Great Places to Eat in Las Vegas, Nevada

There are SO many great places to eat at during your visit to Las Vegas. One of my favorite ways to dine my way through a destination is by sampling a variety of culinary experiences that include both hole-in-the-walls and more well-known, popular restaurants.

Narrowing down your options can be a little overwhelming in a city known for celebrity chefs and other well-known chefs who have been recipients of the prestigious James Beard Foundation Awards.

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

Portions of my trip were hosted, others were not. As always, all opinions are my own. This article contains affiliate links.

I’m sharing more about Las Vegas restaurants offering a unique experience, including local favorites, hidden gems, budget-friendly options, & popular dining opportunities that are worth the splurge.


Eat a GIANT Omelet at The Original Omelet House

2160 W Charleston Blvd A, Las Vegas, NV

The Original Omelet House is a local favorite and the perfect place to find an affordable breakfast. Opening in 1979, part of the charm is that it’s a time capsule to that era.

autographed photos at The Original Omelet House Las Vegas

As you enter the restaurant you will see a large collection of signed photographs of celebrities, entertainers, and politicians who have visited over the years.


If you are looking for a BIG breakfast you will happy with the generous portion sizes at the Original Omelet House.


With 38 types of omelets on the menu you can stick with the classics or venture to try something new. Each omelet is made with 6 eggs which makes them big enough to split!

If you’re in the mood for something else, you’ll find plenty of other breakfast and lunch options.

homemade banana and pumpkin bread at The Original Omelet House Las Vegas

I would highly recommend subbing out toast for their homemade bread. Pictured above is their pumpkin and banana bread, which is a good choice for anyone who enjoys bakery items.

Jamms Restaurant

Try a Pot of Bread at Jamms Restaurant

1029 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

This restaurant is a favorite of Las Vegas locals for breakfast and lunch that’s located in a strip mall.

pot of bread at Jamms Restaurant

Jamms’ is most known for their “pot of bread” that’s a fusion of a popover and dinner roll.

Once a week, the chefs make a speciality pot of bread with a flavor that’s usually themed around the upcoming holiday.

Jamms also offers a plain pot of bread and a cinnamon raisin pot of bread topped with cream cheese frosting.

Jamms signature omelet

Jamms signature omelet is made with sliced steak with onions, mushrooms and cheese topped with their homemade bearnaise sauce.

We tried the omelet with a side of Potatoes O’Brien (pan fried potatoes with onion and red and green peppers.)

BreakfastRrito at Jamms restaurant

If you want to mix things up you can turn any omelet into a BreakfastRrito made with scrambled eggs, onions, protein (such as pork sausage), and cheese in a flour tortilla.

traditional french toast at Jamms restaurant

Their french toast is also a great choice if you are in the mood for something sweet.

bbq at The Beast by Todd English Restaurant in Las Vegas

While You’re at Area15, Dine at The Beast by Todd English

Located inside Area15

3215 S Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV

The Beast by Todd English is a great dining option that’s conveniently located onsite when you visit Area15.

The Beast by Todd English Restaurant in Las Vegas

The atmosphere at the restaurant is in line with the vibe of Area15; it is dimly lit with large, projected art on the walls.

Their food is self-described as “made with love, old school.”

sandwich at The Beast by Todd English Restaurant in Las Vegas

The menu has something for everyone with unique flavors for pizza, burgers, tacos, vegetarian options and more.

There are two smokemasters on staff and their edible art is evident once you experience their brisket smoked for 20 hours, ribs, and sausage.

Their cornbread was one of my favorite dishes and something that we talked about days later!

sandwich at The Beast by Todd English Restaurant in Las Vegas

The pastrami sandwich takes 8 days for the meat to be prepped and comes in a generous portion.

desserts at The Beast by Todd English Restaurant in Las Vegas

And there’s good reason to save room for dessert if you can!


Experience a Seasonal Italian Neighborhood Restaurant at Esther’s Kitchen

1130 S Casino Center Blvd #110, Las Vegas, NV

I HIGHLY recommend visiting this gem located in the Las Vegas Arts District during your visit to Las Vegas.

