Enjoy Scenic Cincinnati on a Classy Venture Boat Cruise

A private boat charter from Classy Venture is a great way to see the skyline of downtown Cincinnati from the vantage point of the Ohio River.

Private charters can be used to celebrate a special occasion with loved ones or learn more about the area while visiting Cincinnati for the first time.

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A Private Charter with Classy Venture

Classy Venture had its initial launch in 2020…and has continued to grow in popularity each season.

I found Classy Venture online while I researching options for a private charter tour that I helped facilitate.

Nedra McDaniel on scenic boat tour Classy Venture

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After our tour, I decided that I wanted to write about our experience because I think it’s definitely another hidden gem in Cincinnati that I couldn’t keep to myself.

This is also why I don’t have additional pictures with people in this specific article, out of respect for their privacy.

 water lilly private charter Classy Venture

Tour the Water Lilly Private Charter from Classy Venture

“Water Lilly” is a one of one original watercraft that was built in Canada in 1993.

Passengers have easy access into the boat from the dock at the marina. Taller guests will just need to watch their head while they step in the boat.

inside  water lilly private charter Classy Venture

There is plenty of room for guests to spread out on the boat between the side benches behind the captain and the sectional seating in the back of the boat.

The boat has a mini fridge stocked with an assortment of drinks for guests to enjoy during their cruise.

bathroom on the water lilly private charter Classy Venture

There is also a bathroom onboard in case you need to go during your cruise.

seating inside the Water Lilly private boat charter Classy Venture

How Many People Does the Boat Hold?

The boat can hold up to 6 guests.

This is a great option if you are looking for a smaller vessel to share with an intimate group of people in comparison to larger commercial passenger service on a riverboat.

Can You Bring Your Own Food and Drinks Onboard the Private Charter?

Yes, you can bring food from your favorite restaurants and your own drinks.

The Four Seasons Marina is also a great place to eat before or after your cruise with two restaurants/bars with open-air dining if you want something nearby.

Captain Andy Storch Classy Venture Charter boat

Learn More About Classy Venture Owner and Captain

Captain Andy is former Navy commander and maintains a US Coast Guard Masters License which immediately helped reduce any safety concerns.

Captain Andy  scenic boat tour Classy Venture

A really positive attribute of Captain Andy during our classic motor launch was that he was so laid back and attentive to accommodate our group to have a positive experience .

The kids even got supervised turns steering the boat to help them feel more included in the experience.

barge on the Ohio River

Even though I’ve grown up in the Cincinnati Metro, I still always learn something new every time that I take a tour of Cincinnati.

 Kentucky from scenic boat tour Classy Venture

During the cruise Captain Andy shared about the Ohio River, barges that passed by and iconic landmarks around Cincinnati. I learned several new fun facts that day.

If you are curious about a historic building along the way there is a good chance he knows what it is.

Ohio River

The boat cruises at a speed of around 8 mph which allows you to truly appreciate the scenery that you pass by.

speed boat on the Ohio River

During our cruise we witnessed several speed boats racing down the river but we weren’t negatively impacted by their wake thanks to the navigating skills of Captain Andy.

view of Reds stadium from Classy Venture Charter boat

See the Cincinnati Riverfront From the Ohio River

One of the best parts of the scenic cruise is when you arrive right in front of the Reds and Bengals stadiums near Smale Riverfront Park in downtown Cincinnati.

It’s really wonderful to see the architecture and activity on both sides of the Ohio River from the watercraft.

scenic views from Classy Venture Charter boat

You Can Customize Your Cruise With Classy Venture

What I appreciated the most during our cruise was that we could customize our experience, even during our cruise.

The Captain has several drop off dock options in Northern Kentucky for guests to choose from if you only want to cruise for a short period of time.

Originally we were going to go back to the marina after viewing the skyline but we opted to be dropped off at the Hooters dock in Newport, KY instead.

This allowed us to have more time for downtown exploration vs. additional time cruising back to the marina due to our tight itinerary with multiple activities planned for the day.

This was the perfect location for us to continue to explore Cincinnati with a Red Bike rental station at Newport on the Levee.

 Classy Venture Charter boat on Ohio River

Social Event Ideas for A Private Charter

Here are some ideas to help celebrate your special day on the water.

  • Friday Night Red’s Fireworks
  • Boat Dock Proposal
  • Evening with Couples or Friends
  • Private Parties
  • Pub Crawls (The Upper Deck at Four Seasons, a beverage at Pirates Cove, Riverside and then Hooters)
  • Sunset Cruises
  • Listen to Concert at Riverbend
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation
  • Entertaining clients/ business meeting
view of Cincinnati riverfront from Classy Venture Charter boat

Concerned About Motion Sickness?

Prior to our cruise Ship Captain Andy Storch did his due diligence addressing the safety of the passengers and our concerns about seasickness.

I learned that most guests don’t get seasick on his cruises because that tends to happen when you can only see water without trees or buildings on the horizon.

There is plenty to see on both sides of the Ohio River the whole time.

We also planned a time earlier in the morning when the Ohio River tends to be smooth like glass with less boat traffic creating wakes.

A few passengers also wore wristbands that help prevent motion sickness as an additional precaution.

view of Covington Kentucky from scenic boat tour Classy Venture

Facing forward is also helpful for reducing motion sickness.

I’m happy to report that everyone on our cruise felt fine the whole entire ride. Guests can make the final decision if you need to cut the cruise short for any reason.

water lilly private charter Classy Venture

How Much is a Private Charter With Classy Venture?

The standard 2.5 hour tour for parties of 6 or less $275.  You can check out other special deals on the Classy Venture Facebook page too.

Classy Venture offers Cincinnati Ohio riverboat charters 7 days a week.

Captain Andy  scenic boat tour Classy Venture

It’s also nice to tip the captain if you have a great experience. Most gratuities range between $50-$100 as an additional thank you for awesome customer service.

Roebling Bridge Cincinnati Ohio

How to Save on Booking Your Boat Ride With Classy Venture

You can book your private boat cruise online for your upcoming special event today or you can save the booking fee by calling or emailing instead.

There is also more flexibility for the time slot options if you email or call (513) 978-7290.

view of Downtown Cincinnati skyline from Ohio River

Want to Rent a Boat in Cincinnati?

If you prefer to rent a boat Cincinnati Power Boat Rentals is also the owner of Classy Venture riverboat charters.

The company’s fleet has three 2022 model affordable rental boats that include an eight passenger pontoon, a four passenger run-about, and a three passenger bass boat.

The required safety training and equipment is provided that includes a 30 minute skills session. Kids 10 and under are required to wear a life jacket at all times so you can use theirs or bring your own.

During our cruise, I also learned that Captain Andy owns a boat towing business, Storch Marine Towing & Assistance that is very busy the night of the Labor Day fireworks.

 water lilly private charter Classy Venture at Four Seasons Marina

Where is Classy Venture Located?

Classy Venture is located at Four Seasons Marina at 4853 Kellogg Ave, Cincinnati, OH.

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Enjoy Scenic Cincinnati on a Classy Venture Boat Cruise

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