5 Things to Do When You Visit Red River Gorge

Red River Gorge is one of my favorite places to hike in Kentucky.

The hiking options are endless and the views are incredible throughout its 29,000 acres within the Daniel Boone National Forest.

If you are visiting for the first time or just visiting for the day, I have some tips for you.

Natural Bridge

1. Visit Natural Bridge

If it’s your first visit, Natural Bridge is a great introduction to the area.

It’s also one of the hikes that I like to start with because of the views.

Natural Bridge is 65 feet in height and spans 78 feet in length with 360 views of the natural surrounding area.

There are a few options when it comes to getting to the top.

Natural Bridge Skylift

2. Ride the Skylift if You Can

If the chairlift is open, I recommend taking it for your way up, you can always hike back down.

The Skylift is not open year-round so make sure that you double-check their operation schedule.

There is a small fee but it’s worth it to save time and steps. You can opt for a round trip ride or one way.

Original Trail Sign e1543243672404
Hike on the Original trail at Natural Brige e1543243698128

The Best Trail to Take if the Skylift at Natural Bridge is Closed

If the chairlift is closed for the season, I recommend parking at Hemlock Lodge and then taking the Original trail because it is the shortest and has the least amount of stairs to get you to the top.

You will also want to bring a backpack with water and snacks because you will be burning a lot of calories!

narrow trail at Natural Bridge
narrow passage Red River Gorge e1543243685890
Narrow steps Natural Bridge

The trails from the bottom give you view from under the arch and you can walk on top of Natural Bridge after to pass the narrow one-way trail between giant rocks.

the top of natural bridge e1543244235407

Admire the Views from the Top of Natural Bridge

There are plenty of areas to take pictures on top of Natural Bridge and most fellow hikers are will to take turns taking pictures for each other…or you could sneak in a family selfie like we did.

sneak in a family picture e1543244249879
natural seating on the rocks at Natural Bridge e1543244262443

The rocks also form some natural seating if you just want to relax and admire the view for a while.

on top of Natural Bridge

There are no guardrails so you will want to keep little kids super close and remind teenagers that the drop is not something that you come back from if you fall off the edge.

Laurel Ridge Trail Sign
Laurel Ridge Trail

Once you are at the top of Natural Bridge take the Laurel’s Ridge Trail that connects to Lookout Point for another perspective of Natural Bridge.

Lookout Point
Lookout Point at Natural Bridge
view of Natural Bridge at Lookout Point

The trail at the top is easy and relatively flat which makes it relatively quick to move between different vantage points.

Lovers Leap

If you continue on the trail it will take you to a view of Lover’s Leap.

Trail to Hemlock Lodge e1543269099117
Hemlock Lodge Trail Sign e1543269738389
Hemock lodge trail e1543269722977

The Best Scenic Hike Back Down From Natural Bridge

You can take Balanced Rock Trail park down to your vehicle at Hemlock Lodge.

Hemlock lock trail with stairs e1543269755947
stairs at Balanced Rock Trail 1 e1543274298473

There are a LOT of stairs but you are going down them so its a lot easier.

Balanced Rock trail e1543269786844

The trail will also take you by Balanced Rock ….and more stairs. Just remind yourself that you are glad that you are going down them instead of up.

pizza at Miguels Pizza at Red River Gorge

3. Eat at Miguel’s Pizza

A favorite of rock climbers and out of towners, Miguel’s Pizza is located a short drive from Natural Bridge at 1890 Natural Bridge Rd.

Miguels Pizza Red River Gorge e1543200560546

Enjoy great pizza with a bottle of Ale-8-One (Kentucky’s soft drink that tastes like ginger ale)

pasta at Miguels Pizza e1543200592227

Guests customize their menu selections by choosing from 50 toppings for a custom pizza, salad, pasta, or sandwich on an order slip.

picnic table at Miguels Pizza Red River Gorge e1543200521926

There is plenty of seating between the indoor dining and the covered picnic table areas.

After you place your order you will get a number and have your food delivered to your table, don’t worry they will find you.

Nada Tunnel Red River Gorge e1543200823979

4. Drive Through Nada Tunnel

Nada Tunnel is a narrow one-lane 900-foot historic former railroad tunnel located at 20 Nada Tunnel Rd in Stanton.

Make sure that you turn on your headlights and blow your horn before you enter because you do not want to have to back out of there if there are vehicles already coming your way.

After you drive through the tunnel you will find plenty of hiking trail options along the road as you go.

sheltowee trace suspension bridge

5.  Try a New to You Trail

Depending on how many times you have visited Red River Gorge, it’s fun to blaze a “new to you” trail.

suspension bridge sheltowee trace

We stumbled upon the Sheltowee trace trail during our most recent visit.

It was an easy hike that included a suspension bridge.

We opted not to take it much further than the bridge because we were running out of daylight and we wanted to get back home.

sheltowee trace red river gorge

If you are new to hiking at the Gorge I recommend stopping at the rest area off of the Slade exit (24 L&E Railroad Pl) and grabbing a map of the area.

You can find more information about unique things to do at Red River Gorge here.

More Things to Do Around Red River Gorge

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5 Things to Do When You Visit Red River Gorge in Kentucky

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