7 Unique Winter Adventures That You Can Try In Michigan

Michigan has a lot to offer when it comes to unique things to do in the winter.

Don’t let the cold weather discourage you from experiencing these amazing winter outdoor adventures during your next vacation getaway in the Mitten State.

luge at Muskegon winter Sports Complex

1. Try the Luge at Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

Yes, you really can try the luge!

Experience the rush that Olympians have as they glide down the ice at rapid speeds.

Your speed is definitely not as fast or as high but it’s still extremely fun with speeds reaching up to 30mph.

The Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park luge track is one of only four luge tracks in the United States. They also have a summer wheeled luge track.

luge track at Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

There are six curves and two starting areas on the only kunstbahn track (artificial track) made from natural ice.

The luge track at Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports park was actually designed by three-time Olympian, Frank Masley.

Learn to luge workshops are open to the public. During the 2.5 hour workshop receive training, equipment to use, free sliding time, and a competitive race followed by an Olympic style awards ceremony.

Ice skating trail in woods at Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

2. Go Ice Skating on a Trail Through the Woods

Why ice skate on an outdoor ice rink when you can ice skate on a trail through the woods instead?

Ice skate on a figure-eight loop trail through a white pine forest during the day or with lights at night.

This is another fun adventure that can be found at Muskegon Winter Sports Complex.

The ice skating trail through the woods is 1/4 mile long about 5 feet in width.

Ice skating trail West Michigan

Ice skate rentals are available for guests and there is also an outdoor skating rink if you want to mix things up.

Dog sled rides at Shanty Creek

3. Go on a Dog Sledding Ride

Kids under 100 lbs. can go for a dogsled ride with beautiful Siberian Huskies at Shanty Creek Resort.

The dogs are really friendly and LOVE to run!

dog sledding in Michigan

Learn more about additional winter adventures at Shanty Creek Resort.

Where to Go Dog Sledding in Michigan

snowshoeing at Michigan Legacy Art Park

4. Take a Snowshoe Hike to See Art Sculptures at Michigan Legacy Art Park

The perfect combination for art and nature lovers.

Michigan Legacy Art Park is located on the grounds of Crystal Mountain. This 30-acre sculpture park in the woods is the perfect spot for a snowshoeing adventure.

frog sculpture in the snow at Michigan Legacy Art Park

Each piece of art has a connection to Michigan in some way and there are over 40 pieces of art located throughout the park. 

*Snowshoes can be rented at Crystal Mountain’s Park at Water’s Edge

Guided Winter Rafting Trip in Northern Michigan
Image courtesy of Deb Thompson

5. Go on a Guided Winter Rafting Trip

Rafting in the winter?

You don’t have to wait for warm weather to enjoy a scenic day on the river.

Experience winter in a whole new way with a winter rafting adventure down the Sturgeon River in northern Michigan.  Bundle up and gently float down the river on a large river raft with an experienced guide. 

Guided Winter Rafting Trip in Northern Michigan
Image courtesy of Deb Thompson

Wildlife is abundant and you’ll likely spot deer, squirrels, and many different birds.  Snow-covered river banks and snow-laden trees provide a gorgeous backdrop to this one of a kind adventure. 

Fat Tire biking in the snow

6. Go Fat Tire Snow Biking

Experience the mountain bike trails in a new way during a fat tire bike ride in the snow.

The wide, fat tires on the bike make it surprisingly easy to stay balanced while riding through the snow. The only tricky part was when I encountered deep snow because it was tougher to peddle and I had to work harder to gain momentum.

fat tire biking in the snow in Northern Michigan

Crystal Mountain offers close to 6 miles of trails to use within a close proximity from the rental shop

Learn more about other winter adventures at Crystal Mountain.

Additional Fat Tire Snow Biking Rentals in Michigan

You can rent electric fat tire bikes are regular fat tire bikes at Boyne Mountain Resort.

*Bonus Indoor Adventure to Try in the Winter in Michigan

Intro to curling

7. Take an Intro to Curling Class

This is where shuffleboard meets ice. An Intro to Curling class is a fun intro into the winter Olympic sport of curling.

Curling is social, active, and fun for all ages.

Check out the following Curling Clubs in Michigan for upcoming opportunities to attend a learn to curl workshop.

Where to Try Curling in Michigan

  6 Unique Winter Adventures That 6 Unique Winter Adventures That You Can Try In Michigan Can Try In Michigan

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