

The Dillard’s Clearance Store is located at 6290 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, OH.

  • Phone: (513)244-3489



  1. Bob says

    Is there a listing of nationwide Dillard clearance store locations? I found the one in West Palm Beach and it was great, but I’m living in DC now, and was hoping there was one within driving distance of here.

    I tried searching their website but couldn’t find them.

      • LeeAnn Mitchell says

        Use the store locator on the Dillard’s website to find Dillard’s close to you. The clearance centers are marked as such. Another clue is the clearance centers have more limited hours than a regular Dillard’s store.

    • Nedra McDaniel says

      Christy- I don’t remember but I did see a kids section. It wouldn’t hurt to call. I got almost all of my clothes at the Gap clearance center when I was pregnant.

  2. Tracy says

    Have u ever been to the east gate store? I was just there and items were out of place. I like to dig through but it was bad. They just have the one floor there. There was a lot to choose from in the juniors section. So many dresses and they had buy 1 get two free deal. Bathing suits forget it as they weren’t any cheaper than August of 2015 which was 65%off. And nothing matches unless a person would need like xs bottom and XL top lol. Mens sections are small. The store is very dark in terms of lighting. Apparently there was a center at tri county but it closed.

    • Amy says

      Hi Tracy, have you been back to this Dillilards since last year? I wonder if it is still in such bad disaray ?
      I am trying to decide between driving to Eastgate or Western Hills tomorrow…. lol


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