8 Things to Do in Stillwater, Oklahoma

8 Things to Do in Stillwater, Oklahoma

I met the representatives from Visit Stillwater at a travel conference a few years ago. Their enthusiasm and passion about their city intrigued me enough to want to visit a place, that was honestly never on my radar before.

There are two things that you learn pretty quickly during a visit to Stillwater, OK.

  1. This community LOVES football
  2. You are destined to bring home one of their creative t-shirts

So what is there to do in Stillwater, Oklahoma?

I’m sharing 8 things to add to your list.Football 101 OSU 17 e1474576409238

1. Visit the OSU Campus

A HUGE part of the culture revolves around Oklahoma State University, especially football.

I was submerged into a taste football culture during Women’s Football 101.

This summer event is extremely popular and sells out quickly.

As an outsider without much knowledge of Stillwater or the University, I was quickly welcomed into the fold.

Womens Football 101 OSU

During the event, we got to practice drills with the players. We also learned about the character that the faculty and coaches are instilling into the players that will take them beyond the campus to the community.

(You can read more about that experience here)

Mojos Stillwater OK

2. Try the Vegas Strip Steak

In the evening we visited Mojo’s Rock & Bowl Grill for a relaxed atmosphere that also includes a bowling alley.

Mojo’s has a unique menu item that you will want to check out called the Vegas Strip Steak. The steak is often compared in tenderness to a New York Strip Steak.

This trademarked cut of Black Angus beef was developed by the AG department at OSU. Mojo’s is one of two restaurants in Stillwater where you can try it.

The Atherton Hotel Stillwater OK

3. Sleep at The Atherton Hotel

That night I had the best night of sleep that I can remember in a REALLY, long time at The Atherton Hotel.

Inside the Atherton Hotel StillwaterOK

The bed was so comfortable that I just melted off to sleep.  The room also had lots of details with ties to the university located in the heart of the OSU campus.

The style is a mix of southern sophisticated with beautiful gardens and an on-site restaurant and bar.

Grannys Kitchen Stillwater OK

4. Try the cinnamon rolls at Granny’s Kitchen

In the morning we visited a local staple, Granny’s Kitchen.

I LOVE breakfast foods which gave me an instant dilemma when I was looking over the menu. There were so many great options that were sweet and savory.

We started by sharing a few giant cinnamon rolls for our table. I was happy to discover that I was dining with food sharers which allowed me to experience the best of both worlds. Sweet and Savory!

You will definitely not be hungry after a wonderful breakfast here!

Grannys Kitchen StillwaterOK

This dining gem has lots of character when it comes to Granny. In fact, you will find Granny portrayed in a variety of personas on the menu and also on the t-shirts displayed throughout the restaurant that you can purchase.

I like a granny with spunk and I LOVE my souvenir coffee mug.

If you happen to visit during your birthday….or your fake birthday, you can wear the special hat pictured above with Granny riding a camel.

Nook StillwaterOK

5. Check out the local shops downtown

Make sure that you take a moment to peek inside Nook & Cranny Mercantile located next door to Granny’s Kitchen.

Their creative sign on the side of the building is a hint to the visual eye candy you can explore inside.

National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum. e1492272120944

6. Learn about wrestling history

Our next stop was the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum.

I honestly didn’t have a real interest in exploring this museum because wrestling was not a big sport at my school.

National Wrestling Hall of Fame Stillwater OK

I quickly regretted judging this museum prematurely because the museum did a great job of presenting wrestling in an interesting and interactive way that made me a fan.

(You can read more about my visit here.)

Eskimo Joes Cheese Fries

7. Try the cheese fries and take home a souvenir t-shirt at Eskimo Joe’s

One other dining establishment not to be missed is Eskimo Joe’s.

Best known for their world-famous cheese fries and t-shirts that are the second most collected t-shirts in the world behind Hard Rock Cafe.

Eskimo Joes Stillwater OK

The atmosphere is fun and this is THE place to be.

Beloved by locals and tourists, I was told that the “Joe cups” are even a form of a measuring cup for locals.

You get a souvenir plastic cup with your beverage. Opt to add more to your collection at the adjoining gift store, along with lots of fun souvenir t-shirts for yourself or your family.

Transformers Stillwater OK e1492271456576

8. Stop at a few Roadside Attractions

A few other roadside attraction photo ops are with a giant-sized Transformer of “Optimus Prime” located at G&M Body Shop East, “Bumblebee” located at G&M Body Shop West, and the former home of Garth Brooks.

Former home of Garth Brooks e1492271424588

I really enjoyed my visit to Stillwater. It’s the heart of the people who share such a community pride that makes it a gem to visit.

cowboy boot StillwaterOk e1492274043395

Thanks again to Visit Stillwater for hosting my visit.


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