How to Fake a Fancy Meal on Game Day

If you are a parent with kids in sports or any extracurricular activity for that matter, you know how challenging it can be to juggle schedules and meals between practices and games.

On a busy day the WORST question my kids can ask is what’s for dinner because I typically have no idea.

I love the idea of creating a meal that is restaurant quality. As a non chef it’s so intimidating and typically ends in frustration and disappointment for everyone involved.

My Typical Failed Recipe Pattern

If I’m feeling adventurous in the culinary department I might search for a recipe online…

and then discover that I don’t have or don’t know what many of the ingredients are in the recipe

…which means that now I have to go grocery shopping to search for unfamiliar ingredients,

and spend too much time searching for unfamiliar ingredients and buy more than I need of said ingredient

…and if I don’t give up trying to find it altogether,

I then attempt to put together the recipe finding that my stress level is increasing,

and that I just spent WAY too much time in the kitchen and got behind on everything else I was supposed to do that day,

and then discover that my family didn’t even like it after all of my efforts.

True Story.

An Easier Solution

When I was invited to check out the new Prep + Pared, I thought why not? Dinner could only get better.

Prep and pared display

What is Prep + Pared?

Prep + Pared are fresh-made, chef-designed meals you can prepare at home. Forget pantry raiding!

These meals include all ingredients pre-prepped and measured (with the exception of salt, pepper, and oil). Only 10-20 minutes from kit-to-eating with easy-to-follow instructions and simple, fewer steps.

No knives or cutting boards necessary. The meals feed 2 adults and are sent with green, functional packaging that holds up to refrigeration and the trip home! Kits can be picked up at your local Kroger or Ralphs.

Lemongrass Pork prep and pared

What I selected

I opted for the Lemongrass Pork because everyone in my family tends to enjoy Asian inspired cuisine. It’s a meal that I would normally be too intimidated to attempt to make at home.

You can get an idea what each kit includes from the outside of the box which helps you select options that your family is likely to enjoy.  The kits are portioned for 2 people which means that you would need more than one.

Lemongrass Pork ingredients for prep and pared

What I liked about the Kit

  • The entire meal can be created in 20 minutes or less from start to finish.
  • Everything you need is found inside the box which means less time wandering around the grocery store in frustration attempting to locate all of the items I would need.
  • Many options don’t require much cutting but if they do, they give you a heads up on the front of the box and the recipe sheet.
  • All ingredients are labeled so that there is no guessing.
  • The ingredients are fresh and are already chopped and measured out for you.
  • You can be in and out of the grocery store quickly with a fresh dinner option created in a fraction of the time.
  • The recipe sheet is visual (I need visual) and helps you quickly identify what utensils and cooking ware you will need to complete the recipe.
  • You don’t need to purchase extra ingredients that you won’t use again.
Process for prep and pared

The Recipe Process

The recipe making process goes by pretty fast. You don’t have to waste time around your kitchen chopping and measuring the ingredients.

The slaw salad and pork glaze were very easy to create. I know that I definitely would not have found all of the ingredients required for this recipe in my pantry.

finished recipe Lemongrass Pork Prep and Pared

The Results

Completing a Prep + Pared meal kits was an instant culinary confidence booster for me.

I know that I can cook fancier foods that taste great for my family. Thanks again to the Chefs who already mastered the recipes and the simplified process. Everyone in my family really enjoyed the meal.

My boys tended to focus more on the pork with the rice. My husband and I really enjoyed all of the elements of the recipe together.

football game in the rain

A win on the field and in the kitchen

My family enjoyed a healthier recipe that I would have been too intimidated to tackle otherwise, especially on a game day. I was able to create the meal with less stress and we were still able to make it to the football game with plenty of time to spare.

I can’t control the weather or the results of the game, but I can control my dinner options that I serve my family. It is possible to serve your family fresh and intimidating culinary recipes without losing your sanity.

Thanks again to Kroger for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

How to fake a fancy meal on game day with Prep and Pared

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