7 Unique Bucket List Adventures in Las Vegas

I’m always on the lookout for unique experiences that I can’t replicate anywhere else.

I found several extreme adventures to add to your Las Vegas bucket list.

This article was written in partnership with Visit Las Vegas. 

These Las Vegas adventures appeal to both thrill seekers and adventurers who like unique experiences.


1. Play with Real Construction Equipment at Dig This

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play with REAL construction equipment?

tire moving challenge at Dig This

At Dig This Las Vegas that dream can become a reality.

Little did I know that it was even possible to do a wheelie in an excavator. What’s even better is that I was the one doing the wheelie…at the instruction of my guide.

safety instructions Dig This Las Vegas

Guests at Dig This begin their adventure with safety instructions and demos that explain the challenges inside.

Dig this in Las Vegas NV

Hands-On Learning on Construction Equipment

Next, you get to experience hands-on learning outside.

Don’t worry, you will have an instructor on the ground giving you directions every step of the way through a two-way communication headset.

You can play in the heat while still staying cool in the air-conditioned cabin.

Ages 14 and up can operate the bigger equipment and 7 and up can operate the smaller equipment.

All participants are required to take a breathalyzer before operating machinery. So keep that in mind and save the drinks for AFTER your adventure.

Bulldozer at Dig This Las Vegas

Excavator or Bulldozer?

We had the option of the excavator or the bulldozer for our visit.

We opted for the excavator, which allowed us to test our construction skills on a few tasks.

The most challenging part of the experience was connecting the voice commands to moving your hands on the controls.

Adventure Mom in an excavator at Dig This Las Vegas

I’m confident that I know my right from left in everyday life.

What’s crazy is that when you are called to do a series of movements with voice commands, somehow it blurs a bit.

Our instructor seriously had the patience of a saint as he led us through each task.

Construction Themed Games at Dig This

We picked up and moved GIANT tires from one section to another, we excavated dirt and tried to see whose pile was bigger and we even had a modified game of basketball.

We also got to spin around while honking our horn as loud and often as we wanted which was just fun.

Couple at Dig This in Las Vegas

This is the type of adventure that has you smiling the whole entire time that you are in the equipment.

Dig This gives you a great introduction to the fun of construction work without the work.

Adventure Mom Nedra McDaniel after jumping off of the Stratosphere

2. Take a Controlled Jump off of the Stratosphere at Sky Jump

THIS is the kind of smile that comes from stepping outside of your comfort zone and facing your fears.

Skyjump at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas

For 3 nights I had a hard time sleeping in anticipation of making the 855 ft controlled jump off of the Stratosphere building.

jump suit for Sky Jump at the Stratosphere

Safety Procedures for SkyJump on the Stratosphere

Jumpers are asked to remove everything from their pockets before they put on the one-piece jumpsuit.

Next, you have to change into their special shoes. You can put any of your valuable items in a secure locker at no additional cost.

Jumpers have the option to purchase a video package before they jump.  I highly recommend buying the package because the whole experience only lasts around 17 seconds.

The GoPro is securely wrapped to your wrist to capture your expressions on the way down. You will definitely want to relive your bravery and also show it off to friends and family.

The door to the platform for SkyJump at the Stratosphere

There are multiple safety inspections downstairs before the elevator ride to the108th floor.

Man on the ledge for SkyJump at the Stratosphere

Next, you will have a few more final safety checks before your jump.

man jumping off of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas

The jump takes place from the 108th floor and gives you a birds-eye view of Las Vegas.

I watched a lot of youtube videos to help visualize my jump.  Watching other jumpers also helped reassure me that there have been over 250,000 successful jumps. If they could be brave, I could be brave too.

View of the Stratosphere looking up from the ground level

I was totally ok with all of the safety checks because I wanted to live to tell about this adventure.

Adventure Mom Nedra McDaniel before jumping off of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas

Ironically, when I got to the top, the height wasn’t as bad as I had rehearsed in my mind.

As I looked out the window, I didn’t have a fear of the height.  I know that seems counterintuitive.

This was one of those moments where you just had to face your fears and take the leap of faith.

After your final safety checks are complete, the workers count you off the platform quickly. 

Before You Jump Off the Stratosphere in Las Vegas

Don’t hesitate, don’t overthink it.

You don’t get a refund if you chicken out, so just go!