Everything I’ve tried at Esther’s Kitchen is presented beautifully and the flavors will leave an imprint on your taste buds that will have you craving your next visit.

dish at Esther's Kitchen

As one of my husband’s favorite restaurants in Las Vegas, Esther’s Kitchen was his #1 dining request on our return visit to Las Vegas.

pasta dish at Esther's Kitchen

I’ll just let the pictures to do the talking and know that the taste is even better.

entree at Esther's Kitchen
dish at Esther's Kitchen
cauliflower at Esther's Kitchen

If you are looking for a few recommendations, some of your best bets are the fried cauliflower, Bucatini, and Malfada Nero.

entree at Esther's Kitchen

The Mussel Nduja Toast will have you soaking up every ounce flavor with each bite of bread. The picture doesn’t do the taste justice because it is AMAZING!!!

sourdough bread at Esther's kitchen

Esther’s Kitchen makes their homemade sourdough bread. You can’t go wrong with their bread paired with their Njuda, Burrata, or anchovy butter.

the pizza at Esther's Kitchen

In addition to pastas, Esther’s Kitchen has naturally-leavened pizzas.

Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas

Stop by Nacho Daddy Near the Freemont Street Experience in Downtown Las Vegas

113 N 4th St, Las Vegas, NV

What’s not to love about GIANT nachos?!

Make sure that you come with a BIG appetite for this elevated nacho experience. Nacho Daddy is within walking distance to the Golden Nugget Casino and Freemont Street Experience where you can zipline.

giant margaritas at Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas

I ordered the Spicy margarita with extra jalapeños and my husband ordered the strawberry margarita.

spicy shrimp nacho at Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas

Our family ordered the following nachos:

Spicy Shrimp Nacho GF (pictured above)

Spicy garlic shrimp, fresh jalapeños sautéed in hot salsa & tequila, Monterey Jack cheese, white queso, diced tomatoes, & cilantro on top of their house-made spinach chips.

Filet Mignon Nachos at Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas

Filet Mignon Nachos GF

Grilled filet mignon, refried beans, Cheddar & Jack cheese, ranchero sauce, sour cream, pico de gallo, guacamole & cilantro on top of their house-made corn chips.

Supreme Tostada Nacho at Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas

Supreme Tostada Nacho GF

Seasoned ground beef, Cheddar & Jack cheese, yellow queso, refried beans, pico de gallo, fried jalapenos, lettuce, avocado lime salsita, sour cream & guacamole on top of their house-made chips.

Buffalo Hot Nachos at Nacho Daddy in Las Vegas

Buffalo Hot Nacho 

Popcorn chicken breast tossed in buffalo hot sauce, white queso, ranch dressing, celery, & green onions on top of their house-made corn chips.

neon lights at Black Tap

Craft Burgers and CRAZYSHAKES at Black Tap

Located in:The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Bar at Black Tap

Black Tap has seating for 138 indoors indoors. For one of the best views on the strip, book one of the tables at the 52-seat outdoor patio that overlooks the Venetian’s famous canals.

Black Tap offers an assortment of craft beer on tap, craft cans, old school and Mexican beers, wine, craft cocktails, and slushies.

Spicy pina slushie at Black Tap Las Vegas

To mix things up, I tried the SPICY PIÑA slushie made with tequila, mezcal, pineapple, lime & chili salt.

Craft burger at Black Tap

Craft Burgers at Black Tap

I would highly recommend trying one of the delicious burgers at Black Tap.

Craft burger at Black Tap

Black Tap burgers are unique in that they are only flipped once, and then layered with two slices of cheese. The burgers are griddled, not grilled, to medium and served on a potato roll.

Craft burger at Black Tap

We ordered a few of the following craft burgers:

The Greg Norman made with ½ pound wagyu beef burger, house buttermilk-dill, blue cheese, and arugula. This burger is also a 3 time People’s Choice Award Winner at the NYC Wine and Food Festival’s “Burger Bash.”

Craft burger at Black Tap

All-American burger made with prime burger, American cheese, and special sauce.

We also tried the Truffle burger made with wagyu beef, smoked gouda, baby arugula, truffle-yuzu vinaigrette, and black truffle mayo.

If you’re not in the mood for burgers, you’ll still find plenty of other great food options on the menu, including chicken wings, salads and sandwiches.



