13 Reasons Why You Need to Try Curling Now

I’ve tried the Olympics sport of curling several times during a “Learn to Curl” class.

Each time I LOVED it!

Why you ask?I’ve experienced the class in two different cities, in two different states, but the curling community was very similar at each venue.

Here are a few reasons why I loved it and why I think that you should check it out too.

couple at an intro to curling session with Cincinnati Curling Club

1. It’s an Olympic Sport that you can start later in life

Many curling Olympians started at an older age. If you develop your curling skills, you still might have a chance to make your Olympic dreams come true…or at least enter the Senior Olympics.

There are also other levels of competition available for all ages if your passion for the sport grows.

2. You don’t need to bring any equipment when you take a “Learn to Curl” class

I do highly recommend wearing stretchy pants.

Trust me on that one!

lunging during an intro to curling session with Cincinnati Curling Club

3. You can finally put those yoga lunges to use

Curling lets you practice your lunge skills.

4.They allow drinks on the ice

This is useful information in case anyone you are inviting is on the fence.

drink holder at Cincinnati Curling Club

5. Curling is a very social sport

The relaxed atmosphere reminds me of a friendly game of shuffleboard or bowling….. only it’s more aerobic.

Learn to curl group pic at Cincinnati Curling Club

6. You can make new friends or bring your friends

Either way, you’ll have a good time.

7. The “Learn to Curl” intro classes are a really affordable way to give you a taste of what curling is like

They are usually $10-15 and help you learn the basics enough to enjoy your experience.

Learn to curl session with Cincinnati Curling Club

8. You can find out what the terms rock, front of the house, and hogged rock mean

You might even participate in a broomstack.

date night for learn to curl class with Cincinnati Curling Club

9. It’s a great way to mix up date night

Sometimes you just need to switch up the routine.

10. You burn calories while you curl

Unfortunately, you might drink as many calories on the ice as you burn, so you might just call it a draw.

Either way, at least you were moving.

sweepers in action learn to curl session

11. It’s probably the only time you will sweep for fun


12. It’s a sport that you can enjoy for a long time

curling rocks at Cincinnati Curling Club

13. It’s just FUN!

Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself!

You can find a curling club near you here.

My husband and I enjoyed positive experiences at both the Kalamazoo Curling Club and the Cincinnati Curling Club.


13 Reasons Why You Need to Try Curling Now

13 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why You Need to Try Curling Now”

  1. You’re from Canada, but the same applies in Scotland. Apart from all of the above fun and friendship, if you enjoy challenging yourself, Curling also provides a great challenge for you to make your shots, just as much as running a 10k or playing tennis etc. or using a climbing wall.

  2. Nedra – it looks like you’ve continued on in your curling exploits. We at the Kalamazoo Curling Club are proud to say we got you started 🙂 since you were last here, we now have dedicated ice- which means the curling is even more fun than before.

  3. I used to work for a Canadian company and went to the curling club near their offices one summer, but never actually tried curling. It always intrigued me though. So now you’ve convinced me I need to officially add “Try curling” to my bucket list.

    Btw – I love your reason number 11.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Thank you for writing the Article.
    CCC loves it and we’re trying to get the word out.
    Deb, CCC membership chair and Cheerleader!

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