3 seconds of bravery.

That’s all you need.

person on the SkyJump at the Stratosphere Las Vegas

Friends and family can film from below on the landing deck to help document your jump as you go down.

I was instantly mad at myself for losing so much sleep over such an incredible experience.

Adventure Mom after jumping off of the Stratosphere

After the Stratosphere Jump

The adrenaline rush was nothing short of AMAZING!

The safe and secure feeling of a smooth ride in your harness mixed with a glimpse of a sense of flying while taking in a bird’s eye view on the way down is like no other.

If you are on the fence about making the jump, I highly encourage you to just do it!

I promise that you won’t regret it!

Tips For Your First Time Jumping off the Stratosphere

  • If you are observing from below have your camera ready!
  • You will start to see the jumpers shadow and they arrive at the ground REALLY quick.
  • There is a seating area that is sectioned off at the bottom for observers watching friends or family.
  • If you are considering checking out the other thrill rides at the top of the Stratosphere make sure that you purchase your ticket at Sky Jump.
  • Completed jumpers can purchase a discounted unlimited rides pass.
Extreme thrill ride on top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas

3. Ride the Extreme Thrill Rides on Top of the Stratosphere

There are three rides at the top of the Stratosphere. Insanity, Big Shot, and X-Scream.

As a result of my incredible Sky Jump experience, I was then brave enough to try all of the thrill rides at the top of the tower too.

I lucked out and met someone in line who rode with me for two of the rides…. which then made me braver to ride the ride that I was most intimidated to try.

Insanity thrill ride on top of the Stratosphere

Insanity Extreme Thrill Ride

Insanity angles riders to a position that allows you to stare straight down at the Las Vegas Strip.

The mechanical arm extends out 64 feet over the edge of the building, 900 feet in the air, with speeds up to three ‘G’s.

Insanity ride on top of the Stratosphere

I was told that we made about 20 rotations. 

I was more concerned about feeling dizzy vs being scared of the height. The older I get, the harder it is for me to do rides that spin in a circle.

Big Shot! Extreme Ride on the Stratosphere Tower

Big Shot! Extreme Ride on the Stratosphere Tower

Big Shot! propels riders 160 feet in the air at 45 miles per hour going from a platform height of 921 feet to 1,081.

Ride on the Big Shot! Extreme Ride on the Stratosphere Tower

The hardest part of this ride is the anticipation of your launch. After you are up in the air, it’s a wonderful way to take in an incredible view.

highest observation point sign in Las Vegas

Stand at the Highest Elevation Point in Las Vegas

Don’t forget to take a picture by the sign after your ride on Big Shot! It proves that you were at the highest observation point in Las Vegas!

X Scream thrill ride on the Stratosphere

X-Scream Thrill Ride on the Stratosphere Tower

X-Scream dangles riders 27 ft over the Tower edge 109 stories in the air. Of the three thrill rides, this was the ride that I was most intimidated to go on.

As fate would have it there was no one else in line for X Scream. This meant that I had to ride it by myself because the ride does not need to be weight balanced before you ride it.

I realize that my photo doesn’t look real which is why I also have the video footage in this article to prove it.

If you plan on facing your fears on all three rides you might as well purchase the Unlimited Pass.

The Ultimate Pass includes everything BUT Sky Jump.

highest lounge on the Las Vegas strip 107 Sky Lounge

Enjoy a Drink at the Highest Lounge on the Las Vegas Strip

After you conquer all of your fears at the top of the Stratosphere, you can celebrate with a drink at 107 Sky Lounge.

highest lounge on the Las Vegas strip 107 Sky Lounge

As Las Vegas’s highest bar, it’s a great place to watch others take the leap of faith on the Sky Jump.

360 panoramic Las Vegas Skyline from the top of the Stratosphere

Enjoy 360° panoramic Las Vegas Skyline and you might even work up the courage to try the SkyJump yourself.

SlotZilla Zipline Over Fremont Street

4. Experience the SlotZilla Zipline Over Fremont Street

You have two adventure options on the Slot machine–inspired thrill attraction.

Fremont Street at night in Las Vegas

The Zipline takes you halfway down Fremont Street, 7 stories up, at a height of 77 feet in the air in a seated position.

This is a great introduction to ziplining or facing a fear of heights.

zipline over Fremont Street Las Vegas

For the extra adventurous or the “go big or go home” type, Zoomline is the perfect option!