You’ll want to save room for one of the CRAZYSHAKES at Black Tap. The HUGE milkshakes/freakshakes are a contemporary take on the traditional milkshake and beautiful for photos, but realistically you won’t finish one.

The milkshakes are definitely one of the main attractions at this restaurants. In fact, Black Tap is home to the very first standalone CrazyShake® bar.

For the sake of “research,” we had to try a few flavors of their over-the-top milkshakes.

The Cookie Shake is a vanilla shake with vanilla frosted rim with cookie crumbles topped with a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, crumbled cookies, chocolate chips, whipped cream & chocolate drizzle.

Birthday cake lovers will want to order the Cakeshake. The cake batter shake has a vanilla frosted rim with rainbow sprinkles topped with a funfetti cake slice, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream & a cherry.

Peanut butter lovers will want to order the “Sweet N’ Salty.” It’s a peanut butter shake with a chocolate and peanut butter frosted rim with m&m’s® topped with peanut butter cups, a sugar daddy, pretzel rods, chocolate covered pretzel, whipped cream, and a caramel & chocolate drizzle.

Worth the Splurge

If you are looking for an upscale dining experience in Las Vegas, there are several dining experiences that offer some the best food you’ll ever taste and definitely worth the splurge.

Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse

Dine at Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse Vintage Steakhouse Experience

Located in: Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

3555 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

This a great place to visit if you are looking for an exceptional steak. As you enter the Bugsy & Meyer’s Steakhouse you’ll enter through the bakery and pass by eye-catching meat on display as they specialize in both dry- and wet-aged premium steak.

meat on display at Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse

Who were Bugsy & Meyer?

The restaurant is named for two childhood friends who grew up in New York in the early 1900s. “Bugsy” Siegel and Meyer Lansky transitioned from adolescent hooligans to eventually creating the Bugs and Meyer Mob.

The duo later joined Charles “Lucky” Luciano’s National Crime Syndicate. Over time, their life of crime caught up to them ending in an order hit on Bugsy. There is speculation that Lansky may have put out the hit on his friend, but the murder was never solved.

flamingo art at Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse

The restaurant gives nods to Old Vegas in its design with modern touches.

Bar at Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse

There is a large bar in the center of the main dining room.

Speakeasy Bar at Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse

Tucked away past the dining room is the speakeasy, The Count Room, serving cocktails and small plates in an intimate setting. 

Wagyu Braised Short Ribs Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse

Our boys enjoyed the Wagyu Braised Short Ribs. It was made with Parmesan Pappardelle Pasta, Truffle Butter, Mushrooms, and Grated Fresh Horseradish.

Seared Diver Scallops at Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse

Normally I prefer to enjoy fresh seafood when I’m at a location near the ocean, but the scallops at Bugsy & Meyer were the best I’ve ever had!

The Seared Diver Scallops are made with Celeriac Mousseline, Porcini Mushrooms and Porcini Vinaigrette.

Filet Mignon at Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse

I ordered the 8oz Filet Mignon that is wet-aged for a minimum of 21 days.

The filet is seasoned with their signature house rub and slightly charred in their 1200-degree broiler to help seal in all the juices and flavors.

Asparagus at Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse
Lobster Mac & Cheese at Bugsy and Meyer's Steakhouse

For sides, I recommend trying the Lobster Mac & Cheese and asparagus.

Adventure Mom and family at Scarpetta Italian Restaurant

Take the “Savors of the Strip” Tour With Lip Smacking Foodie Tours

Why go to one restaurant when you can experience 4 of the hottest restaurants in one night without the wait? The Savors of the Strip is a 3-hour food tour that takes you to VIP tables throughout the evening.

At each restaurant you’ll enjoy 3-4 specially prepared dishes. There is a great variety of flavors which helps ensure everyone finds a flavor they will enjoy.

This tour is pricier if you are paying for multiple people in your family as it features some expensive meals, but we thought it was worth the splurge to experience a unique foodie adventure together.

We felt that this was a great opportunity for our boys to experience a guided dining experience at some of the best restaurants in Vegas without the wait. You’re going to eat anyway…so why not make the experience an adventure?!

Lip Smacking Foodie Tours also offers additional foodie tours that start at a lower price point.

