Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour in Frankfort

You don’t have to be a huge fan of bourbon to enjoy a distillery tour in Kentucky. You can still learn a lot about the history and gain a new appreciation for the art of making bourbon.

Buffalo Trace Distillery

My family and I visited Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, Kentucky and yes I did bring my kids on a bourbon tour. We were coming back from a trip to Lexington and they were already with us…and I did check beforehand to see if kids were welcome.

Buffalo Trace Distillary Tour Frankfort Kentucky Bourbon

Buffalo Trace is a short distance from the Kentucky State Capital Building.

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Self Guided Walking Tour at Buffalo Trace Distillery

If you get there before it’s time for a tour, you can get information for a self-guided walking tour that highlights a few other points of interest on the property.

Self Guided Walking Tour Buffalo Trace

The 130-acre property that the distillery is located on is absolutely gorgeous! We enjoyed learning more at each stop and my kids had fun testing out the teeter totter while we waited for our tour time.


Buffalo Trace Distillery Tour in Kentucky

Take a Guided Tour at Buffalo Trace Distillery

The tour started near the gift shop and then lead us to several buildings. The tour lasts about an hour and begins with a short movie that shares the history of bourbon and Buffalo Trace.

Buffalo Trace is oldest continuously operating distillery in the United States. They were able to stay in operation during prohibition for “medicinal purposes.”

Secret Door Buffalo Trace Distillery e1520119828458

Walk Through the Secret Entrance

This false bookcase entrance that led us to the bourbon barrels was probably one of my favorite parts of the tour.

Rickhouse Buffalo Trace Distillery

Tour The Rickhouse

It was really interesting to learn that the barrel stacks are not connected to the walls. The Bourbon barrels can’t be used again for bourbon and they age for at least 2 years.

Buffalo Trace Distillery Bottling Area

View Blanton’s Bottling Hall

During the tour we also visited the Blanton’s Bottling Hall where the bottling and packaging is all done by hand!

Our tour guide Becky did a great job explaining the process and what sets Buffalo Trace apart. Buffalo Trace also has bragging rights. They are the most award-winning distillery in the world.

6000000 Barrel Buffalo Trace Distillery

See The 6,000,000th Barrel

During the tour, we stopped over to see the 6,000,000th barrel! 95% of Bourbon is made in Kentucky.  The Limestone in the water helps keep the iron out of the bourbon.

Buffalo Trace Distillary Tour Frankfort Kentucky Bourbon

Enjoy a Bourbon Tasting

The tour concluded with a bourbon tasting.

Bourbon Tasting Buffalo Trace Distillery

My favorite was the Bourbon Cream because it tasted like dessert. I kept thinking this would taste really good in coffee. My boys got to partake in a tasting of their own by trying a root beer.

Chocolate with bourbon Buffalo Trace Distillery

Our tasting was complete with a sweet chocolate made with Bourbon….because what could be better?!

Just remember that all bourbon is whiskey but not all whiskey is bourbon!

*Buffalo Trace requires reservations for their additional free Hard Hat and Post Prohibition Tours.

You can learn more about Buffalo Trace Distillery from their website.

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  1. My youngest was probably 6 at the time. You would probably enjoy the tour more kid-free.

  2. Curious the age of your kids and how they did was it a fast-paced or slow tour? Will be in the area with a 4 and 6 year old trying to decide if we should just enjoy the grounds while dad takes the tour or if we could all manage. Thx!

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