Zoomline SlotZilla at Fremont Street

Ride Slotzilla Superhero Style

Zoomline riders travel 5 blocks superhero style flying 11 stories in the air. Of course, Zoomline was my unique option of choice.

Zoomline SlotZilla at Fremont Street

For Zoomline, you are in a harness with your stomach facing down.

Riders don’t see the street until the slot door opens which is good if you are scared of heights.

Adventure Mom Nedra McDaniel on the zoomline zipline over Fremont Street in Las Vegas

SlotZilla also has bags that zip and go with you so that you don’t lose your valuables. 

It’s also nice that you don’t have to worry about where you will put your latest purchases.

zoomline Slotzilla zipline Fremont Street Las Vegas

Superhero style definitely gives you a feeling of flying. It’s pretty wild to travel overtop of crowds of people below.

You can purchase pictures after your ride to bring home as a souvenir of your bravery.

meals with a mermaid Las Vegas

5. Enjoy Meals with a Mermaid at the Silverton Casino Hotel

I don’t eat meals with mermaids very often but when I do, it’s amazing!

meals with a mermaid at Silverton Casino in Las Vegas

I honestly thought that a “Meal with a Mermaid” was going to be a character lunch geared toward little kids. 

We discovered that the lunch was so much better than we anticipated!

 mermaid at Silverton Casino in Las Vegas

On Saturdays and Sundays, you can reserve a table for up to 4 people for “Meal with a Mermaid” at Silverton Casino.

It’s a very special meal with a table directly in front of the aquarium glass.

meals with a mermaid at Silverton Casino in Las Vegas

Your mermaid dreams can come true as you dine with one right in front of you.

meals with a mermaid at Silverton Casino in Las Vegas

My husband and I attended the meal kid-free and absolutely loved it. Our brunch table came with several pastries, fruit, and a yogurt parfait.

meals with a mermaid at Silverton Casino in Las Vegas

We also found several menu items on the brunch buffet that we enjoyed. One of my favorites brunch items was the french toast.

meals with a mermaid at Silverton Casino in Las Vegas

What I loved most about this adventure was how relaxing this dining experience was.

Watching a variety of beautiful fish inches from you while you dine, is really beautiful.

mermaid themed bar at Silverton Casino

Enjoy a Drink at a Mermaid Themed Bar

As an added bonus, you can also enjoy a drink at the mermaid-themed bar that also had nice views of the aquarium.

mermaid art at Silverton Casino in Las Vegas

The Meal with a Mermaid is a VERY popular experience.

Make sure that you make reservations as soon as possible for your preferred day and time.

Helicopter Ride Over the Las Vegas Strip

6. Take a Helicopter Ride Over the Las Vegas Strip

See the Las Vegas Strip in all of its glory from the sky for an incredible aerial view via helicopter at night.

Helicopter Ride Over the Las Vegas Strip at night

Sundance Helicopters takes guests on a 12-15 minute flight over the major landmarks on the Strip. 

During the flight, you’ll hear an overview of Las Vegas by the pilot accompanied by perfectly timed music.

Sundance helicopter night tour  Over the Las Vegas Strip at night

For the best views try to sit upfront by the pilot or on the left side of the helicopter.

This is a great adventure for a special occasion. It’s also an amazing experience for anyone who enjoys seeing the city from another perspective.

Neon Museum at night in Las Vegas

7. Watch “Brilliant” at the Neon Museum

One of my favorite museums in Cincinnati is the American Sign Museum so of course, we had to check out the Neon Museum during our visit!

Star Neon Sign at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas

I also recommend getting special tickets for “Brilliant” show in advance. 

Neon Museum Las Vegas

The show combines music and lights projected on former neon signs.

Vintage KFC sign Neon Museum Las Vegas

The light show projection is a pretty spectacular experience that is shared with a limited number of people.

Golden Nugget neon sign

Brilliant observers are asked to wait until the end of the show before they take pictures.

This allows you to really be present in the moment. Just enjoy the songs and lights that take you on a trip down memory lane.

casino neon sign Las Vegas

The name definitely lives up to the experience!

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More Bucket List Adventures in Las Vegas

I had a blast on these bucket list adventures in Las Vegas. You can find more ideas from the Visit Las Vegas website.

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