The Chandelier Bar in Las Vegas
The Chandelier Bar in Las Vegas

On the guided tour, you’ll also learn about Las Vegas history, landmarks, art, and points of interest along the way.

For the best value on alcoholic drinks (not included), you may want to consider upgrading with their beverage package. The beverage package includes a pre-selected signature cocktail at various stops on the tour.


You can upgrade to the  “Savory Bites & Neon Lights’’ 

For an additional $125 per person you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Las Vegas strip from a helicopter at night after your food tour.

The Marcos Room at JAVIER'S

Dine in the Marcos Room at Javier’s

Located in the ARIA Resort & Casino

Javier’s was the first restaurant on our Savors of the Strip food tour. You have to commit to spending $4k+… or go on a foodie tour to get the special perk of dining in the private Marcos room at Javier’s.

The Marcos Room at JAVIER'S

The large oblong inlayed wood dining table can seat up to 22 guests and features dimly-lit ambiance.

JAVIER'S Las Vegas

The overall vibe of Javier’s is contemporary and intimate.

chainsaw wood carving at JAVIER'S Las Vegas

While you’re in the restaurant, you’ll walk by the World’s largest chainsaw-created mural that highlights the Aztec civilization.

enchilada A JAVIER'S Las Vegas

Authentic Tastes of Mexico

Javier’s menu originated from different regions of Mexico. Guests will experience the elevated, authentic tastes of Mexico using only the best and freshest ingredients available.

We started with fresh tortilla chips paired with four of Javier’s signature salsas:

  • Javier’s House Salsa
  • Roasted Tomato Salsa
  • Roasted Green Tomatillo Salsa
  • Salsa Verde Cruda

We also tried two enchiladas during our visit:

Enchiladas de Mariscos – made with shrimp & dungeness crab enchiladas, tomatillo sauce 

Chicken enchilada – made with gaujillo sauce, served with Mexican rice and refried beans

Margarita PI A JAVIER'S Las Vegas

We decided to order one of the featured drinks at this location for an additional fee. The Margarita PIA is made with a blend of Reposado Tequila, St. Germain, agave nectar, fresh lime juice, and pineapple.

FYI: Javier’s boasts one of the West Coast’s largest selections of the world’s finest tequilas in case your are a fan of tequila.

If you don’t want to order an additional drink, your food tour comes with complimentary water at each stop.

Blue Ribbon Las Vegas

Experience a Beloved Restaurant with NYC Roots at Blue Ribbon

Located in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The original Blue Ribbon is a well-known “where chefs go to eat” restaurant in SoHo in New York City.

Las Vegas guests get to experience a menu that’s a melting pot of flavors with influences from around the world.

dining area at Scarpetta

The chefs’ travel and culinary education have enhanced their signature menu items and include oysters on the half shell, fried chicken, and beef marrow.

Baked clams at Blue Ribbon Las Vegas

We got to experience several menu items during our visit, including the baked clams made with herb garlic butter and bread crumbs.

One of the things that I loved about our food tour was that it had a nice range of menu items that would appeal to every culinary comfort zone. For example, my sons normally wouldn’t have had any interest in trying a baked clam but they did on the tour.

fried chicken wing at Blue Ribbon Las Vegas

They also loved the fried chicken wings with wasabi honey.

cheese fondue at Blue Ribbon

You also can’t go wrong with the Classic cheese fondue served with breadsticks, potato skins, bacon bits, apple slices and bread.

Scarpetta Italian restaurant

Modern Italian Cuisine with a View at Scarpetta Italian Restaurant

Located in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

If you love Italian food, you’re going to LOVE this stop on the food tour at Scarpetta Italian Restaurant.

The name of the restaurant comes from the Italian expression, “fare la scarpetta.”

That expression refers to soaking up the remaining sauce left in the pot of one’s home with a little boot-shaped piece of bread.

bread and oil at Scarpetta Italian Restaurant

After you experience the food, you’ll understand why you’ll want to savor every bite of sauce with your bread!

bread at Scarpetta

Speaking of bread, make sure that you try a bite of more than one type of bread at the beginning of your meal.

We tried one of the signature pastas which are all made in-house daily with locally-sourced ingredients.

