40 Fall Bucket List Ideas

Don’t let autumn slip away without trying a few of these fall bucket list activities and adventures.

I’m sharing family-friendly adventures to cross off your list this fall.

Depending on where you live, it might take a while for the weather to start to feel like autumn.

The beauty of this fall bucket list is that you can progressively try the adventures as the weather gets colder.

colorful leaves on the ground

1. Go Apple Picking

pumpkin patch

2. Jump in a pile of leaves

3. Go on a hayride

4. Go canoeing or kayaking

5. Attend a Fall Festival

6. Climb a Tree or Stay in a Treehouse

7. Bundle up and Gaze at the Stars

8. Go Horseback Riding

9. Go to a Corn Maze

10. Take a bike ride on a scenic trail

11. Launch an apple or try target practice in the woods

visit a corn maze

12. Eat a caramel apple

13. Go pick out a pumpkin and paint or carve it

14. Get crafty and try to make something seasonal using Pinterest or Tiktok for inspiration

15. Implement the “candy tax” if you take your kids to a lot of Halloween/ Harvest events. That means that the parents take a cut of the loot as their “tax.”

16. Try a pumpkin spice or seasonal apple drink or dessert

17. Bribe your kid to put on that adorable costume that is too small just one more time. The 5 minutes of cuteness is worth it.

18. Go on a road trip to a destination with lots of outdoor adventure

run like hell

19. Try a themed fun run like the “Run like Hell” 5k

20. Do a nature scavenger hunt on a hike

21. Visit a local farm

22. Try geocaching

23. Have a chili cook-off with friends

24. Take a trip to the zoo, drive-thru safari, or an animal park

25. Go camping or glamping in a treehouse or sleep in a covered wagon 

26. Host or attend a costume party 

27. Take a nature hike and take pictures of the beauty

28. Attend a family harvest festival or Pumpkin/Halloween-themed event

29. Make a bonfire and eat smores


30. Eat a cider donut

31. Drink apple cider

32. Watch or attend a football game

33. Take a day trip to a small town you’ve never been to

34. Take a walking tour of your city

35. Bundle up and see a drive-in movie one more time

36. Attend Art Prize.

37. Take a walk down a trail you’ve never been on

38. Find a few crazy friends and dress up like zombies. We helped at the Zombie Dash 5k. ( It was for charity …. and a cider donut)

39. Take a fall family picture

40. Find a farm or event with one of these amazing bouncing pillows and bounce on it.  Your day will improve dramatically.

Fall Bucket List

Free Fall Bucket List Printable

You can print this free fall bucket list below and cross off the adventures as you go this fall.

Did I forget anything? Leave a comment and let me know what’s on your fall bucket list.

40 Fall Bucket List Ideas 4

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40 Fall Bucket List Ideas

9 thoughts on “40 Fall Bucket List Ideas”

  1. Ok so I’ve done a 30 before 30 list but I never thought about a seasonal list… now you got my wheels turning for summer ideas too!

  2. A fall color tour ride in Upper Lower Michigan on the motorcycle. Such good colors and allot of places to stop for donuts and coffee (or cider) and by the way did I say DONUTS. and a few more stops by the lake for donuts.

  3. I LOVED this list, and all of the pictures are gorgeous! I should really make a list like this, especially of the little things that really make spending time with the family the best EVER. We recently moved to where we live now so that’d be a great opportunity to do some exploring around. 😉

  4. Awesome pictures and places. Thank you for the events! I take my children to my parents house so they can collect the “candy tax” LOL

  5. LOVE the candy tax idea, and your Fall-Themed family picture turned out great. Loved your list, I need to make one!

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