Creamy polenta at Scarpetta Italian restaurant

Creamy polenta | fricassee of truffled mushrooms

Spaghetti at Scarpetta Italian restaurant

Scarpetta’s famous spaghetti made with tomato & basil is a classic and it was incredible.

Duck and foie ravioli at Scarpetta Italian Restaurant

Other highlights were the Duck & Foie Gras ravioli with a marsala reduction.

Agnolotti at Scarpetta Italian Restaurant

The Agnolotii was also wonderful and is made with short rib, brown butter, horseradish &
toasted breadcrumbs.

view of Bellagio from table in private dining room at Scarpetta Italian Restaurant

As another food tour perk, we were seated in a dining area with views of the Bellagio next door. Be on the lookout for the Bellagio fountain show during your meal.

Mastro's Ocean Club Las Vegas

Dessert Inside a Sculptural Tree House at Mastro’s Ocean Club

Located in The Shops at Crystals

 What could be a better way to end your culinary adventure than dining inside an 80-foot sculptural Tree House?

Mastro's Ocean Club Las Vegas

Mastro’s Ocean Club does have a strict dress code, which isn’t a problem if you are already following the clothing attire guidelines from the food tour.

Food tour guests are instructed to wear comfortable walking shoes with upscale restaurant attire.  For my sons, that meant not wearing their preferred daily attire of athletic clothing.

It was a nice change for them to dress up a little more than normal in a collared shirt without it being too fancy. Business casual attire is totally fine.

Lemon drop martini at Mastro's Ocean Club

The Lemon drop martini at Mastro’s Ocean is all about presentation if you want to try another drink.

Have your camera ready to video because this drink is served table side, poured into martini glass that’s filled with dry ice.

For me it was a little too sweet, so I opted for a coffee with my dessert which, in my opinion, was a better pairing.

desserts at Mastro's Ocean Club Las Vegas

Our group tried a trio of the following desserts at Mastro’s:

  • Mastro’s Signature Butter Cake made with a buttery yellow cake topped with a cream cheese mixture and then baked. The cake is topped with caramelized, raw sugar and then finished with vanilla bean ice cream, raspberry sauce, sliced strawberries and orange supremes.
  • New York-style cheesecake topped with berries set atop a graham cracker crust
  • Chocolate sin cake made with flourless chocolate torte, creme anglaise and fresh raspberries

Each dessert was AMAZING but the star was definitely their Signature butter cake!

Popular California Chains that You Can Also Try in Las Vegas

You don’t have to fly to the West Coast to experience the popular California chains. These are a few best places to try if you are looking for a quick bite to eat, curious to try something new or just missing some familiar flavors.


Sharky’s Woodfired Mexican Grill

5070 Blue Diamond Rd., Las Vegas

Sharky’s offers fresh and affordable meal options in a fast, casual environment. This California chain started in Sherman Oaks in 1992 and has since expanded throughout the state. There is one location in Las Vegas that’s not too far from Red Rock Canyon.


I would describe Sharky’s as an elevated Chipotle with more menu and drink options.

 In N Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger

4888 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV

If you live in the Midwest or East Coast you may or may not know about the cult-like following In-N-Out Burger has across the county.

The California-based chain started in the burbs of Los Angelos in Southern California and has expanded throughout the state of California and beyond in select cities throughout Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Utah.

Thankfully, if you are craving this fast food chain, there are several In-N-Out Burgers in the Las Vegas area.

Make sure that you also try the fries made with whole potatoes that are peeled and diced in-store, and then cooked in sunflower oil.

burgers at In N Out Burger

Is there an In-N-Out Burger on the Las Vegas Strip?

There is one In-N-Out Burger on the Las Vegas Strip located in the Linq Promenade.

fries and burgers at In N Out Burger

Try Your Order “Animal Style” at In-N-Out Burger

What is “Animal Style” at In-N-Out Burger?

Answer: A burger (or fries) topped with EVERYTHING, including lettuce, tomato, raw onion and a “spread” of their secret sauce that will remind you of Thousand Island dressing sauce served on a toasted bun.

Animal style fries at In N Out Burger

Animal Style Fries come in a paper boat of fully loaded fries with melted American cheese, In-N-Out sauce and grilled onions. 

You can learn more about other “Not so Secret Menu Items” at In-N-Out Burger.


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